Po Lin

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Po Lin is personage of utopia Tartaria.

Po Lin handles the universal shop ("Po Lin Shop") at University of Galia.


Po Lin Shop

is the biggest universal shop at University of Galia. In addition to handle the main building, Po Lin manages to buy food from the individual farmers, check them for unstable isotopes, and organizes the delivery to the eating rooms and homes of the citizen. The Po Lin Shop is highly automatic.

The Po Lin Shop is famous in Galia. One says, there, one can buy everything, from food and vine to a car and a machine gun, and even to fuck the staff. If Po Lin cannot do something by herself, she invites the students-volunteers. Usually, Po Lin does not pay volunteers with money, but they get pleasure with Po Lin at the spa party.

Nata Kiskin

Po Lin sells to Nata Kiskin very expensive antiques. In order to buy that staff, Nata borrows money from Murkabank on the security of her own freedom. In Tartary, citizens and even visitors are very free; in particular, they are free to dispose of their own freedom in this way. Staff of Murkabank, Barsik Rybolov expects, that Nata fails to return the money, becomes property of Murkabank, and he sells her to the University for a good price. Barsic fails, as Nata commits serious crimes (pedofobia and nazism), and should pay huge compensation, and the University administration do not want to pay for this.

Po Lin agrees to get back the antiques for half of price, this procedure is set in the store's regulations: the fact that the goods are returned greatly reduces the prestige of the goods, so customers have to pay such costs. This slightly reduces the debt of Nata, but is is still overwhelming.

Before Nata Kiskin commits her crimes, Ruvium Pechor, the ex-husband of Nata Kiskin, writes a "surety" that he is responsible for Nata Kiskin while she remains in Tartary. However, Ruvim Pechora doesn't have enough money to pay off Nata's debt. The case is aggravated by the behavior of Nata Kiskin: In addition to embezzlement, Nata is accused of pedophobia (mistreating Gella Ivanov) and Nazism (mistreating Barbara Smith, who happens to be the roommate of Police Minister Agent Smith). Nata is sentenced to slavery for life, and Ruvim is sentenced to 2 years of concentration camp.

Po Lin discussed the case with Li Sitsin, top judge of the court, sentenced Nata Kiskin and Ruvim Pechor. Li Sitsin explains to Po Lin, that he sympatizes to Rivim Pechor, but he needed to give some weight to the "surety", signed by the Tartarians. The 2 years to Ruvim is minim that he could sentence, because where were many similar precedents; to the Ruvim case had to be considered in the same say. (In Tartaria, the "Case law" is established.)

Po Lin wanted to bye and liberate Nata (and push her out from Tartaria) and Ruvim (and return him to the University), but the guilt of pedofobia and nazism are considered in Tartaria as very grave. In addition, the news agency Clever Times had published horrible articles about Ruvim and Nata. So, Po Lin cannot buy them without to loss reputation of her shop.



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