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Protest ( Протест) - Public expression of negative opinion about activity of administration, government, president, institution, etc.

Civil people who participate in the actions of protest are called protesters

Protests in Russia

After the election frauds of 2011 and 2012 years, of order of 105 protesters expressed their opinions about Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Churov, Edro and other soviet veterans who are believed to represent completely fake results at the official site of the Election committee.

In 2011–2012, Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Churov and Yurii Chaika had declared that the protesters are employed by the administration of foreign countries, and, in patrticular, by the USA state department, and begin their activity by the signal of Hillary Clinton; the relevant links are collected in the special article Putin versus Clinton. However, none or the Russian officials could present any evidence in support of this accusation; so the arrest and interrogation of Putin is suggested as the only solution to clarify the question about his sources of information.


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Election fraud, Bloody Sunday, Revolution,