Radical 157

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Meaning of

Radical 157 (ashi) is set of the following Unicode characters:

X2F9C [1], KanjiRadical

X8DB3 [2], KanjiLiberal

Characters of Radical 157 are considered as elements of Japanese language [3].

Characters of Radical 157 can be pronounced as Ashi and may refer to leg, foot.
Other pronunciations and other meanings are also observed.


Support of Japanese characters in computers is underdeveloped.

Up to year 2021, there is no united standard font, that would allow each character to look the same at various computers, but different from other characters.

In particular, the confusion takes place with characters of Radical 157. At Macintosh default font, these characters look very similar.
Even a native Japanese speaker, looking at characters , is unlikely to answer:
Which of them is X2F9C?
Which of them is X8DB3?

In such a case, the correct specification of the character is "X2F9C  or X8DB3 "

Term Radical 157 can be used instead of this complicated construction.

However, term Radical 157 is difficult to remember and even more difficult to pronounce, if it appears inside some sentence. For this reason, tern Ashi is defined.


As Radical 157, Ashi is defied as Set of the two characters:

Name Ashi is chosen in analogy with one of possible pronunciations of this characters.
In the vulgar interpretation, Ashi can be considered as ascii transliteration of word あし.

Phonetic and semantic

Pronunciations and meanings of characters of Radical 157 seem to be the same. No one article is found, indicating any phonetic or semantic difference between characters X2F9C  and X8DB3 .

Character X8DB3  seems to be more popular, more usual, than X2F9C .
Most of descriptions refer to character X8DB3 ; they are collected in article and not repeated here.

However, id the character appears on some poster, it is not possible to drop it as argument to program du1.t (not to any other kanji analyzer); so, the pic refers to both X2F9C  and X8DB3 . Some examples are collected in the gallery below.


RN157Image2.jpg Kangxi-radical-7-157-zu2-foot.png AshiMoMiMap.jpg


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