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Skolkovo (Сколково) is Russian pseudoscientific center, created in 2010-2013 for privatisation of the budget assigned with pretext of science and technological development.

The links are collected in the Russian version.

Toni Feder

January 2013, Tony Feder had published the article in support of Skolkovo, qualifying it as very promising [1].

The critical article has been submitted [2].

As soon as the reviewers got the manusctipt, the original site TORI at had been attacked.

In October 2013, the article by Toni Feder disappeared from the site of Physics Today, without any excuse nor explanation. The screenshot of that article is available at TORI in article Toni Feder.


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  2. D.Kouznetsov. Corruption in Russian science. 2013, preprint. Medvedev’s Fraud at Potemkin Skolkovo. Posted on January 7, 2011. Hero reporter Yulia Latynina, writing in the Moscow Times: In "Skolkovo" secretly invent the perpetual motion machine. 2012-10-25 07:20 PM. Russian "Silicon Valley" prepares scientific revolution? Skolkovo to discuss the possibility of creating a perpetual motion. 2012-10-24, Venture Business News.


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