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Tory is name of the British conservative party.

Tory should not be confused with TORI that is acronym of Tools for Outstanding Research and Investigations.

According to Wikipedia, term Tory derives from the Middle Irish word tóraidhe; modern Irish tóraí: outlaw, robber or brigand, from the Irish word tóir, meaning "pursuit", since outlaws were "pursued men" [1].

It was originally used to refer to an Irish outlaw and later applied to Confederates or Royalists in arms. The term was thus originally a term of abuse, "an Irish rebel", before being adopted as a political label in the same way as Whig [2].

In the similar way, the Russian word dissident was used in the soviet propaganda to denote the citizen who did not want to participate in the terroristic activity of the soviet veterans. After many years of such a use, the term begun to denote a citizen who reveals the crimes of the ruling mafia of the soviet nomenclature.

Tory oppose Whigs [3] in a way, similar to that TORI oppose to wiki(pedia). Both, Tories and Whigs dislike cannibalism, mass murders, robbery, and try to follow the Law – in the similar ways, as both, TORI and Wiki(pedia) try to collect accurate and important information. However, Tories and Whigs do the same in different ways; similarly as TORI and other wikis use different principles and criteria for the acceptance of the files and other decisions.

Term Tory is historic, but it is used at least up to year 2011 [4].

The resemblance between TORI and Tory is not only phonetic; as the resemblance between wikis and whigs is not only phonetic. The phonetic analogy was not taken into account in the choice of name for TORI; but, following the declared principles (axioms) of TORI, while such a resemblance takes place, it should be not ignored, but explicitly declared. However, there cannot be strong opposition between TORI and wikis, because TORI uses the mediawiki software and in this sense is just a special case of wiki. In the similar way, at least in century 21, Tories and Whigs do not try to exterminate each others. Their goals are almost the same.


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  4. SKETCH ALAN TAYLOR. SINCE his party was walloped in the election, Iain Gray, leader of Scottish Labour, has been a man transformed. 3 Jun 2011: Annabel Goldie, whose time as Tory leader is also soon to be up, was in no mood to allow the First Minister to wallow in glory.