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XF9E0 is Unicode character number 63968, KanjiConfudal, Yasashi.

XF9E0 , as other Yasashi characters, may be pronounced as "Yasashi" and mean "easy", "simple"

XF9E0 is easy to confuse with unicode character X6613 .


Unicode Characters
X6613 [2], Kanji LIberal and
XF9E0 [1], KanjiConfudal
look similar, have similar pronunciation ("yasasi") and similar meaning (easy).

Not only Humans, bur also software confuse these two characters: silently (without any warning) replace all occurrences of character (XF9E0) to character (X6613). Because of this bug, the articles about these kanjis are named using their hexagonal representations.

In order to trace the automatic modifications of the texts, some programming is necessary.
The Utf8 encoding of the characters mentioned can be calculated with the PHP program ud.t activated with command

php ud.t 6613 F9E0

The output is

6613 26131
Unicode character number 26131 id est, X6613
Picture:  ; uses 3 bytes. These bytes are:
XE6 X98 X93 in the hexadecimal representation and
230 152 147 in the decimal representation

F9E0 63968
Unicode character number 63968 id est, XF9E0
Picture:  ; uses 3 bytes. These bytes are:
XEF XA7 XA0 in the hexadecimal representation and
239 167 160 in the decimal representation


Graphical representation of characters Yasashi look a little bit similar to that of tori; and even a little bit simple (less lines).

However, the details of the representation strongly depend on the software.


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