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占‎‎ or 易‎‎ by dreamstime [1]

Yasashi is set of the two Unicode characters:

X6613 [2], KanjiLiberal

XF9E0 [3], KanjiConfudal

Often, it is not possible to distinguish between these two characters.
In this case, the correct specification is

"X6613 or XF9E0 "

Term Yasashi is defined above as substitute of this long construction.

In addition, term Yasashi can be used to denote the Japanese pronunciation of the kanjis mentioned:

In addition, term Yasashi may refer to some of meanings of these lanjis: cheap, not expensive.


Some software silently, without permission from the used and without any warning, replace character XF9E0 to X6613 . In particular, at the default setting of mediawiki, it is not possible to create two separate articles entitled and ; so, the ascii names after the hexadecimal representations XF9E0 and X6613 are used.

In order to trace the automatic (non-authorized) replacement, one needs to identify these characters; some programming is necessary.
The Utf8 Encoding of characters Yasashi can be calculated with the PHP program ud.t, activated with command

php ud.t 6613 F9E0

The output is

6613 26131 X6613 易
Unicode character number 26131 id est, X6613
Picture:  ; uses 3 bytes. These bytes are:
XE6 X98 X93 in the hexadecimal representation and
230 152 147 in the decimal representation

F9E0 63968 XF9E0 易
Unicode character number 63968 id est, XF9E0
Picture:  ; uses 3 bytes. These bytes are:
XEF XA7 XA0 in the hexadecimal representation and
239 167 160 in the decimal representation

Tori and Sima

In addition to the confusion above, at low resolution, characters Yasashi look similar to other characters:

1. Various characters of tori (not to be confused with TORI):
, .

2. The same refers to various characters of sima, for example, .

These similarities refers only to the Human reception of the graphic characters; the software does not seem to confuse these characters.


Not so close synonym of Yasashi is character , yasui, that may mean "chip", "not expensive".

The similarities between and appear at the estimates of cost (memory used and CPU time) of various calculus, "To press a key, to have a tea", see Maple and tea.


Term Takai can be considered as antonym of term Yasashi.

Takai can be expressed with the following kanjis:

(高価な), 多い


X6613XF9E0L.png       X6613j.png


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