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X2E90 is Unicode character number 11920, KanjiRadical, Radical 43, StickPi.

uses 3 bytes: %e2%ba%90 (226 186 144 in the decimal representation)

X2E90 is used in Japanese language; it can be pronounced だいのまげあし and may mean lame leg [1].

Picture appears as right hand side component of pictures of some KanjiLiberal.

X2E90 is easy to confuse with other Unicode characters.



The computer support of Japanese characters is underdeveloped.
Up to year 2021, there is no united standard for the default font, that would allow each Japanese character look the same at various computers, but different from other characters.

In particular, this defect refers to character . There are several characters, that look similar to each other:
X2E90 [2]
X2F2A [3]
X5C22 [4]

Even a native Japanese speaker, watching characters , , , in unlikely to answer:
Which of them is X2E90?
Which of them is X2F2A?
Which of them is X5C22?

All the three characters mentioned have similar picture, similar pronunciations and similar meaning. Due to this confusion, the set of these three characters needs a special name. The preliminary term Mageashi is suggested, it is based on the analogy with one of possible pronunciations; and the preliminary term StickPi, based on similarity of these characters with Greek letter \(\pi\). Vertical stick at the top allows to distinguish these characters from characters of the JapanPi, that have flat top: .


PerovTea.jpg InvalidComminism.jpg BidstrupAvardsHeroFragme.png CORPfK3WUAAiDy-.jpeg P-zw6ViBUJc.jpg WomanBrokenLeg800wm.jpeg Leg-amputee-woman-nude.jpg HandicappedGirlBeach05.jpg Amputee16521708b7d54b120da42f5fa4edbbbf.jpg Mageashi667 1000.jpg Amptuee37ecb51b8af05f6fe0901b29fe1d49ad.jpg Teen24068868.jpg Amputee3 138.jpg LameDogDraw.jpeg GelsominoPic 9.jpg DisabledGirlBrokenLeg.jpg DisabledNerdCrutches.jpg ManBrokenLeg240.jpg


The meaning and interpretation of Kanjis in TORI is based on the online dictionaries sited. This is first step, necessary to make list of characters used in Japanese.

Then, the semantic and phonetic properties of the kanjis should be adjusted.


  1. The 214 traditional kanji radicals and their variants つくり Radical on the right lame leg だいのまげあし
  2. 2E90 CJK RADICAL LAME THREE Han Script id: allowed confuse: , , ..
  3. 2F2A KANGXI RADICAL LAME Han Script id: allowed confuse: , , ..
  4. 5C22 CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-5C22 Han Script id: restricted confuse: , , ..


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