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Churov list (Список Чурова) collects the articles in TORI about persons who are suspected to be involved in the election fraud in Russia. Mainly, this list refers to the fraud at the 2011.12.04.Election.

The TORI's version of the Churov list is located at

Description of the list

The Churov list refers to the organizers of frauds at the election and the counting of votes and to the the judges who cover these crimes.

The cases against the party of Vladimir Putin are considered by the judges placed by Vladimir Putin, so, they have all the facilities to collect evidence of their favor. For this reason, for TORI, the evidences of their guilt are collected. However, the links to the evidence in favor of the Vladimir Churov's administration are allowed too. In particular, the statements by Churov and his collaborators can be cited.

Other versions of the Churov list

There are other versions of the Churov list; generally, the articles from those lists are not copypasted to TORI. In particular, the site of party Yabloko collects infomation about heads of the local election committees, where the serious violation of Law are reported to happen during the 2011.12.04.Election or at the counting of the ballots [1]. The working language of the Yabloko's "Churov list" is Russian, but the English version of the description is also available [2].

Goal of the list

The main goal of the collection of information about those Russian officials who commit frauds is scientific.

The investigation should check (id est, either confirm or reject) the concept about possibility of recovery of civilization in the country where the mafia of terrorists got the superior power.

The question is also about ways of such a recovery: are the bloody revolution (like that in Livia in 2011) and the occupation by troops of foreign countries (like in the case of Germany of 1945) the only options, or some civilized ways, specified in the Laws, are efficient too.


The Churov list is collected with scientific goals. It should not be considered as justification of terroristic acts against any of the officials listed, even if their guilt is confirmed by the evidences cited.

The editor of TORI would not like any of persons listed in the Churov list to be allowed to enter the country he lives: the publications indicate that such persons bring mainly corruption and terror, and are not skillful in other kinds of the human activity. Some hints to such a concept are collected in the article Nine angry women in the pool, that is rather art than science and can be considered as illustration, but not as a "proof" of the concept.

The serious evidences against such a concept are also welcomed and will be considered.


  1. YABLOKO begins compiling of the ‘Churov List’. December 21, 2011
  2. CEC chairman Vladimir Churov declines to comment resignation. Jan 6, 2012 01:20 Moscow Time.


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