Russian military loss

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Tern Russian military loss ( Российские военные потери ) may refer to the deaths of the Russian troops at the Putin world war (2008-2016), that includes the Russian invasion into Gerogia (2008-2016) Russian invasion into Ukraine (2014-2016) and Russian invasion into Syria (2015-2016)

Most of links are in Russian, but some news about this phenomenon are in English (or in other languages), and they are collected here.

Scientific interest

The topic has scientific interest, because the Russian administration, on one hand, insist, that the Russian troops are not sent to the territory of Ukraine, and, on the other hand, treat the data about Russian soldiers, killed and injured in Ukraine, as a top state secret. [1].

Numerical estimates

In year 2014, hundreds of Russian soldiers were reported to be killed in Ukrine.

For AUG 25, 2015, Forbes estimate the Russian military loss in Ukraine to count 2,000 Deaths and 3,200 Disabled [2].

2016.02.16, kosmologelei suggests the lower bound of the Russian military loss during the Russian invasion into Ukraine (since 2014) of 3488 deaths, counting the labels at the mass grave in Donetsk [3]

2016.03.16, the same site indicate list personally 2081 killed occupants. [4].

2016.06.22, thedailybeast indicates that dozens Russian troops are killed during the Russian invasion into Syria (2015–2016). [5].


In Russia, the Russian military losses are treated as a top secret.

The secrecy of these data is declared by Vladimir Putin 2015.05.28.

The secrecy indicates, that total death toll due to the Putin world war and, in particular, at the Russian invasion into Ukraine, is much larger, than all the estimates published: Would the loss be smaller, the Russian administration would have no need to keep it as a secret.

The top secrecy of the Russian military loss may indicate also the extension of the area of the so–called hybrid war, id est, sending of Russian troops as terrorists) to the territories of other countries; this is supposer to enhance the death toll. Such a loss is not possible to hide from the international community, but it is possible to hide it from the significant part of that population of Russia, who have no access to internet and do not speak any foreign language.

Secrecy of the Russian information about the Russian military loss is interpreted not only as a state secret, but also as an attempt to hide the military crime.


Due to such an attitude of the Russian administration to the killed Russians, the information about the Russian military loss is collected by volunteers. Some lists of Russian combatants killed in the Putin world war are mentioned in the Russian version of this article, Российские военные потери.

2017.04.10, publishes overview of notices about recent Russian military loss. Russian combatants Igor Zavidnyi (Завидный Игорь Юрьевич) and Artem Gorbunov are reported to be killed in Syria. [6]

As the Russian sources of information are partially blocked due to the secrecy, the foreign publications become especially important.

2017.04.18, Maria Tsvetkova (Reuters) reports deaths toll in Syria battle of Alexei Safonov, Vladimir Plutinsky and Mikhail Nefedov. [7]

2017.04.20, death of Major Sergei Bordov in Syria is reported [8][9]


The secrecy of the huge russian military loss is in good agreement with more general concept abut total corruption of the Russian administration: in Russia of century 21, the corruption not only reaches the large scale, but becomes a normal, usual phenomenon, that characterises the entire life of the Russian officials.


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  1. 2015.03.06. The Kremlin's Secret War: Russia's Ghost Army in Ukraine (Full Length) . Published on Mar 6, 2015 // The bitter conflict in Ukraine has cost thousands of lives, but the Russian government has continuously denied sending its soldiers to the frontlines, despite accusations to the contrary from NATO and Western officials. // Since August 2014, a small but steady stream of coffins began arriving in villages across Russia, containing the maimed bodies of soldiers killed in “unknown circumstances.” Some would be buried hastily at night or in secret funerals, their graves zealously guarded from prying outsiders. Journalists investigating the deaths have reported being threatened with intimidation and attacks. // In cases that the Kremlin could not so easily ignore, the dead or injured have been hailed as “volunteers” who entered Ukraine on leave from the army — heroes who fought unofficially for the freedom of their Russian-speaking brethren. // VICE News travels to Russia to investigate the mysterious deaths of dozens — possibly hundreds — of active-duty Russian servicemen who are believed to have been killed in Ukraine. Accounts gathered from soldiers’ families, human rights workers, and government officials cast doubt on the Kremlin narrative, revealing the unacknowledged sacrifices borne by Russia’s ghost army. Watch “The Death of Boris Nemtsov: Kremlin's Biggest Critic“ - Read "'It Is a Government Crime': The Coffins of Russia's Ghost Soldiers in Ukraine Are Coming
  2. Paul Roderick: Russia May Have Inadvertently Posted Its Casualties In Ukraine: 2,000 Deaths, 3,200 Disabled. AUG 25, 2015 @ 05:02 PM.
  3. kosmologelei ~ über gott und die Welt. Kein Name bleibt. .. Die Gazeta ist auch im Donbass selbst fündig geworden. Auf einem Friedhof nahe bei Donezk an der „Allee der Ehre“ liegen fast 3500 Soldaten begraben, viele davon Russen, einige sicher auch Ukrainer. Sie werden alle неизвестный боец (unbekannte Kämpfer) genannt. Ganz oben sehen Sie Nummer 2983. Das war Kämpfer Nr. 1 // Und so sieht 3488 aus.
  4. Проект «Груз-200 из Украины в Россию» Общий список погибших на Донбассе российских военнослужащих и наемников. Установленные и подтвержденные в 2015г (на основе материалов группы «Груз-200 из Украины в Россию»). (in Russian; list of 2081 names is supplied.
  5. How Many Russian Soldiers Have Died in Syria? ‘Officially’ only 11, but there are likely many more. 06.22.16 7:20 AM ET. Since Russia began its bombing campaign in Syria on September 30, 2015, at least 12 Russian soldiers have been confirmed by the Russia Defense Ministry as killed, but independent journalists and bloggers have documented several more deaths and discovered reports of dozens more killed but not acknowledged by the government. // Unlike the war in Ukraine, where the Kremlin pretends it is only local separatists who die in combat despite hundreds of Russian soldiers reportedly killed there, in Syria, deaths are admitted and soldiers celebrated as heroes, given posthumous awards.
  6. РБК: в Сирии погиб еще один российский военный. 10.04.2017, 22:57. Вчера, 9 апреля, в Сирии погиб россиянин Игорь Завидный, служивший по контракту. Об этом РБК рассказал его брат Евгений Завидный. .. Информацию о гибели Игоря Завидного до этого сообщила в Facebook друг семьи Ирина Зубова. «Мои соболезнования родным и близким: 9 апреля при исполнении боевого задания в Сирии погиб сын моей прекрасной подруги Завидный Игорь Юрьевич. Завтра гроб с сыном привезут матери в город для похорон». .. Позже пришли сообщения о том, что в Нижнем Новгороде похоронен 24-летний военнослужащий 96 отдельной разведывательной бригады Артем Горбунов, погибший 2 марта при наступлении сирийской армии и российских ВКС на Пальмиру.
  7. Maria Tsvetkova. Russia's undeclared death toll in Syria battle creeps higher. Tue Apr 18, 2017 | 7:52pm IST Reuters reported last month, based on conversations with friends and relatives of the killed men, social media posts, and cemetery officials, that 18 Russian citizens had been killed from Jan. 29 to March 31.Since then, Reuters has established the deaths in combat of a further three - Alexei Safonov, Vladimir Plutinsky and Mikhail Nefedov - that interviews with people close to them indicated they were military contractors rather than regular servicemen.
  8. Russian marine major killed in combat in Syria. Thu Apr 20, 2017 | 11:31pm IST A Russian marine major has been killed in combat in Syria, Russian news agencies reported on Thursday, confirming an earlier report that one of Moscow's highest-ranking officers there had lost his life. Major Sergei Bordov was killed during an attack by militants on a garrison, they said, quoting the Russian defence ministry.
  9. Военная операция России в Сирии. Российский военный погиб в Сирии в результате нападения боевиков. 20:13, 20 апреля 2017. Москва. 20 апреля. INTERFAX.RU - Российский военный советник майор Сергей Бордов погиб в Сирии в результате нападения боевиков на военный гарнизон правительственных войск, сообщили в четверг в министерстве обороны РФ. ..

2014.12.10.девушка-уничтоженного-российского-д/#.VWxHDxbDNSU Die Freundin des getöteten russischen Fallschirmjäger Sergej Andrijanov klagt dass die Leiche sehr schmutzig war: „Er gab sein Leben, und er wurde so geliefert…“ Russischer Soldat Sergei Andrianov war im Osten der Ukraine getötet. “Am 3. September hat Anton Sukhorukov ” VKontakte ” über den Tod seines Freundes Sergej Andrianov in der Ukraine mitgeteilt. Es gelang mir, die Seite “VKontakte” von Sergej zu finden. – Unter den Fotos die im Mai veröffentlicht wurden, – sind die Aufzeichnung von den Freunden und der Familie, die nach seinem Tod gemacht wurden: “Komm, wir warten auf dich”, “Sergej … ich kann nicht glauben.” Und von der Mutter: “Es tut mir leid, mein Sohn, dass ich dich von diesem Krieg nicht schützen konnte …”. Sergei Andrijanov war 20 Jahre alt … Auf unsere Fragen zu beantworten war seine Freundin Darija bereit. Sie erklärte dass Sergey Berufssoldat war und diente im Auftrag der Militäreinheit 41450 in Rjazan. Das ist VDV. Er war von seinem Dienst sehr begeistert. Er hatte militärische Berufung. Sie sagte dass er an der Ukraine getötet wurde. Aber Sergej wusste nicht dass er nach der Ukraine zu kämpfen fuhr. Er sagte dass dort nur die militär Übungen durchgeführt werden. Sie erklärt dass am 28. August seine Mutter schrieb sie und fragte seine Dinge zu sammeln weil Sergej getötet wurde. ..10.12.2014..

2014.12.10.девушка-уничтоженного-российского-д/ Girlfriend of Sergey Andriyanov, killed Russian paratrooper, complains of his corpse being dirty: ‘He laid down his life, and was carried in such a way…’ 10.12.2014.

2015.03.03 Lucy Kafanov. 'It Is a Government Crime': The Coffins of Russia's Ghost Soldiers In Ukraine Are Coming Home March 3, 2015 | 7:45 pm. .. Sergei Andrianov..

2015.06.01. AFP. More than 6,400 killed amid 'tremendous hardship' in Ukraine says UN. Nearly 16,000 people have been wounded, the UN says, as it says there is further evidence of Russian involvement in the conflict 9:28PM BST 01 Jun 2015.

2015.06.02. Nina Larson. More than 6,400 killed amid 'tremendous hardship' in Ukraine - UN.

2015.06.04. Spot report by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM), 3 June 2015: Fighting around Marinka. KYIV 4 June 2015. .. Fighting erupted around the government-controlled town of Marinka (23km west-south-west of Donetsk city centre) in the morning of 3 June. The SMM observed the movement of a large amount of heavy weapons in “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”)-controlled areas – generally in a westerly direction towards the contact line – close to Marinka, preceding and during the fighting. Calm was restored by the early evening. Between 22:30hrs on 2 June and 05:30hrs on 3 June, the SMM – positioned in the “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”)-controlled Tekstilshchik area of Donetsk city (14km east-north-east of Marinka) – made a number of observations. It observed, inter alia, eight tracked armoured vehicles moving west, four of which were main battle tanks (MBT) at 22:30hrs; four MBTs at 23:03hrs; a military-type truck moving west, towing a 122mm artillery piece at 23:45hrs; two T-64 MBTs moving west at 04:30hrs; and a column of one infantry fighting vehicle (BMP-2), three military trucks (one carrying an ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun), and two T-72 MBTs, moving west, at 04:50hrs. In addition, the SMM – at the same location – heard approximately 100 outgoing artillery rounds fired from a location 1-5km north-north-west of its position between 04:30 and 04:40hrs; an outgoing salvo of BM-21 multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) Grad rockets fired from a location 1-5km west of its position at 04:55hrs; and, 100 outgoing artillery rounds fired from a location 5km north-north-west of its position. Between 04:30 and 05:00hrs, the SMM – positioned in Donetsk city-centre – heard several salvos of outgoing MLRS rockets and approximately 100 incoming heavy-artillery rounds. // Between 07:00 and 08:00hrs, the SMM – mobile in an area 6-9km east of Marinka – observed seven T-64 MBTs facing west. In addition, it heard, on two separate occasions, more than five salvos of outgoing MLRS (BM-21) rockets and heavy-mortar rounds; and 12 outgoing MLRS Grad rockets and mortars. // At approximately 06:00hrs, an SMM unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) observed intense shelling targeting an intersection of the H15 highway 3.5km south-west of Marinka. The UAV spotted four 2S3 Akatsiya 152mm self-propelled howitzers 9km south-west of the town at 15:30hrs. // The SMM made several attempts between 10:45 and 12:11hrs to contact high-ranking “DPR” personnel – including the “DPR” “prime minister”, “parliamentary speaker”, “minister of defence” and “chief of the general staff” – in order to facilitate a cessation to the fighting around Marinka. Either they were unavailable or did not wish to speak to the SMM. // At 15:00hrs the SMM received a letter from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, saying Ukrainian Armed Forces heavy weapons would be placed on the contact line in order to deal with the “real threat” posed by the fighting in Marinka, which they said had started at 06:00hrs that morning. Ukrainian officials later publicly acknowledged that the weapons had been used, saying their use was necessary in thwarting a “DPR” attack. // The Representative of the Russian Federation Armed Forces to the Joint Centre for Control and Co-ordination told the SMM at 15:00hrs that a ceasefire around Marinka would take effect at 17:00hrs. He told the SMM at 21:00hrs that the situation around Marinka was currently calm. At around 19:00hrs a representative of the Anti-Terrorist Operation command in Kramatorsk and the “DPR” “ministry of defence” confirmed to the SMM that Marinka was under government control. // The SMM will follow up on reports of civilian and military casualties in Marinka.

2015.08.28. Rob Garver. How Many Russian Soldiers Have Died in Ukraine? A Glimpse at the Bloody Toll. August 28, 2015. .. The fact that the Kremlin appears to be compensating the families of Russian soldiers injured in eastern Ukraine was surprising on its own. But the report’s final line, laying out the magnitude of those payments, was the real shocker. By the end of February of this year, it reported, the Russian government had paid out death benefits to the families of more than 2,000 Russian soldiers, and disability benefits to more than 3,200. ..

2015.10.12. Philip M. Breedlove on Conflict Zone: Can NATO stop Russia? 11:27 PM - 12 Oct 2015. .. Russian intervention in Syria.// NATO and the Americans were taken by surprise when Russia launched a military intervention in Syria on September 30, 2015. Since the civil war started in 2011, 250,000 people have been killed and more than half of Syria's population were displaced. "The impression seems to be that the Russians are calling - literally calling - the shots at the moment," said Tim Sebastian during the interview. "They tell Washington and they tell the Coalition that they are just putting in a few men and supplies into Syria. Next thing you know they are engaged in the largest military intervention in the Middle East in decades." ..

2015.10.20. MARIAM KAROUNY. Three Russians killed in Syria.. Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:21pm EDT.

2015.10.20. Roland Oliphant, Moscow. 'First Russia casualties' killed fighting alongside government forces in Syria. 8:14PM BST 20 Oct 2015. Three Russians were killed when shelling hit their positions near Latakia, according to pro-Syrian government military sources

2015.12.18. THOMAS GROVE. Up to Nine Russian Contractors Die in Syria, Experts Say. Incident shows how the country is using private groups to avoid deploying uniform troops, they say. Dec. 18, 2015 2:42 p.m. ET. MOSCOW—As many as nine Russian contractors died in October when a mortar round hit their base in western Syria, according to several people familiar with the matter.

2015.12.09. Nina Larson. More than 9,000 killed since start of Ukraine conflict. December 9, 2015 6:05 AM.

2015.12.22. John Sparks. Russia 'Hiding' Syria Conflict Death Toll. 05:22, UK, Tuesday 22 December 2015. .. we travelled to a small village near the Belarus border called Paltso to investigate the death of a 27-year-old special-forces soldier called Fyodor Zhuravlyov. So far, the official death toll in Syria is listed as three. The deaths of Oleg Peshkov - the pilot of a Russian jet shot down by Turkey - and of Alexander Pozynich - a marine in a party assigned to rescue Peshkov - were filmed and quickly uploaded and as such, are undeniable.

2016.05.24. Syria conflict: IS 'destroyed helicopters' at Russian base. New satellite imagery appears to reveal extensive damage to a strategically significant airbase in central Syria used by Russian forces after a reported attack by so-called Islamic State (IS). Syria conflict: IS 'destroyed helicopters' at Russian base.

2016.07.09. Souriat Souriat. وكالة أعماق التابعة لتنظيم داعش تبث فيديو مسجل للحظة استهداف وإسقاط مروحية عسكرية روسية بمدينة تدمر Published on Jul 9, 2016.

2016.07.10. Sun Jul 10, 2016 11:42. Syria: ISIL Terrorists Down Mi-25 Chopper by US-Made Missile near Palmyra.

2016.08.010. John Sparks. Revealed: Russia's 'Secret Syria Mercenaries'. 07:58, UK, Wednesday 10 August 2016. Sky News speaks to men who claim they were trained and flown on Russian military planes to assist troops loyal to Bashar al Assad. .. Two of the group, Alexander and Dmitry, told Sky News they felt lucky to be alive. .. "It's 50-50," said Alexander (not his real name). "Most people who go there for the money end up dead. Those who fight for ideals, to fight against the Americans, American special-forces, some ideology - they have a better chance of survival." .. "Approximately 500 to 600 people have died there," claimed Dmitry. "No one will ever find out about them…. that's the scariest thing. No one will ever know." ..


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