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  • [[Power function]] ([[Степенная функция]]) is one of the primary [[ ...coefficient is introduced in the right hand side of the definition of the power function;
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  • ...vernment and established the randomly-elected Supreme Court with draconian power. From the selected mercenaries, the police corpus had been formed ...rty of the Batak nationalists tried to recall their role in the seizure of power - but their attempts were cruelly drowned in blood. The revolution, as alwa
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  • ...standing the effects of the earthquake or the tsunami. Nor was the nuclear power plant prepared to respond to a severe accident. In spite of the fact that Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and the regulators were aware of the risk from such natural
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  • [[Category:Niclear power]]
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  • ...астрофа]] ) - Catastrophe 26 April 1986, at the [[Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant]] in ([[Pripiat]], now Ukraine). It is considered the worst nuclear a ...timated 45,000 people took part in demonstrations in Tokyo against nuclear power on Sunday, amid growing public concern that the government is bringing pres
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  • ...standing the effects of the earthquake or the tsunami. Nor was the nuclear power plant prepared to respond to a severe accident. In spite of the fact that Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and the regulators were aware of the risk from such natural
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  • ... M.H. Hooshmand. (2018) Ultra power of higher orders and ultra exponential functional sequences. Journal of Dif
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  • radiation resulting from an explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan, after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake shook the region.</i> ...etback in the struggle to contain what has become the most serious nuclear power crisis in a quarter century.</i>
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  • Parliament speaker assumes power a day after Zine El Abidine Ben Ali flees the country amid a mass uprising.
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  • may take three decades to decommission and cost operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. more than 1 trillion yen... (Wikipedia says, one trillion is one millio ...n active element gradually reduces. Did anybody plot the dependence of the power generated versus time? Where can one see such a graphic? For how long will
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  • ...s been legalised. Putin’s friends of old, such no-ones before he came to power as Gennadi Timchenko, Yuri Kovalchuk, the Rotenburg brothers, have all beco ...h back in 2000 was an oil-trading bit-player, has during Putin’s time in power gained control over Russia’s oil exports?
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  • The approximation of the relaxation power \(P\) with elementary function ...r \(P_0\) during time \(\tau_{\rm s}\); then the estimate returns the heat power released at time \(\tau\) since the beginning of the chain reaction; \(Q=0.
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  • ...zimi [Todreas 1990] (based on [Glasstone 1967]) give the approximate decay power .. for total of// where P is the decay power, P<sub>0</sub> is the nominal reactor power, œÑ is the time since reactor startup and œÑ<sub>s</sub> is the time of
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  • ...clicks can be counted after the counter is disconnected from the electric power supply; one can charge the capacitor in the laboratory, then bring the coun
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  • ...reforms can be carried out in Russia today as long as Putin controls real power in the country. [...] Ridding ourselves of [[Putinism]] is the first, oblig ...d not been found, but activists could not get the report back, because the power of attorney had expired.<ref>[
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  • ...e moment of the earthquake, and (just by the unfortunate coincidence), the power electric line and the roads happened to be damaged just after the earthquak ...and is ready to provide the electric power supply as soon as the electric power lines are recovered. Then, the nuclear companies will have to explain to th
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  • functions ([[Abel function]]s) allow evaluation of not only minus-first power of a function (inverse function), but also any real and even complex [[iter (or fractional power) of a function. Any holomorphic function can be declared as a "transfer fun
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  • ...eds of expression of fast growth in century 21, in the similar way, as the power function and exponential had covered these needs in centuries 18 and 19.
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  • ...uclear engines can be used to accelerate spacecraft, also serving as their power-supply systems.// It should be mentioned in this connection that the Energo ...s of a unique engine based on new physical principles to obtain propulsive power, Itar-Tass reports.// The engine, which does not emit reaction mass, was in
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  • ...concept agrees also with publications about the way Putin got the superior power in Russia: the scientific analysis shows, that the [[election fraud]] had b
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  • ...eorem''' another theorem, namely, the theorem about the convergence of the power series:
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