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  • It is assumed, that \(h\) is [[holomorphic function]] al least in some vicinity of [[halfline]] along the [[real axis]], \(h\ci ...he [[Abelfactorial]] \(G\), which are the [[superfunction]] and the [[Abel function]] of [[factorial]]:
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  • ...ерация]]) is function, expressed as repetition of another (iterated) function, that may be called [[iterand]]. Any function by itself is considered as its first iteration.
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  • D.Kouznetsov. Superexponential as special function. Vladikavkaz Mathematical Journal, 2010, v.12, issue 2, p.31-45. [[Category:Abel function]]
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  • [[File:Ernst schroederFragment.jpg|thumb|[[Ernst Schroeder|E.Schroeder]] [[Уравнение Шредера]] ([[Schroeder equation]]) для заданной голоморфной передато
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  • [[File:Ernst schroederFragment.jpg|thumb|[[Ernst Schroeder]] The [[Schroeder equation]] ([[Уравнение Шредера]], [[Уравнение Ш
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  • ...hic function|holomorphic]] in vicinity of its [[fixed point]] \(~L~\), the function ...f \(~L~\), then such a fractional iterate is called [[regular iterate]] of function \(~T~\) with number of iteration \(~r~\) at fixed point \(~L~\).
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  • where \(~T~\) is some given function such that \(T(0)\!=\!0\) and \(~K~\) is constant, that depends on \(T\). at least in some vicinity of zero, and \(~K\!=\!T'(0)~\). Function \(~f~\) is requested to built-up.
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  • [[Regular iterate]] of some function \(T\), referred below as a [[transfer function]], at its [[fixed point]] \(L\) is such [[iterate]] \(T^n\) that is regular ...egular iterate]] \(f=T^{m/n}\) is supposed to be [[fractional iterate]] of function \(T\), id est, for \(z\) in vicinity of point \(L\),
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  • any state of this system is determined with the wave function \(\Psi\), equation]], used to construct a [[regular iterate]]s of a [[holomorphic function]] at its [[fixed point]].
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