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X2ED7 is Unicode character number 11991, KanjiRadical, AmeKanmuri, あめかんむり
uses 3 bytes: %e2%bb%97 ; 226 187 151 in the decimal representation.

X2ED7 can be pronounced as Ame, [1] and may refer to rain.

X2ED7 looks simiar to character scaled to 1/2 in vertical direction, and have also similar pronunciation(s) and similar meanings.

Picture of X2ED7 appears as part of pictures of other kanjis, showing some relation with rain.

LightRain641328main Anjoziantopofsmoky1 full-1.jpg

Light rainfall [2]


Confusion of characters and appears only at the anisotropic scaling of some to them.

With the default font, characters and seem to be easy distinguishable, while occupies only the upper part of the square that the character is assumed to fit. Character X2ED7 is qualified as non-confusive [3].


View of character depends on the software. Characters X2ED7 , X2FAC , X96E8 look in different ways at various computers:

⻗,⾬,雨 at your computer

RainL.png at Linux

RainM.png at Macintosh


There are two Unicode characters, that have pronunciation and meanings similar to X2ED7 .
These characters are X2FAC [4] and X96E8 [5].

Set of these two synonyms is denoted with term Ame (あめ) and may mean just any rain.


In order to distinguish pronunciation of X2ED7 from that of similar characters X2FAC and X96E8 , character X2ED7 is pronounced as あめかんむり (AmeKanmuri) [6][7]


In the Basic Japanese (Simplified Japanese, Tarja) and Tarchi, character X2ED7 (ameKanmuri) means "small rain", "light rain"; roughly, that with precipitation less than 1 mm.


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  2. Mid-morning peak in light rainfall appears as clouds and fog at Purchase Knob in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Light rainfall is the most reliable and most frequent form of rainfall in the region, contributing 50 to 60 percent of the total precipitation over a year. Light rain is no less than the lifeline of freshwater resources for the landscape’s ecosystems. Credits NASA / Barros
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