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X2FAC is Unicode character number 12204, KanjiRadical.
uses 3 bytes: %e2%be%ac ; 226 190 172 in the decimal representation.

can be pronounced as Ame (あめ) and may mean Rain [1].

X2FAC is easy to confuse with KanjiLiberal X96E8 .


At some software, with default font, character looks similar to other characters.
Characters X2ED7 , X2FAC , X96E8 are related to rain, and they look in different at various computers.
Here are the views:

⻗,⾬,雨 at your computer

RainL.png at Linux

RainM.png at Macintosh

This confusion is recognized [2][3].

Character X96E8 seems to be more popular than X2FAC ; most of the descriptions refer to X96E8 . On the other side, no indications on phonetic nor semantic differences is detected for characters X2FAC and X96E8 . For this reason, descriptions for X96E8 are applied also to X2FAC . These descriptions are not repeated here.


JapanRain3784.jpg Rain1331417428-612x612.jpg 2021.07.21.ChinaRain.jpg Traffic-jam 53876-42983.jpg DanceUnderRain16693373.jpg UnderRain16899529.jpg LightRain641328main Anjoziantopofsmoky1 full-1.jpg RainOnRiver235.jpeg Part-of-Ukraine-Today-Again-with-Rains1.jpg


The phonetic and semantic properties of character are taken mainly from the dictionaries.
They may deviate from the practulal use of this characters.


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  2. 2FAC KANGXI RADICAL RAIN Han Script id: allowed confuse: ..
  3. 96E8 CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-96E8 Han Script id: restricted confuse: ..


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