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Art (искусство) is knowledge that is free from internal rules and is realized in a reproducible form that allow its systematic investigation. Such a definition corresponds to a goal formulated in the introduction, although it slightly reduces the set of things which could be called art.

Properties of art

Usually a product of art has the following properties:

A1. Beauty: Here, the beauty is the extensive ability of any unexpected use. The prehistoric hunter, painting and observing an image of an animal on a rock, may guess how to catch this animal; the reader, laughing on a comedy, may ask himself: Either I am free from all the evils shown? - although the primary goal could be just laugh.
A2. Structureless. Intents to bring into the arts rules are not efficient. The arts use all other knowledges; the same product may have both artistic and scientific value.
A3. Wisdom. Artists with their works say more, than they planned to say, and more, than they understand by themselves. In this sense, the product of art may be wiser than the author.
A4. Entirety. Intents to correct, to improve a product of art destroy it.
A5. Amoralism. Creatures that have goal to bring some moral to the society, have low artistic value if at all; the artistic creature may violate any taboo.

Various concepts of art

The interpretation of term art above is not unique. Other descriptions mentioned below usually provide no formal definition of the term and give no formal way to qualify some activity as "art" or "not art". Many descriptions are tautological (refer to Aesthetics, Aesthetism) and reduce the classification to the subjective specification "I like it" or "I dislike it".

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