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Art, qualified as inappropriate by FB 2016 [1]

Vestism (Вестизм, Vestismo) is religious cult of clothes and custom of compuslory use of clothes widely spread in the human civilisations.

Vestism is especially popular in the countries of the Northern hemisphere.

Many world-wide religions assume, include Vestism among their postulates.

Notation vestist is suggested to denote an adept of vestism.

Universal rules

Vestists asume, that there is certain universe rule of dressing, that prescribes, that human must were some clothes, even in cases that these clothes are not needed to protect the body from the cold, or sunshine, or sharp rocks, ionising radiation, etc. Appearance without clothes, or with inappropriate clothes, is qualified as evil, sin, crime, sometimes, stronger, worse, than a fraud, misinformation.

Some extreme branches of vestism prohibit even images of people without clothes (they use term nudity for these cases), and try to put clothes even on the statues, as it is shown in the top figure.

2016.03.06, administration of FB find inappropriate image shown in the second figure. The reason is that human, shown in the figure, does not wear sufficient amount of clothes. [1]


Vestism has many branches; they are illustrated in the gallery below:

Sveta0.106.jpg Svetlana2.091.jpg Svetlana4.101a.jpg Svetlana6.110.jpg Svetlana8.120a.jpg Svetlana9.130b.jpg

The left hand side picture is suggested by Svetlana Ltnnt as example of extremal nudism, oppose of the external vestism, assumed in Islam, that, in some branches, prescribes the high dressing, presented in the right hand side picture (the last picture). By the general look, both these extremes appear to be close. The extreme left example is not compatible with life; the last example also looks to be incompatible with life.

The intermediate pictures represent some scale, that indicates, how radical is each kind of vestism. Any vestist considers a style, shown at one of the pictures, above as "acceptable", but qualifies as "extremism" styles, shown in other pictures. In such a way, there are many branches, kinds of vestism, and the pictures above represent the intent to classify these branches quantitatively, indicating, which part of the human body is allowed to be exposed, according to vestism of each kind. Some intermediate pictures can be suggested in order to measure also dispersion of this classification; this dispersion is measure of tolerance and xenophobia, that are important properties of each religion.

Respect of national customs

Often, vestism is promoted with pretext of respect of ethic, cultural customs [2]


Some vestists consider appearance without clothes as a crime, more severe than, for example, fraud, fascism, aggression, robbery, banditism.

Protagonist of movie entited "Back to the USSR" losses all his clothes in conflict with 2 bad men. Being naked, he steals the cloth drying at the rope. He considers it less criminal than to be without clothes. [3]. // However, the moral level of the protagonist is very low. After to "travel in time" from year 2010 to the USSR of year 1975, he found appropriate and useful for himself to enter the fascistic party KPSS and commits other kinds of frauds. In this sense, vestism appears as a surrogate, substitute of all criteria about "good" and "evil" in his religion.


Example of image by Jock Sturges that could make the Russian vestists furious, 2016.09.24 [4][5]

Some vestists are very aggressive.

It is believed, that in 2016 July, Waseem Baloch kills his sister Qandeel Baloch for posting raunchy clips and photos. At some pics, Baloch wears less cloth, that it is indicated at the ultimate two pictures in the figure at the top. [6]

The aggressive vestists target not only on the human body, bur also the images. 2016.09.24, in Russia, the exposition of photographies by Jock Sturges is attacked, blocked and cancelled by vestists, using the moral and religious pretexts. The aggressive vestism is often related to the corruption rather than with any religion. Among the most aggressive vestists, the known Russian corruptioners Elena Mizulina and Yuri Chaika are mentioned. [5]

Dress code

Dress code is rule, established by some local administration, that specified details of the cloth that is supposed to be compulsory for the employee and/or the customers.

The example below is copypasted from the Saudia air company, [7] Travel procedures (2017) .. Passengers' Code of Conduct and Dress Code
The passengers' conduct is disorderly, abusive or violent, or they:
.. Are clothed in a manner that would cause discomfort or offense to other passengers (Women exposing legs or arms, or wearing too thin or too tight clothes and men wearing shorts exposing legs).
Are barefoot. ..


Some utopias describe countries free of vestism. Genre of utopia is used to investigate, analyse he roots of vestism and its role, its need in the life of society and its development.

Books about Meganesia by Aleksandr Rozov (Розов Александр Александрович) describe the oceanic society that do not consider the clothes as necessary attribute of social life. Some parts of that utopia are translated into English, see "Meganedia, deportation" and "Alien in a foreign sea 1"

Multiple evidences of degradation of Russia of century 21 Back in the USSR provoke attempts to extrapolate this trend. Such an extrapolation is suggested in utopia Tartaria. Both written and unwritten rules of Western civilisation are broken in Tartaria. The civilisation begins with laws the prohibits the wars, the murdering, the robbery, the frauds. Vestism is not included.


Joy-villa.jpg Dubai1812.jpg S19502578.jpg ForLongMemory.jpg PigAtSea.jpg NuAnsZavodovaFragment.jpg NhXWNHchemscdIs-800x450-noPad.jpg


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2014.06.19. Art Basel Turns Away Nude Performance Artist. Benjamin Sutton, Thursday, June 19, 2014. Milo Moiré, a Swiss performance artist you may remember for creating a painting from paint-filled eggs she dropped out of her vagina outside Art Cologne, paid a visit to Art Basel in Basel on June 19. Or at least attempted to.

2015.01.08. Künstlerin Moiré protestiert nackt gegen sexuelle Gewalt. 8.1.2016. Die Künstlerin Milo Moiré hat in Köln mit einem Nacktauftritt gegen sexuelle Gewalt protestiert.

2015.07.07. Vincent Donzé. Paris, c'est fini pour Milo Moiré!. 07.07.2015. Après avoir passé une nuit en cellule à cause de ses «selfies nus», l'artiste suisse s'en tire avec un avertissement. ..

2015.09.07. Светлана Ивлева. Туристку из Европы чуть не убили, она не одела платок. Sep 7, 2015.

2016.11.29. Oli Smith. Switzerland overwhelmingly votes for burqa ban with £6,500 fine for Muslim women who rebel. 07:33, Sun, Nov 29, 2015 | UPDATED: 14:05, Sun, Nov 29, 2015

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2016.06.26. Ralf Lofstad.Sahfana (37) fikk sydd bunad med hijab. Har utløst et skred av hatmeldinger og rasisme. 2016.06.26. RASISME: Sahfana M. Alis bilde av sin Frafjord-bunad med spesialsydd hijab har utløst et skred av hatmeldinger på islamfiendtlige Merete Hodnes Facebook-vegg. ..

2017. 22 шедевра живописи в стиле ню. (2017)


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