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Terrorists shut-down MH17 and distribute the harvest [1]
Vladimir Putin, Russian Fuhrer[5]

Chat with Malaysian airlines is copypasted from Facebook, it happened 2015.11.20.

From Dmitrii Kouznetsov to Malaysian Airlines

>"..appreciate if you could send us a private message on our Facebook page.."

- Am I doing that do you mean?
Or should I send this message also by email?

First, I repeat my statement and my question:
I think, every big airplane has some incorporated cameras of video monitoring, that transfer to the ground stations movie of things that are happening during flight, and these movies are stored there.
Could you confirm, please, that it is really so in the case of your company?

My interest comes from the series of airplane crashes that, from my point of view, were terroristic acts performed by the Russian KGB agents (currently they call themselves "FSB", ФСБ or ФСО).

I have collected some links on 3 of these events in articlesРейс7k9268 (partially in Russian)

The common feature of all these catastrophes is, that the Russian officials several times had change their explanation of the event; and each time they had insisted that the version they suggest is the only true. I interpret such statements (and their mutual contradictions) as evidence of sabotage of the Russian officials who perform the investigation of the cases. In the first of these cases, even the moment of crash is not known; and even the number of the landing attempts the pilots performed before to crash is not known. In each of these cases, the problems with recovery of the emergency recorders ("black boxes") and information that was stored (or supposed to be stored) there were had been reported.

I do not understand, why the investigators have to deal with the records of the "black boxes" (that used to burn together with airplane), instead of to have clean and detailed telemetry transferred from the liner during the flight. The transfer of images from Moon and even from Mars have been reported, that are many orders of magnitude farther. The direct telephone communication and the internet service at the airplane is already realised; many channels of communication with the airplane do work, even if it is above the ocean, far from all the ground stations.

I do not believe that it is difficult to reserve one more information channel (at least through internet) from the airplane, and to record the videos (from few videocameras in the cabin) at the ground-based computers, to store it at the ground-based memory, in order to release it in a case of the crash, to load the dramatic movies to the public access at the site of the air-company. The release of such a video would be a proof, that there is no sabotage at least among the personal of the company. Such videos would be evidence, that the administration of the company do all the possible they can do in order to reveal the cause of the crash and to avoid similar catastrophes in future.

This could help to avoid technical problems, if the catastrophe had been caused by fault of some mechanisms or electronics on board.

This could help to avoid errors of the pilots and dispatchers, if the crash is attributed to so-called "human factor".

This could help to reveal, to identify and to catch terrorists, if the airplane is attacked with some on-board bomb, or by some enemy jet fighter, or by the ground-air missile, for example, some "buk". In the last case, the immediate release of the information is especially important, to trace the movement of the terrorist band equipped with the ground-air missiles..

However, I am surprised that this does not happen.

Why this does not happen?

Why the online records of the crash are not available?

Should the absence of the movie be attributed to some hacker attacks?

Or should it be attributed to the sabotage of the personal of the air company, bribed by the terrorists, who have attacked the airplane (for example, to plunder belongings of the crew and the passengers) and try to hide the traces of their crime?

Several authors arise these questions (mainly in Russian).

As I understand, your company is also affected by the terrorist attack.

You are supposed to be interested to provide and distribute public answer on the questions I mention above.

The publications by specialists, in particular, the professional from your company, that answer the questions mentioned, should be greatly appreciated.

I believe, the honest answers are very important for the image and popularity of your company.

Sincerely, Dmitrii Kouznetsov.

From Malaysian Airlines to Dmitrii Kouznetsov

5:07PM. Hi Dmitrii Kouznetsov,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, we're sorry to inform you that we're not able to answer your question, as this investigation belongs to the government of Malaysia and a few other countries that are involved in this. Please be advised that we're not allowed to disclose any information on this issue. Your kind understanding is highly appreciated.

Thank you and have a good weekend!

Regards, WL

From Dmitrii Kouznetsov to Malaysian Airlines

Dear WL:

I undertand your unability to answer my questions, and I respect your Adviser, who does not want you to disclose any information on this issue.

For this reason, I disclose my questions and my doubts by myself, so shall my anticipation prevent your discovery, and your secrecy to your adviser moult no feather [6].

I load my questions and your unability to answer:

However, I shall be glad to add your comments, or to take into account your suggestions, as soon as your Adviser allows this.

Have a good weekend too!

Sincerely, Dmitrii Kouznetsov.



Publications and opinions about the catastrophes (where the agents of the Russian KGB are believed to be involved) are collected and analysed in TORI with the scientific purpose.

The text above may be considered also as an additional motivation for the Malaysian Airlines to push forward the investivation of the MH17 catastrophe, to reveal the responsibles, to charge them for the compensation to the relatives of the victims, and also for compensation of the material and moral losses of the company.

This article should not be interpreted as motivation for any illegal punishment nor illegal execution of the persons who are believed to be guilty in the MH17 catastrophe and similar events; nor the actions mentioned should be applied to their families.

This article can be discussed at


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2015.11.06. Андрей Макаревич, Марина Королева. ОСОБОЕ МНЕНИЕ. Время выхода в эфир: 06 НОЯБРЯ 2015, 19:08. А.Макаревич: Правильно, что полеты прекращают, но думать надо было немножко раньше.
А.Макаревич ― Ну, вот, я боюсь, что это всё только начало. Удивительное дело. Мне мой товарищ один вчера поделился мыслью. Он говорит «Вот, всё время ищут эти ящики, значит, черно-оранжевые после авиакатастроф. И никогда эти ящики ничего конкретного не говорят».
М.Королёва ― Это правда.
А.Макаревич ― Дальше он говорит «А, вот, что, так сложно поставить в салоне каждого самолета 2 телекамеры, которые в режиме онлайн на землю транслируют запись? Это что, так дорого по сравнению со всем полетом?» Или, может быть, не всегда нужна правда о том, что произошло? Ведь, не сложная вещь, действительно, технически.
М.Королёва ― Ну, это, пожалуй, такой, технический момент, наверное, который должны обсуждать там специалисты. Если они это не делают, то, наверное, есть у них на то какие-нибудь причины. Потому что, ну, так, если вспомнить: а кто-нибудь ставит, ну, не в России, а в других странах?
А.Макаревич ― Нет. Насколько я знаю, нет. И как я понимаю, власти любой страны оставляют для себя люфт относительно информации по поводу того, что случилось. Я не говорю, что это теракт. Но мне кажется, что сегодня есть техническая и несложная возможность получать более конкретную информацию о том, что случилось.
М.Королёва ― Ну да. Если, собственно говоря, можно пользоваться интернетом сейчас уже там, да?
А.Макаревич ― Конечно. В полетах.
М.Королёва ― Включают Wi-Fi на борту. ..


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