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Authors murdered by Putin [1]

Vladimir Putin (Путин Владимир Владимирович 1952.10.07, Leningrad) is mentioned as president, prime-minister, and again president (believed to be illegal), and leader of party Edro, ex-bolshevik, KGBist, terrorist, liar, Russian fuhrer.

Putin is believed to be serial murderer, usurper and military crime.[2]

2018.01.10, the description of Putin's criminal activity appears at the USA site [3]

Critics of Putin

Publications about Putin qualify him as dangerous criminal. Overviews of his activity are suggested at sites Cleptocracy archieve and kleptocracyinitiative [4][5].

In general, Putin is qualified as liar, frauder and terrorist. [6][7][8][9].

Putin is often compared to Adolf Hitler (See article Putin and Hitler). \(10^3\) people think, that the personal sanctions should be imposed on Putin [10][11].

Publications indicate that in 2014, Putin had organised the Russian invasion into Ukraine, and 2015.02.27 had murdered Boris Nemtsov.

Putin is considered as terrorist, serial killer, believed to murder tens opponents and for this reason qualified as murder machine [12][1]

2016.06.11. George Soros indicates that Putin is a bigger threat to Europe’s existence than Isis [13].

2016.12.11, John McCain qualifies Putin as ‘a thug, a murderer and a killer’ [14]

Opposite opinions

Putin with nimbus by Konstantin Altunin, 2013 [15]

There are many opposite opinions about Putin. Putin is respected in the criminal groups, including edros and nashists, and declared as "leader of nation".

Many authors indicate that Putin is the KGB agent, who took the superior power in Russia in the beginning of century 21; many negative observation (degradation of science to the perpetual motion machines like gravitsapa, terroristic acts, decrease of population) are attributed to the corrupted ministers and administrators promoted by Putin. Putin is believed to be plagiarist, his Ph.D.Thesis is reported to be fake [16][17].

Putin is suggested to be included to the Magnitsky list; in 2012 December within one day, thousands had signed such a petition at http://wh.gov/QgKz together with the most of Russian Duma, approved such a Law https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/identify-russian-law-makers-jeopardizing-lives-russian-orphans-responsible-under-magnitsky-act/q9LbTGRB .

2013 SEPTEMBER 6, according to ANDY BOROWITZ, Barak Obama had expressed very negative opinions about Putin [18]. Similar expression appear is the VOA [19].

Putin is qualified as top Russian corruptioner, serial killer, organised many terroristic acts and murdered many his opponents [12][20][21].

Analogy with Muammar Gaddafi


In connection of the riot against Muammar Gaddafi, and especially after his death the suggestions that Putin may have similar end of his career are expressed [22][23]. Such a concern is based on the terroristic activity of KGB and edro ("Edinaya Rossia"), total corruption in the highest level of the administration, suppression of critics and falsifications at the presidential election. The intent of the tandem to keep the superior power forever is discussed in the internet; sometimes, the revolution is considered as the only way to change the ruling party.

Election fraud

58.99 + 32.96 + 23.74 + 19.41 + 9.32 + 1.46 + 0.59 = 146.47, by [24]

At the parliamentary 2011.12.04.Election, many citizen expressed their disagreement with the way the functionaries of the pro–Putin party edro organized the process, they had qualified it as a fraud even before the announcement of the official results, because of the non–registration of some parties, bribery of electorate, pro–edro agitation and propaganda during the day of election, etcetera. As a protest, in order to make the ballots invalid, some citizen used to write offensive opinions about Putin at the ballots.

At the announcement of the preliminary results of the 2011.12.04.Election, it happened, that in some regions, the total sum of votes greatly exceeds the 100% of the total number of the electors. Up to 46% of votes seem to be just fake. For these reasons, the results are qualified as falsification. Such a fraud caused the world-wide protest action in 2011.12.10 with many anti–Putin slogans. After such a wide protest, December 15, Putin had declared that he considers to leave from the government if he does not feel the support of the people. [25]. In order to show that he has no more support of the people, the protest actions are organized in Moscow December 17 and December 24 [26][27][28].

Putin tries to participate as candidat at the Presidential election in 2011.03.03; it is indicated that such a participation is illegal [29], contradicting the Law about the Presidential Election. The application of the denouncement of the Putin;s registration is submitted to the Superior Court of Russia. See the special article Переуступка (In Russian) on this subject. It is indicated that 6 violation of Law are committed at the registration of Putin as a candidate for the 2012.03.04.Election of president of Russia. These violations are analysed at the site Antiputin [30].

The election fraud in favor of Putin and his party is confirmed by the statistical analysis of the officially reported results[31]. It is shown, that the hypothesis of the honest election in Russia can be rejected at high significance level. The assumption of the huge election fraud is necessary for the description of the experimental data. The model of the election fraud had been suggested by Peter Klimek, Yuri Yegorov, Rudolf Hanel, and Stefan Thurner in 2012 [32]. The three parameters are introduced: for incremental fraud \(f_{\mathrm i}\), the extreme fraud \(f_{\mathrm e}\) and the deliberate wrong-counting \(\alpha\). With these parameters, the good agreement of the model with the observed statistical properties is reported. Data for elections in Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, France, Romania, Russia, and Uganda have been analyzed. For the two last countries, the modeling of the election fraud is essential for the description of the announced results; the model shows good agreement with the observed data. Ruben Enikolopov, Vasily Korovkin, Maria Petrova, Konstantin Sonin and Alexei Zakharov have evaluated the lower estimate of amount of the fake votes at the 2011.12.04.Election to be at least 11 percentage points lower than the official count (36% instead of 47%) [33]. Up to year 2012, no alternative description (without the election fraud) of the observed peculiarities in the distribution of votes has been suggested. In this sense, the massive election fraud in Uganda and Russia can be considered as scientific fact.


Un addition to the fake ballots, that are believed to be counted in favour of Putin by the election committee the presidential election (an in favour of this party Edro at the parliamentary election), there are other evidences to the usurpation of the superior power.

The Russian constitution specifies, that the same person cannot participate as candidate more than two times in row. The two times in row are already detected in 2000 and 2006. So, his participation as candidate even once more in 2012 is illegal, and should be qualified as usurpation of superior power.

2018.02.14, the candidate for the presidential election Ksenia Sobchak submits to the Superior court of Russia the application, indicating, that registration of Vladimir Putin as candidate for the presidential election is illegal, anti-constitutional. [34]

In order to simplify the automatic search the corresponding application is loaded in TORI as 2018.02.14.Заявление (in Russian).

Terroristic activity

And now, slowly put your idiotic bill down to the ground [35]
"He'll not go to the USA! We already have reserved the place at the cemetery for him!" 2012.12.28 by [36]

Many evidences of the terroristic activity of Putin and his commandos are available in the internet [37][38][39][40][41].

Some episodes are collected in the articles Nevsky Express bombing (2009) and Katyn-2.

Due to his terroristic activity, Putin is considered as a treat to the global piece [42].

According to the statement by V.Churov [43], V.Putin is not at the governmental service; he may be arrested for terrorism as soon as he leaves from the Russian Federation and interrogated as soon as he appears at the USA. The statements by the Russian militaries and navies [44][45]

indicate that nobody will combat for him nor for his party edro: Putin has no support among the Russian officers, although he has support in the KGB, the Russian Elective Committee and his party edro. Namely these three groups of people are represented by him. This aspect of the Putin's position for years 2011–2012 is mentioned in the article Putin versus Clinton.

Putin is considered as initiator and leader of the Herod law; he signed that bill 2012.12.28 [46]. Putin had declared that bill as a response to the Magnitsly bill, in order to affect the administration of the USA and the European countries. The bill prohibits the Russian orphans to be adopted in the American families, even if the children already know families who will to adopt them. Such a low makes the Russian orphans to be hostages. All the senators who voted for that bill and Putin who signed that bill are qualified as terrorists, according to definition of that term.

Putin is accused to handle the nuclear terror in United Kingdom; see Putin killed Litvinenko. [47][48]

Putin is believed to organise the Russian invasion into Georgia (2008–2016), the Russian invasion into Ukraine (2014–2016), the Russian invasion into Syria (2015–2015) and other acts of aggression combined in category Putin world war.

Putin is believed to organise the terroristic attack 2015.07.17 on the malarian liner Boeing 777 performing flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur with the buk missile, accompanied the killing of the passengers and the crew and plundering of their belongings.

Putin is believed to murder his critics; he is qualified as killer [49][50]


2015.02.27, Putin killed Nemtsov. It is considered as Scientific fact, because, at least until year 2017, no any other concept is observed to explain, for example, disappearance of records of video monitoring of the Nemtsov bridge by cameras installed at the Kremlin walls, and neglecting of this evidence by the police inspectors and judge Yuri Zhitnikov (Житников Юрий Валентинович‎).

2017.03.09, Putin seems to send killers to Nikolai Andrushenko [51][52].

Pedophilia and homosexuality

Putin advertises pedophilia and homosexuality 2011.05.16 [53]
D.Medvedev and V.Putin with spouses at church, 2013.05.05.[54]

Putin promotes pedophilia and homosexuality. In particular, 2013.05.05. at the commercial center XXC, Putin participated in the show, while Sergei Sobianin played role of his spouse [54]. In his verbal statements, Putin denies his homosexual preferences, and other gays crivicize him [55].

Russia against Putin

In 2011– 2012, especially after the fraud at the 2011.12.04.Election, may Russians declare that the Putin politics of terror, corruption, bribery is not acceptable for Russia and Putin should leave [56].

Due to the total corruption in Russia, [57], and in particular, the election committees, the dismissal of Putin with election is not difficult: at each stage of the election procedure, some ten percent in favor of Putin or his party edro are added, so, the"official" results of the elections do not represent the will of the electors.

The petition against Putin is distributed [58]. For the beginning of 2012, hundreds have signed that petition. The arrest of Putin should be simplified by the discovery that he is not at the governmental service; so, in principle, he could be arrested in a way, similar to that Victor But was arrested. The text of the petition (In Russian) in the state for 2011 March 21 is copypasted from http://putinapodsud.org/en below

Petition (In Russian)

ЗАЯВЛЕНИЕ О ПРОВЕДЕНИИ РАССЛЕДОВАНИЯ И ВОЗБУЖДЕНИИ УГОЛОВНОГО ДЕЛА ПО СТ. 6(A,B,C,D,E), СТ. 7 (A,B,E,F,G,H,I,K) И СТ. 8(А-К) РИМСКОГО СТАТУТА International Criminal Court Office of the Prosecutor Communications Post Office Box 19519 2500 CM The Hague The Netherlands

Главам Государств

Главам Правительств Государств

членов Совета Безопасности

Организации Объединенных Наций

Заявление о проведении расследования и возбуждении уголовного дела по ст. 6(a,b,c,d,e), ст. 7 (a,b,e,f,g,h,i,k) и ст. 8(а-к) Римского Статута

Мы, нижеподписавшиеся, граждане Российской федерации, Общественные, Политические, Международные и Российские организации, граждане других Государств, обращаемся в настоящий суд с данным заявлением и требованием о проведении расследования уголовных преступлений в рамках норм Международного права, принципов нравственности, морали и человечности.

Настоящим просим проведения расследования уголовных преступлений, совершенных гражданином Российской Федерации, Путиным Владимиром Владимировичем, 7 октября 1952 года рождения, уроженцем города Ленинграда, бывшим Президентом Российской Федерации, в настоящее время являющимся Председателем Правительства Российской Федерации, по фактам совершения нижеприведенных преступлений геноцида, преступлений против человечности и военных преступлений.

172 signatures 52 comments 2648 reads

About the petition

For 2012, the site http://putinapodsud.org/en does not provide the English version of the petition; so, it may be considered as a draft rather than an official application.


After the election frauds (2011.12.04.Election and 2012.03.04.Election, and especially after the "Bloody sunday" 2012.05.06 (when many protesters were beaten and arrested by the police) the Russians consider Putin as betrayer, robber, criminal, killer, terrorist. For his inauguration 2011.05.07, the center of Moscow was emptied; Putin gone to Kremlin by the dead, empty city [59]
DeadMoscow4.jpeg DeadMoscow3.jpeg DeadMoscow2.jpeg DeadMoscow1.jpeg



The scenario of the Pussy Riot trial is believed to be approved at the level of Kiril Gundiaev and Vladimir Putin. The tight collaboration of the state administration with that of church in the punishment of protesters is qualified as inquisition [60].


The DAILY MAIL REPORTER writes, that Putin buys some villa in Spain for £15m [61].

Russian invasion into Ukraine since 2014 February

Cover of Journal The Sun by 2014.07.18 [62]

Putin is considered as mastermind of the Russian invasion into Ukraine since 2014, February. That invasion caused multiple sanctions against friends of Putin, except Putin himself. The Putin's occupational troops do not cary any specific identification of the Russian military forces, and, therefore, are qualified as terrorists, according to definition of this term.

The invasion begun mainly with Crimea in February–March 2014. Since the government of the Soviet veterans Viktor Yanukovich and Viktor Pshonka, the Ukrainian army was desorganised and could not provide the resistance to the invasion. Then the continental part had been invaded. The occupants come to Sloviansk, Donetsk,Kramatorsk, Lugansk with heavy Russian armored machines, including tanks and missiles able to shout down airplane from altitude of tens of thousands of miles.

The activity of Putin's terrorists is widely discussed since 2014.07.17, when the Malaysian Airline passenger jet performing flight MH17 had been shut down above the Ukrainian territory, occupied by the Russian troops [62].

That het is believed to be shut down by the Russian buk missile. [63]

Russian invasion into Syria since 2015

Protest of the Syrian people against the Russian invasion [64]

Putin is believed to be mastermind of the Russian invasion into Syria.

According to his own statements, the goal of this invasion is training of troops in conditions of battle field. [65][66].

The most of targets of the Russian aviation are believed to be just civil objects. [67][68][69][70][71][72].


Putin is recognised as corrupt. Adam Szubin, who oversees US Treasury sanctions, has told BBC Panorama that the Russian president is corrupt and that the US government has known this for "many, many years". [73]

Publications about the election fraud in favour of Putin and his criminal, terroristic activity are in good agreement with more general concept, that since the beginning of century 21, the corruption in Russia becomes common, typical phenomenon, that characterises the life in the society of the Russian officials. [74][75][76].

2016.04.03, panamapapers publishes descriptions of some of Putin's affairs [77].

2017.03.18, uawire.org indicates that utin and businessmen in his inner circle have invested in real estate in New York, San Antonio and Miami [78].

2017.03.29, Aggelos Petropoulos and Richard Engel confirm involvement of Putin in the big scheme of the money laundering [79].

Evidences of the robbery, organised by Vlarimir Putin, show good agreement with general concept about corruption of the top f the Russian administration in century 21. In the similar way, evidences of the terroristic activity of Vladimir Putin are in good agreement with the concept of terror as main goal and principal activity of the Russian KGB.

Request for arrest

In 2013, the following suggestion about Putin's arrest had been distributed. The same text is distributed also in 2015.

http://irwi99.livejournal.com/901974.html В Финляндии требуют суда над Путиным. Друзья, давайте поддержим финских активистов! 2013-06-26 14:52:00.


Finland: Call to Arrest Putin.

A group of Finnish civic activists has today filed a report to the police, calling for the arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin and for an investigation into his actions during the war in Chechnya.

The activists note that under international law and Article 11 of the Finnish Criminal Code, Finnish courts may extend their jurisdiction over crimes committed outside of Finnish territory.

Indeed, Finnish courts have done this before. A Rwandan pastor, François Bazaramba, was convicted in June 2010 for his involvement in the Rwandan genocide and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Vladimir Putin will arrive in Finland today, on 25 June 2013. The Finnish activists call on police to arrest Putin as a suspect with probable cause in the crimes detailed in their report.

Request for Investigation

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in Finland on Tuesday, 25 June 2013. We ask the police to arrest Putin and open a pretrial investigation into his possible responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Under the principle of universal jurisdiction, Finnish courts can extend their jurisdiction over crimes committed abroad, including in cases of war crimes and crimes against humanity as defined in Article 11 of the Finnish Criminal Code.

The case against Vladimir Putin would be similar to the investigation, prosecution, and conviction by a Finnish court of the Rwandan pastor, François Bazaramba, for his involvement in the genocide in Rwanda.

We ask the police to investigate specific crimes listed in the Russian-Chechen Friendship Society’s seminal investigation, “International Tribunal for Chechnya” (pp. 473-486). A draft English translation of the study is available.

In addition, we refer to the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in cases of crimes against the Chechen people. We note that the Court is still processing thousands of other cases of Russia’s suspected human rights violations.

We maintain that international agreements on diplomatic immunity do not apply to crimes of this magnitude. We therefore urge the Finnish police to take immediate action in response to our request.

Kerkko Paananen Information Secretary Finnish-Russian Civic Forum
Antti-Pekka Mustonen Chairman Finnish Anti-Fascist Committee
Agneta Storsjö Board Member Finnish-Russian Civic Forum
Mikael Storsjö Vice-Chairman Finnish-Russian Civic Forum
Jukka Mallinen Writer


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tll6yMNSNNE Medvedev und Putin. rudemocracy on May 13, 2008.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDt9QzgfGGs German reportage about 2011.12.04.Election

http://imgur.com/o65SR : "I hope, nobody will recognize me with such a wig" – 2011 December 9.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdBF56ahgLw ZhekaRabkorov on Dec 31, 2011. Предвыборная гонка выборов президента России 2012 года

Sie hat zwar Angst vor Putins Hund, aber keine Angst vor dem Hund Putin. [80]

HuiloPutIn.jpg PutinTriumph.jpg Reheat58289.jpg Elkin65756.jpg DePuResize.gif Cartographer58300.jpg PuSanctions.jpeg OneMinuteVladimir.jpg Minsk2015fragment2.jpg NotMyLeg1997564.jpg Mistra193.jpg AssadPutin.jpg AntiISIS.jpg PutiNuk.jpg CharlieHebdoPuTattoo.jpg FuhrerNuremberg.jpg NaNarax.jpg PuBasharUn.jpg


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2014.05.22. http://wh.gov/lAeRj WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Impose personal sanctions on President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin Beginning on February 26, pro-Russian forces began to gradually take control of the Crimean peninsula. Many of them were widely believed to be Russian military personnel without insignia. On March 1 Vladimir Putin addressed to the Federation Council for permission to use the armed forces of Russia in Ukraine. On March 18 Russia annexed Crimea. On April 17 Russian president Vladimir Putin confirmed Russian involvement in Crimea, remarking that "Of course, Russian servicemen backed the Crimean self-defense forces".Beginning in April on the Eastern Ukraine, pro-Russian forces began seizing government buildings including seats of local governance, police stations, and other security facilities. We demand to impose personal sanctions on Mr Putin and Cabinet of Ministers of Russian Federation. Created: May 22, 2014.

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2015.03.30. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmTps5SVZko Frontline Putin's Way Documentary 2015. Mar 30, 2015. This documentary investigates the accusations of criminality and corruption that have surrounded Vladimir Putin's reign in Russia. Tracing his career back over two decades, Putin's Way reveals how the accumulation of wealth and power has led to autocratic rule and the specter of a new Cold War.

2015.05.17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYj0DwsXKTs Австралийский репортаж о MH17, часть 1. Кирилл М. Published on May 17, 2015. Репортаж основан на расследованиях Bellingcat. С ними можно познакомиться здесь: Происхождение «Бука» — http://globeukraine.blogspot.com/2014... Место пуска — http://wp.me/p5oQzL-3W

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2015.07.31. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/07/31/us-britain-russia-litvinenko-idUSKCN0Q517020150731 Russia's 'tin pot despot' Putin behind spy's London murder, UK inquiry told. Fri Jul 31, 2015 6:58am.

2015.11.24. http://www.wsj.com/articles/turkey-shoots-down-a-paper-tiger-1448406008 HOLMAN W. JENKINS, JR. Turkey Shoots Down a Paper Tiger. His neighbors don’t find Mr. Putin quite as impressive as some Americans do. Nov. 24, 2015 6:00 p.m. ET. Vladimir Putin is not the master strategist some make him out to be. He’s a gambler and maneuverer whose bold moves are not testaments to vision or cojones but to the unhealthiness of his domestic political situation. .. Otto Dietrich, Hitler’s press aide, noted the Fuhrer’s own devolution from “domestic reformer” into a “foreign-policy desperado and gambler in international politics,” who “began to hate objections to his views and doubts on their infallibility. . . . He wanted to speak, but not to listen.” ..


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