Russian invasion into Syria

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Russian pilots fighting in Syria in 2015 [2]
Protest Oct 3, 2015 [3]
Vadim Kostenko (Вадим Костенко), Russian trooper dead 2015 October in Hmeimim [6]
Coffin of Oleg Peshkov, Turkey, after the 2015.11.24.Crash [8]

Russian invasion into Syria (Российское вторжение в Сирию) refers to the military action of Rissian troops since 2015 summer.

Goals of the invasion

Russian invasion into Syria appears as part of Putin world war. Vladimir Putin seems to use the invasion to neighbour countries to distract the public attention from the problems of terror and total corruption inside Russia.

The main goal and reason of the invasion is believed to be wish of the Russian mafia to control the traffic of oil and gas to Europe through the Mediterranean sea. [9][10].

An additional goal is training of Russian soldier for killing of the civil population. [11][12].

Pretext of the invation

The pretext of the invasion is declared to be help to Bashar Asad.

Russian losses

Loss among the Russian troops are reported. [13]


Russian warplane carry no indication that they are Russian.

Bombing of non-military objects by the Russian airplanes and missiles is reported [14][15][16][17][18][19].

Ed Royce indicates, that the special tribunal should consider the military crimes of President Bashar al-Assad his allies, singling out Russia and Iran. [20].

2016.09.21, administration of the USA accuses Russian military for bombing of the American medical staff in Syria. [21].

2016.08.29, Julian Reichelt qualifies the actions of the Russian troops in Syria as barbarism (Barbarei) [22].

2016.08.30, Tom Newton Dun indicates that BORIS Johnson has accused Russia of targeting civilian aid workers in Syria on purpose with “double tap” bombing raids to catch them out in the open. [23]

Since 2016.10.03, the repeated, intentional bombing of hospital by the Russian warplanes is reported [24][25].

Inability of Russian representatives to follow their declarations and promises, as well as the bombing of civil objects in Syria cause certain sequences. Since 2016.10.03, the USA administration stop any negotiation with Russian administration about Syria; more serious arguments, including new sanctions are reported to be considered. [26][27]

Since 2016, opinions of the 7-year old child about war in Syria are presented by Bana Alabed [28]

2016.10.04, Stephane Dion Condemns Russia's Support For Attacks On Syrian Medical Facilities [29].


Russian attacks of civilian objects causes protests [3]

Statements about the random bombing of Syrian territory by Russian troops agree with general concept of internal defects of the navigation system Globass (ГЛОНАСС) used by the Russian troops. Permanent failure of navigation systems of the Russian warplanes can explain also their invasion into territory of Turkia.

2016.10.09, George Soros writes, that the "Russia’s Bombing of Aleppo Must End". [30]

2016.10.20, Amnesty International indicate that the United Nations must act to end onslaught aimed at purging civilians from eastern Aleppo by Russian bombers. [31]

Russian military divisions participated

It is believed, that the Russian invasion into Syria is performed with participation of staff of vh69806 (Вч 69806). In addition, 2015.10.23, some Russian troops are reported to move from Ukraine to Syria [32]

The total Russian corruption slightly reduce the danger of the Russian troops. About 1/3 of the Russian warplanes in Syria are reported to be out of order: they are seriously damaged and do not fly. [33]

As the Russian military forces appear without signs of identification of their belonging to Russia, the attacks by the warplane without identification are attributed to Russia. Since late September, 2015, several hospitals in Syria are reported to be destroyed by the Russian bombers. [34].

General coordination of the Russian troops in Syria is reported to be handled by Viktor Bondarev [1].

Victor Bondarev confirms delivery of the ground–air missile systems to Syria. His statement can be interpreted as support of hypothesis about use of such missile to shut-down the A231 airplane Рейс7k9268: After to pass Bosphorus and Dardanelles channels, some boats with the Russian missile systems could deviate from declared course and happen to be in Egypt. Use of Russian missiles against Russian airplanes is possible due to the total corruption of the Russian administration.

2015.11.04, Reuter indicate that the Russia's Syria force grows to 4,000 [35]


Since the beginning of the Russian invasion into Syria, the Russian warplane enter the airspace of Turkey from side of Syria. The Syrian administration asked Russian officials to stop these violations. Then, the Syrian side emit warning, that all non identified warplane above territory of Turkey will be shut–down. first, the unmanned warplanes are reported to shut down. 2015.11.24, the bomber Su-24 without national identification had been shut down in vicinity of the border between Syria and Turkey.

The bomber is reported to fall at territory of Syria; the plots used to catapult out, but at least one of them Oleg Peshkov is reported to be killed bu the sunnits whe were target of the bomber. The Russian officials claim that they were successful to save the sturman of that bomber, Konstantin Murahtin. Since that accident, no view of that Konstantin Murhatin appear in the publications, provoking rumors that both crew of the warplane were killed, but, in order to justify the lost of some ten of rescuers sent to the wreckage of that Su-24, one of soldiers pretends to be Konstantin Murahtin.

Body of Oleg Peshkov is reported to happen at the territory of Rurkey and to be retorned to Russia by the Turkey administration [8].

Military response

Since 2015 November, the USA jet fighters are reported to be deployed in Syria [36]

2015.12.08, Putin and Shoigu discuss the use of nuclear weapon in Syria; Putin hopes, that there will be no need to use it, but he declared that it is ready to be used (Perhaps, in the case if everything goes bad for his occupational troops.) [37].

2016: Put out and results

A.Stupin. Put-in (2015.10.10)
A.Stupin. Put-out (2016.03.16)
S.Rabinovich. Day of victory (2016.03.15)

2016.02.12, the shut–down of the pro–Assad warplane is reported. The Russian propaganda claim, the warplane is MIG belonged to Assad airforce. Other authors indicate, that the warplane was the Russian modern bomber Su-24. It is believed to shut–down with the portable missile ground–air by the troops of opposition. The shut-sown is believed to be only a probe; and other Russian warplanes in Syria were expected to be shut–down in the similar way soon. Syrian rebels deny missile was used to shoot down warplane. [38][39][40][41].

2016.03.14, Putin suddenly orders and announces withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria, declaring, that they finished their assignment, and their goal is already achieved. Some of Russian pilots are reported to return into Russia as winners. [42][43].

If this is really pull out, then, since 2016.03.15, the results of the Russian invasion into Syria and intermediate results of the war in Syria can be evaluated. Some estimates by Khaled Suleiman and Mohamed Misto are copy pasted below from the Turkish site [44]:

More than 361,000 people have been killed in Syria as the conflict in the Arab country enters its sixth year, according to an Anadolu Agency tally.

In early 2011, the Bashar al-Assad regime cracked down on pro-democracy protests with unexpected ferocity, leading the country to fall into civil war.

The Anadolu Agency tally shows that among those killed in the five-year conflict, 235,140 were civilians.

The highest number of deaths was reported in Aleppo (71,000), Damascus (67,000), Idlib (36,000) and Daraa (28,000).

Around 180,000 people have been detained by Assad forces, the tally shows.

According to the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR), 194,208 civilians were killed in opposition-held areas, including 183,827 killed by regime forces and 2,984 killed by Russian airstrikes.

The U.K.-based NGO said that 2,196 civilians were killed by Daesh terrorists, 356 killed by al-Nusra Front and 416 killed by the PYD, the Syrian affiliate of the terrorist PKK organization.

According to the SNHR, 311 civilians were killed in raids by the anti-Daesh coalition, 2,959 killed by opposition groups and 2,159 killed by unknown groups.

The NGO cited that 21,387 women have been killed in the Syria conflict, of whom 19,427 were killed by regime forces, 286 by Russian raids, 44 by PYD, 337 by Daesh, 68 by Nusra Front, 82 by coalition planes and 1,143 by unknown groups.

The network went on to note that more than 20,000 children were killed since the conflict erupted.

According to the NGO, 19,594 children were killed in regime attacks, 443 by Russian raids, 61 by PYD, 307 by Daesh, 97 by coalition attacks and 406 by unknown groups.

The report showed that 12,558 people were tortured to death -- 12,486 by regime forces, 17 by PYD, 22 by Daesh, 14 by Nusra militants and 19 by unknown groups.

According to the report, 536 journalists were killed in Syria in the past five years, the majority of whom were slain by regime forces (479).

The report showed that 609 medics were killed since 2011, of whom 553 were slain by the Assad regime, 11 by Russian raids, three by PYD and 19 by Daesh.

The network said that 14,652 civilians were killed in barrel bombs, including 2,896 children and 2,672 women. More than 4,000 schools and 2,146 mosques were damaged in the attacks, the NGO said.

The network noted that 901 people have been starved to death in areas besieged by regime forces, including 294 children and 189 women.

Fake withdrawal

Withdrawal of the Russian troops from Syria seems to be fake.

Since 2016.03.19, the Russia's withdrawal of the military forces from Syria seems to be faux. [45].

201603.20, The syriahr report, that the attacks by Russian warplanes on civil objects begin again. [46][47].

2016.06.22, Russian bombers are reported to burn the residential areas of Aleppo [48].

As the heavy bombing of the Syrian civil objects (homes hospitals) continues after the "withdrawal" of Russian troops, the statements about that withdrawal can be considered as a joke by the Russian liars.

Similar joke is distributed abut Valentina Tereshova and Joseph Kobzon; Komsomolskaya Pravda indicates that they both participated in the Russian invasion into Syria, ofter their photo in a cabin of the Russian bomber and claim that they got special avards for the invasion. Their support of that bombing is qualified as "spiritual". [49]

War crime

map of part of Syria

2016.10.05, George Soros qualifies the Putin’s bombing of Aleppo as war crime. [50]

2016.10.17, similar qualification appears at the site of Council of the European Union [51]

2016.10.27, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault says, that either Russia or the Syrian government (supported by Russia) were responsible for an air strike on Syria's Idlib province that led to the deaths of 26 civilians, most of them school children. [52]

Attacks of Russian warplanes on the hospitals and schools in Syria are considered as one of reasons, why the Russian warships (including the air-carrier Admiral Kuznetsov (Адмирал Кузнецов) are not welcomed for refuelling in European countries. [53][54][55][56][57][52]

Chemical weapon attack in Syria

Russian chemical weapon containers near Ash Shairat, 2017.04.07. [58][59]
Similar container at Russian factory of chemical weapon [60]

Statement by Rex W. Tillerson

2017.04.04, the chemical attack in Syria is reported; hundreds of civilian casualties are discussed. The attack is believed to be approved by Bashar Assad and Vladimir Putin. [61]

The chemical attack by Bashar Assad (assumed to be backed by Vladimir Putin) caused strong discontent of the USA administration and 2017.04.06, 8:45am EDT caused the demonstrational with 50 Tomahawk missiles were launched from U.S. Navy warships in the Mediterranean Sea, striking multiple targets - including the airstrip, aircraft and fuel stations - on an airbase at Ash Shairat near Homs. [62]

Statement from Pentagon Spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis on U.S. strike in Syrian U.S. strike in Syria


April 6, 2017

Statement from Pentagon Spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis on U.S. strike in Syria

At the direction of the president, U.S. forces conducted a cruise missile strike against a Syrian Air Force airfield today at about 8:40 p.m. EDT (4:40 a.m., April 7, in Syria). The strike targeted Shayrat Airfield in Homs governorate, and were in response to the Syrian government’s chemical weapons attack April 4 in Khan Sheikhoun, which killed and injured hundreds of innocent Syrian people, including women and children.

The strike was conducted using Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAMs) launched from the destroyers USS Porter and USS Ross in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. A total of 59 TLAMs targeted aircraft, hardened aircraft shelters, petroleum and logistical storage, ammunition supply bunkers, air defense systems, and radars. As always, the U.S. took extraordinary measures to avoid civilian casualties and to comply with the Law of Armed Conflict. Every precaution was taken to execute this strike with minimal risk to personnel at the airfield.

The strike was a proportional response to Assad’s heinous act. Shayrat Airfield was used to store chemical weapons and Syrian air forces. The U.S. intelligence community assesses that aircraft from Shayrat conducted the chemical weapons attack on April 4. The strike was intended to deter the regime from using chemical weapons again.

Russian forces were notified in advance of the strike using the established deconfliction line. U.S. military planners took precautions to minimize risk to Russian or Syrian personnel located at the airfield.

We are assessing the results of the strike. Initial indications are that this strike has severely damaged or destroyed Syrian aircraft and support infrastructure and equipment at Shayrat Airfield, reducing the Syrian Government’s ability to deliver chemical weapons. The use of chemical weapons against innocent people will not be tolerated.

Role of Russia

2017.04.09, The Sunday Times indicates that Russia accused of complicity in Syria war crime. [63]

2017.01.05, HRW confirms the Soviet origin of the chemical weapon (sarin), used in Syria. [64]


Screenshot on 10.15.2015 at 10.33.22 am.jpg AssaPuChem.jpg StupinSyria960x720.jpg


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  30. George Soros. Russia’s Bombing of Aleppo Must End. October 5, 2016, The world is witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe of historic proportions. It is happening in Syria. It is being perpetrated by the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in support of his protégé, Bashar al-Assad. Russian planes are bombing the civilian population of Aleppo, the country’s second-largest city, to assist Syrian government forces on the ground. The combined assault has, among other things, put the city’s remaining hospitals out of commission and deprived the population of drinking water. ..
  31. UN must act to end onslaught aimed at purging civilians from eastern Aleppo. Thursday 20th Oct 2016. .. “The woefully inadequate eight-hour pause in bombing announced by Russia is no substitute for unimpeded access for impartial humanitarian relief and an end to unlawful attacks. Member states must use today’s meeting to demand a lifting of the siege, an end to unlawful attacks, and to push for concrete measures to bring those responsible for war crimes to justice.”
  32. THOMAS GROVE. Russia Said to Redeploy Special-Ops Forces From Ukraine to Syria. Oct. 23, 2015 11:14 p.m. ET
  33. Tom Vanden Brook. Harsh conditions are foiling Russian jets in Syria. 6:16 p.m. EDT October 25, 2015. WASHINGTON – Russian warplanes sent to Syria to back the regime of Bashar Assad are breaking down at a rapid rate that appears to be affecting their ability to strike targets, according to a senior Defense official. Nearly one-third of Russian attack planes and half of its transport aircraft are grounded at any time as the harsh, desert conditions take a toll on equipment and crews, said the official who was not authorized to speak publicly about sensitive intelligence matters.
  34. Civilians and Hospitals Repeatedly Attacked as Bombing Escalates in Northern Syria. October 29, 2015.
  35. JONATHAN LANDAY, PHIL STEWART AND MARK HOSENBALL. Russia's Syria force grows to 4,000, U.S. officials say. Wed Nov 4, 2015 10:01pm EST.
  36. U.S. Brings Dogfighters to Counter Russians Over Syria. The Pentagon is sending F-15Cs—supposedly to fight the ISIS war. But the jets only have air-to-air weapons, and ISIS has no planes. Which means the real adversary is Russia. 11.03.151:00 AM ET.
  37. Встреча с главой Минобороны Сергеем Шойгу. Владимир Путин провёл рабочую встречу с Министром обороны Сергеем Шойгу. Глава оборонного ведомства, в частности, доложил Президенту об обнаружении бортового самописца со сбитого ВВС Турции российского военного самолёта в Сирии. 8 декабря 2015 года 22:35Москва, Кремль .. В.Путин: По поводу ударов с подводной лодки. Надо, конечно, проанализировать всё, что происходит на поле боя, как работает оружие. И «Калибры», и ракеты Х‑101 в целом зарекомендовали себя очень хорошо. Это новое, современное и высокоэффективное, теперь мы это понимаем, высокоточное оружие, причём может оснащаться как обычной боеголовкой, так и специальной боеголовкой, то есть с ядерным наполнением. Естественно, в борьбе с террористами этого ничего не нужно, надеюсь, никогда и не потребуется. Но в целом это говорит о значительном движении вперёд с точки зрения совершенствования вооружений и техники, которая поступает в российскую армию и на флот.
  38. Syrian jet shot down by rebels ahead of peace talks. Syrian government and opposition trade barbs about future of President Assad in lead up to crucial Geneva meeting. 13 Mar 2016 06:26 GMT
  39. Taim Khalil. Syrian rebels shot down regime warplane in Hama. March 13, 2016. ALEPPO – Syrian rebels shot down a regime warplane over western Syria on Saturday, military sources reported. “Our fighters hit a warplane for the Syrian regime’s air force in Hama province,” a rebel spokesman for the Jaish al-Nasr told ARA News.
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  49. Александр ГАМОВ, Владимир ВЕЛЕНГУРИН. Иосифу Кобзону и Валентине Терешковой вручены боевые медали за Сирию. 22 Июнь 18:50. - Тем не менее, вы не взлетали, в боевых действиях не участвовали. (Это было еще до начала перемирия в Сирии. - А. Г.) У нас даже оружия не было, мы с вами там не отстреливались, слава богу, а награды у вас - боевые. - Это потому, что наше участие... Не обязательно - с применением выстрелов, оружия. Это - духовное участие. Поддержка духовная - она, может быть, даже важнее, чем выстрелы.
  50. George Soros. Russia’s Bombing of Aleppo Must End. October 5, 2016. When the facts are fully established, Putin’s bombing of Aleppo will be viewed as among the modern world’s most egregious war crimes.
  51. Council conclusions on Syria. 17/10/2016 17:20 Press release 591/16 Foreign affairs & international relations. The EU is appalled by the deteriorating situation in Syria. The escalating violence in Aleppo is causing untold and unacceptable suffering for thousands of its inhabitants. Since the beginning of the offensive by the regime and its allies, notably Russia, the intensity and scale of the aerial bombardment of eastern Aleppo is clearly disproportionate and the deliberate targeting of hospitals, medical personnel, schools and essential infrastructure, as well as the use of barrel bombs, cluster bombs, and chemical weapons, constitute a catastrophic escalation of the conflict and have caused further widespread civilian casualties, including amongst women and children and may amount to war crimes. ..
  52. 52.0 52.1 France says Syria or Russia responsible for strike on school in Syria's Idlib. Thu Oct 27, 2016 | 10:32pm IST. French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said either Russia or the Syrian government were responsible for an air strike on Syria's Idlib province that led to the deaths of 26 civilians, most of them school children.// "Who is responsible? In any case it is not the opposition because you need planes to launch bombs. It's either the Syrians - the regime of (President Bashar) al-Assad - or the Russians," Ayrault told a news conference.// "It's yet another demonstration of the horror of this war, which is a war against the Syrian people, which we cannot accept." Russia's foreign ministry said earlier on Thursday that Moscow was not responsible for the attack on Idlib.
  53. European Council conclusions on external relations, 20 October 2016. 20/10/2016 23:59. 20. The European Council strongly condemns the attacks by the Syrian regime and its allies, notably Russia, on civilians in Aleppo.
  54. Ellen Francis, John Davison, Michelle Nichols, Andrew Heavens, G Crosse. Air strikes in Syria's Idlib kill 26, mostly children: rescuers, monitor. Wed Oct 26, 2016 | 6:51pm EDT. Air strikes by Syrian or Russian warplanes on Wednesday killed at least 26 people, most of them schoolchildren, in a village in Syria's rebel-held Idlib province, rescue workers and a monitoring group said. .. A report on Syrian state TV quoted a military source as saying a number of militants had been killed when their positions were targeted in Haas, but made no mention of a school. Russia's Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin said: "It's horrible, I hope we were not involved. It's the easiest thing for me to say no, but I'm a responsible person, so I need to see what my Ministry of Defence is going to say." ..
  55. 16:11, 26 октября 2016. Россия отозвала заявку на дозаправку «Адмирала Кузнецова» в Испании/
  56. Thursday, October 27, 2016, 09:22. Russian warships will not be refuelled in Malta.
  57. Власти Мальты не дозаправят следующие в сторону Сирии российские корабли. 27.10.2016, 14:46.
  58. Сирийская авиабаза Шайрат после ракетного удара США. Фоторепортаж Война в Сирии, 07 апр. 13:10.
  59. На фото базы Шайрат попали контейнеры для хранения химического оружия Все знают, что в Сирии химического оружия нет. Это даже Песков подтвердил, а он-то врать не станет. В этой связи 7 апреля российские СМИ опубликовали фото атакованной американской военщиной авиабазы Шайрат. Среди прочих, в отчете есть такой кадр: ..
  60. Эксперт: отказ США от утилизации ОМП не затронет безопасность России. 14:4008.04.2014. (обновлено: 14:58 08.04.2014)
  61. Press Statement. Rex W. Tillerson. Secretary of State. Washington, DC. April 4, 2017. Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria. // The United States strongly condemns the chemical weapons attack in Idlib province, the third allegation of the use of such weapons in the past month alone. There are reports of dozens dead, including many children. While we continue to monitor the terrible situation, it is clear that this is how Bashar al-Assad operates: with brutal, unabashed barbarism. Those who defend and support him, including Russia and Iran, should have no illusions about Assad or his intentions. Anyone who uses chemical weapons to attack his own people shows a fundamental disregard for human decency and must be held accountable.// It is also clear that this horrific conflict, now in its seventh year, demands a genuine ceasefire and the supporters of the armed combatants in the region need to ensure compliance. We call upon Russia and Iran, yet again, to exercise their influence over the Syrian regime and to guarantee that this sort of horrific attack never happens again. As the self-proclaimed guarantors to the ceasefire negotiated in Astana, Russia and Iran also bear great moral responsibility for these deaths.
  62. Phil Stewart and Steve Holland. U.S President Donald Trump said on Thursday he ordered a targeted military strike against an airfield in Syria from which a deadly chemical attack was launched this week. Thu Apr 6, 2017 | 10:11pm EDT. U.S. officials said the military launched dozens of cruise missile strikes against an airbase controlled by Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad's forces in response to the chemical attack on Tuesday in a rebel-held area. Facing his biggest foreign policy crisis since taking office in January, Trump took the toughest direct U.S. action yet in Syria's six-year-old civil war, raising the risk of confrontation with Russia and Iran, Assad's two main military backers. Some 50 Tomahawk missiles were launched from U.S. Navy warships in the Mediterranean Sea, striking multiple targets - including the airstrip, aircraft and fuel stations - on an airbase in Homs, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Further details and damage estimates from the strikes, which were conducted at 8:45 p.m. EDT (0045 GMT Friday), were not immediately known.
  63. Tim Shipman, Toby Harnden, Boris Johnson. Russia accused of complicity in Syria war crime. April 9 2017, 12:00pm, The Sunday Times
  64. Death by Chemicals. May 1, 2017. The Syrian Government’s Widespread and Systematic Use of Chemical Weapons. The photos and videos of the crater show two remnants from the chemical weapon used: a twisted thin metal fragment with green paint and a smaller circular metal object. Green coloring is widely used on factory-produced weapons to signify that they are chemical weapons. The KhAB-250, for example, one of two Soviet-produced bombs specifically designed to deploy sarin from a warplane, has two green bands. The circular object seen in photos of the crater appears similar to the cap covering the filling hole on the KhAB-250.

2015.09.23. UK regulator Ofcom backs BBC in Russian TV case. 21 September 2015. The BBC has won a case against Russian TV channel RT, which claimed the corporation faked a report on Syria.

2015.09.23. Anna Nemtsova. CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS. Russian Soldiers: Don’t Send Me to Syria. 09.23.151:00 AM ET. Putin’s next undeclared war in the Middle East has already pushed Russian civil society to defend contract soldiers who don’t even know where they were headed to fight. A group of Russian contract soldiers have refused to go on “an assignment,” as their army command referred to it in the papers they received about their secret deployment. The document did not have any return date. To their astonishment, the soldiers learned, nearly at the last minute, the country for their final destination was Syria. The scandalous case is now being investigated. The soldiers were threatened with severe punishment for their disobedience—a charge of state treason, their lawyer Ivan Pavlov told The Daily Beast, punishable by up to 20 years in prison in Russia.

2015.10.12. Philip M. Breedlove on Conflict Zone: Can NATO stop Russia? 11:27 PM - 12 Oct 2015. .. Russian intervention in Syria.// NATO and the Americans were taken by surprise when Russia launched a military intervention in Syria on September 30, 2015. Since the civil war started in 2011, 250,000 people have been killed and more than half of Syria's population were displaced. "The impression seems to be that the Russians are calling - literally calling - the shots at the moment," said Tim Sebastian during the interview. "They tell Washington and they tell the Coalition that they are just putting in a few men and supplies into Syria. Next thing you know they are engaged in the largest military intervention in the Middle East in decades." ..

2015.10.15. But what language is the manual in? Syrian rebels eagerly unpack their brand new surface-to-air missiles... from China . JOHN HALL FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 14:52 GMT, 14 October 2014 | UPDATED: 06:49 GMT, 15 October 2014

2015.11.05. Isabelle Lasserre. Syrie: les limites de l'intervention russe apparaissent. Mis à jour le 05/11/2015 à 20:22.

2015.11.14. Trevor Timm. Republican presidential candidates would jump straight into war with Russia. Saturday 14 November 2015 11.45 GMT. Republicans are now openly campaigning on the fact that they want to shoot down Russian planes over Syria, and seem to be trying to out tough-guy each other for who would be willing to start World War III the quickest. // At least that’s what it sounds like from their comments in the past week, where most of them have stepped up their advocacy of a no-fly zone (and ground troops) in Syria while bragging that they have no problem shooting down Russian fighter jets to enforce it.

2015.11.19. Why Russia Sent Long-Range Bombers to Crush ISIL in Syria. 09:25 19.11.2015(updated 11:43. November 17, 2015, will go down in history of the Russian Armed Forces as the day when Moscow sent its strategic bombers into combat for the first time in the 21st century.

2015.11.20. Ryan Faith. Russian Heavy Bombers Are Hammering Syria — and It's Practice for Bigger Fights. November 20, 2015 | 4:30 am.

2015.11.27. Colbert I. King. Is Syria the beginning of the end of Putinism? November 27.

2015.11.29. Deadly 'Russian air raid' hits market in Syria's Idlib. At least 44 people killed and scores wounded in air attack on popular marketplace in town of Ariha, activists say. 29 Nov 2015 21:05 GMT.

2015.12.01. Tom Parfitt, Bel Trew Moscow. Russia builds new base for more jets in Syria. Last updated at 8:41AM, December 1 2015. .. A Turkish honour guard carrying the coffin of Oleg Peshkov, the Russian pilot..

2015.12.12. Syria: Russian airstrikes kill 41 in Aleppo, including 15 children. 12.12.2015

2015.12.15. Putins Kriegsverbrechen. Was jeder Politiker JETZT wissen sollte. 15.12.2015 - 23:32 Uhr. „Es ist nur schwer vorstellbar, dass sich die Bedingungen in Syrien – wie sie bereits waren – noch einmal hätten verschlechtern können. Aber sie haben sich verschlechtert.“ – Rae McGrath, Regionalleiter für die Türkei und Nord-Syrien bei der Hilfsorganisation Mercy Corps Viele westliche Politiker sprechen noch immer von einer Allianz gegen den Terror, einem gemeinsamen Kampf gegen ISIS. Dabei verschließen sie die Augen vor den Tatsachen, in der Hoffnung, mithilfe Russlands die Dschihadisten zu besiegen. Doch nicht nur, dass Moskau Syriens Diktator Baschar al-Assad (50) unterstützt und ihm bei seinen Verbrechen den Rücken stärkt, auch die russische Armee selbst ist an Bombardierungen gegen die syrische Zivilbevölkerung beteiligt.

2015.12.18. THOMAS GROVE. Up to Nine Russian Contractors Die in Syria, Experts Say. Incident shows how the country is using private groups to avoid deploying uniform troops, they say. Dec. 18, 2015 2:42 p.m. ET. MOSCOW—As many as nine Russian contractors died in October when a mortar round hit their base in western Syria, according to several people familiar with the matter.

2015.12.26. Michael Weiss. What It’s Like to Have Russian Jets Bomb the Crap Out of Your Town. 12.26.1512:13 AM ET Putin’s military says its only going after terrorists in Syria. But the view from Aleppo City is very different. Residents are wondering why their marketplaces are being bombed.

2015.02.05. Ross Levitt, CNN. Kerry: Russian bombs killing women and children 'in large numbers'. February 5, 2016.

2016.02.08. Christoph Sydow. Krieg in Syrien: Putin bombt Aleppo zum zweiten Grosny. Montag, 08.02.2016 – 17:28 Uhr.

2016.02.12. John Irish, Sandra Maler. Britain says Syria deal will only work if Russia stops bombing. Fri Feb 12, 2016 12:20am EST. A cessation of hostilities in Syria can only succeed if Russia stops air strikes supporting Syrian government forces' advance against the opposition, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said on Friday. .. "Russia, in particular, claims to be attacking terrorist groups and yet consistently bombs non-extremist groups including civilians. If this agreement is to work, this bombing will have to stop: no cessation of hostilities will last if moderate opposition groups continue to be targeted."

2016.02.22. Joint Statement of the United States and the Russian Federation, as Co-Chairs of the ISSG, on Cessation of Hostilities in Syria. February 22, 2016. The United States of America and the Russian Federation, as co-chairs of the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) and seeking to achieve a peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis with full respect for the fundamental role of the United Nations, are fully determined to provide their strongest support to end the Syrian conflict and establish conditions for a successful Syrian-led political transition process, facilitated by the UN, in order to fully implement the Munich Statement of the ISSG on February 11th, 2016, UN Security Council Resolution 2254, the 2015 Vienna Statements and the 2012 Geneva Communiqué. ..

2016.02.25. ANNE BARNARD. As Bombs Hit Syrian Hospitals, Medical Workers Fear They Are the Target. FEB. 25, 2016. .. Dr. Saoud described the attack on his hospital on Feb. 15 as a double-tap strike, meaning that the same location was targeted a short time after the first set of explosions, apparently to target rescue workers. ..

2016.03.01. Russian warplanes target Syria's Idlib; six killed. Russian airstrikes in Syria's Aleppo province killed 390 people -- including 103 children -- last month alone, Aleppo-based NGO asserts. 01.03.2016.

2016.03.18. Alec Luhn in Moscow. Putin’s honouring of Syria veterans suggests wider involvement. Tank and artillery commanders decorated in Moscow despite Kremlin previously insisting only air force took part in fighting. Russian president Vladimir Putin presents an award to Snr Lt Yelena Veselova at a ceremony in Moscow on Thursday. Photograph: EPA. Friday 18 March 2016 13.43 GMT. Vladimir Putin has awarded medals to tank and artillery commanders at a ceremony for soldiers who fought in Syria, apparently contradicting the Kremlin’s previous insistence that only its air force was in combat there.// At a ceremony to honour veterans of the Syria campaign in the Kremlin on Thursday, the Russian president awarded the order of St George in the fourth degree to Maj Gen Yury Yarovitsky, deputy commander of the 1st tank army of the western military district, Kommersant newspaper reported.

2016.08.010. John Sparks. Revealed: Russia's 'Secret Syria Mercenaries'. 07:58, UK, Wednesday 10 August 2016. Sky News speaks to men who claim they were trained and flown on Russian military planes to assist troops loyal to Bashar al Assad. .. Two of the group, Alexander and Dmitry, told Sky News they felt lucky to be alive. .. "It's 50-50," said Alexander (not his real name). "Most people who go there for the money end up dead. Those who fight for ideals, to fight against the Americans, American special-forces, some ideology - they have a better chance of survival." .. "Approximately 500 to 600 people have died there," claimed Dmitry. "No one will ever find out about them…. that's the scariest thing. No one will ever know." ..

2016.10.03. Human rights watch.UN: Demand End to Unlawful Aleppo Attacks. Russia, a Participant in the Abuse, Should Not Veto. October 3, 2016 3:07PM EDT.

2017.04.09. Tim Shipman, Toby Harnden, Boris Johnson. Russia accused of complicity in Syria war crime. April 9 2017, 12:00pm, The Sunday Times


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