Putin killed Litvinenko

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Dmitri Kovtun in the day he used the nuclear weapon against the UK, 2006.11.01. [2]
A.Lugovoi [3]

Putin killed Litvinenko (Путин убил Литвиненко) is commonly accepted version of death of Aleksandr Litvinenko. This concept implies that Vladimir Putin orders the assassination, Nikolai Prtushev organises it, and Dmitri Kovtun and Andrei Lugovoi perform it. [4][2][5][6][7].

Nuclear attack

The nuclear reactions in the unstable isotope of Po is used by the KGB agents to kill Litvinenko.

The terroristic act is performed at the territory of the UK, against the citizen of UK in a way, dangerous for other citizen, residents and guests of the UK.

For this reasons, the terroristic act is interpreted as nuclear attack of KGB against the United Kingdom. Several authors expect that nuclear attack on a nuclear country may have serious consequences not only for the terrorists directly involved in the murder, but also for other KGB agents around the world and even against state of Russia, as the main office of KGB ("FSB") is located at Lubyanka, at the territory of Russia, that is formally controlled by the Russian government.

Vladimir Putin is believed to be organiser of the nuclear attack against the UK and, personally, against Litvinenk. [8]

Scientific fact

The only one self–consistent explanation of death of Aleksandr Litvinenko is available; it is concept suggested by Sir Robert Owen [4].

In this sense, the concept by Sir Robert Owen can be considered as Scientific fact.


This concept agrees with more general concept about criminal, terroristic activity of the KGB agents; and also agrees with even more general concept about corruption in Russia of the beginning of century 21, namely, that this corruption got not only large scale, but become the typical, usual phenomenon in the life of Russian officials [9][10][11][12]

Bill Brouder indicates, that detailed investigation of the vase of murder of Litvinenko and other terroristic acts, organised by the corrupted Russian administration, is important for the safety of the UK. [13]

Not only Litvinenko


Murder of Aleksandr Litvinenko is not only the case of political repression from side of Vladimir Putin and KGB; a hundred of writers is believed to be killed just for their critical publications about Putin. some of them are described In TORI, see Katyn-2, MH17 and Putin killed Nemtsov.

The will of the UK administration to investigate case of the KGB and, personally, Vladimir Putin, believed to be murderer, is boosted by the Russian invasion into Ukraine, 2014-2016. That invasion, in brutal form, explicitly violates not only bilateral peaceful agreements between Russia and Ukrania of years 1998-1999, but also statements of the Budapest memorandum (1994), signed also by the USA an the UK. Administration of the UK are interested to show, that signature of the heads of their country has some practical sense and meaning. Detail investigation of murder of Litvinenko and jailing of the murders is expected to help to neutralise the most dangerous corruption and de-occupy Crimea and Donbass. The strong actions from the USA and the UK about the case are expected to recover the reputations of these two countries.


LubiankaS.jpg AvangardSarovMap.jpg PutinSerialMurderer.jpg RuTerrorismo.jpg PutinIstEinTerroristt.jpg Bloodymir99871.jpg TribunalPutinMissile.jpg Gaaga3tribu.jpg A800AA 1.jpg [[Protest 2016.12.04 [14] PoloniumTea.jpg


2016.01.26, David Cameron suggests that fresh sanctions could be imposed on Russia, after an inquiry concluded Alexander Litvinenko was "deliberately poisoned" in an operation "probably" approved by Vladimir Putin. [15]


Publications about terroristic activity of the KGB agents are collected in TORI with scientific goals.

Evidences, suggested in the cited literature, should not be considered as justification of a terroristic act against Vladimir Putin, Nikolai Patrushev, Andrei Kugovoi, Dmitrii Kovtun, nor that against their relatives.


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