Elimination of Putin

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Peskov shows evidences, that Putin is alive and very strong
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Elimination of Putin ( Ликвидация Путина ) is name of phenomenon, observed in Russia in 2015 March (roughly, since 2015.03.07 to 2015.03.16), soon after the murder of Boris Nemtsov (see Putin killed Nemtsov) 2015.01.27, that consist of absence of publications about Putin during a week, since, roughly, 2015.03.06. The exact data of the beginning of the absence of Putin in news is difficult to establish, because the movies with Putin, recorded earlier, may be used as "fresh evidence" of the statements by Dmitrii Peskov that everything is OK with Putin.

The phenomenon is interesting, because Putin permanently participates in the PR projects. Since the beginning of century 21, usually, even if some day there are no reasons to show Putin as ruler of the country, the movies appear, showng Putin as a great teacher. Putin teaches the firefighters to drop water on the burning forrest; he teaches the archeologists to find prehistoric amphoras (see Amphora fraud), he teaches the fishermen to get a big fish, he teaches the hunters to catch tigers and bears, and he even teaches the birds to fly.

Since 2015.03.06, no new evidences of existing of Vladimir Putin appear. Some Russian publications with indirect evidences of his non–existing are collected in the Russian version of this article, Ликвидация Путина.

The enormous abount of publications about Fuhrer is normal for any fascistic country; and the Putin's Russia is not exception. The drop of piublications about the dictator in 2015 March looks to be statistically significant. It has scientific interest from the point of view of interpretation of the future events and even for their prediction.


In general, the scientific prediction of revolutions seems to be impossible many authors indicate, that the civil and political situation in Russia in 2015 is unstable. On the other hand, several authors expect the Putin's epoch to end namely in 2015. Phenomenon of elimination of Putin agrees with such predictions and can be considered as a scientific concept. However, the details of the concept, at least for March 13, yet are difficult to reveal. The basic hypotheses are the following:

Putin is tired and is relaxing at some of his palaces in wilderness far from cities.

Putin is ill and undergoes the medical treatment.

Putin realises, that during the year since Russia broke the Budapest memorandum with the Russian invasion into Ukraine, the battle can be moved to the territory of the aggressor, and, in particular ANY kind of weapon can be used against the Lubyanka (the main KGB office), against his palaces and against his cortege. Dduring a year, Ukraine could partially recover their facilities and/or sell the nuclear technologies to other interested countries or groups of highly motivated people. The traffic is stopped along the trace of Putin's cortege, the way remains empty from usual cars during hours. This makes the cortege easy to be detected by a light automatic motor glider (that is practically transparent, un–visible for the conventional anti–rocket defence systems) that can deliver the explosive of energy of order of \(10^{12}\) Joule converting into plasma all the cars of the cortege (and nearby buildings). Therefore, since now, Putin will rule the country, staying in his anti–nuclear bunker.

Putin have escaped to another county (for example, the North Korea), that hide him in exchange of the material goods, that are believed to be collected by Putin in amount of order of \(10^{12}\) USA dollars.

Since Putin killed Nemtsov 2015.02.27, it becomes obvious, that anybody in Russia can be killed and the sabotage of the criminal investigation by the Putin's request has no limits. Therefore, as self-defence, all the Putin's administration and "friends" are interested to eliminate Putin. So, he is just killed, as Stalin, Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko and many other dictators of various countries and epochs were killed by their "friends".

The last hypothesis explains the statements by the Putin's administration ("Putin is ok"); the death of Stalin and Brezhnev also kept in a secret during several days; the soviet veterans used that time to redistribute the belongings of the leader and to eliminate the evidences of their crimes; in order to blame all the terror to the already dead dictator. [2][3].

The future observation may give some hints to confirm (or to reject) some of hypotheses above.


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