Ella Pamfilova

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E.Pamfilova [1]

Ella Pamfilova (Памфилова Элла Александровна 1953.09.28) is Russian administrator, soviet veteran, ex–communist, believed to be top organised of the election fraud at the 2016.09.18.Election. [1]



Immitation of the election to the Russian Duma 2016.09.18 is believed to be organised by Pamfilova. She claims that election to be a honest and legal procedure.

Pamfilova ignores the bunch of evidences of the injection of the fake ballots by the members of the election committee.

Also, Pamfilova ignores the statistical irregularities in the official data, that have no explanation in the hypothesis of the honest counting of ballots.

The statistically–significant peak at the distribution of percentage of ballots for edro in the Saratof region allows to estimate number of electors who voted for edro; they count less than one percent. This leads to the estimate of the total number of supported of Edro in Russia, it is of order of 500 000. This amount is orders of magnitude smaller, than official estimates suggested by Pamfilova and her colleagues.


Publications about Pamfilova shot good agreement with general concept of the total corruption of the Russian administration in century 21.

The traditional Election fraud in Russia, continued by Pamfilova, is believed to be one of important phenomena, that predetermines the total corruption and Russia and the aggressive Russian politics. Some links about the results of the election fraud and the resulting corruption in Russia are collected in article Putin world war.


Publications about Pamfilova are collected and analysed in TORI with scientific purposes.

Evidence presented in the cited literature, should not be considered as justification of personal targeting not any terroristic act against Pamfilova nor against her family.


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