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picket of memory about holodomor, Warshaw, 2016.11.29 [1]

Holodomor (Голодомор, 1930-1940) is event of genocide by the Soviet fascism against the Ukarinian people.

Bolshevicks use to plunder all the food from the Ukrainian farmers, including the seeds, provoking the cannibalism. Several millions Ukrainian dies of starvation during the holodomor.

Holodomor seems to be important contribution to the total death toll due to bolshevism, that is estimated to be of order of \(10^8\) duding the USSR time. Some confirmations of this estimate are collected in the article Большевики убили почти всех (In Russian)

Historical event of holodomor becomes important again in century 21 due to the Putin world war (2008–2016), Russian invasion into Ukraine (2014-2016) and Annexation of Crimea (2014-2016).


  1. http://agonia-ru.com/archives/1651 Нафис Кашапов. Пикет напротив здания Фридэрика Шопена в Варшаве в память погибшим от голода. 29.11.2016.

https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2016/11/11/statement-press-secretary-holodomor Statement by the Press Secretary on the Holodomor. November 11, 2016. // This month, the United States joins in solidarity with Ukrainian people around the world in remembrance of the victims of the Holodomor, one of the most horrific man-made tragedies in modern history. Eighty-three years ago, more than three million people in Ukraine died as the result of the merciless policies of Joseph Stalin. Through the deliberate seizure of Ukrainian land and crops, the Soviet Union caused widespread starvation. Under siege and without access to food, Ukraine – once Europe’s breadbasket – turned into a land of immeasurable human suffering.// As Ukrainians have proven to the world time and again, the human spirit is indomitable. Even during the darkest times, the Ukrainian people have continued with dignity the struggle for peace, freedom, and democracy. Today, faced with new threats to these values, Americans stand together with Ukrainians as they bravely defend their territory and democracy. The Ukrainian-American community and friends of the Ukrainian people have worked hard to ensure that the memory of those who suffered during the Holodomor live on as we collectively seek to build a better, freer, and more just world.


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Агрессор и оккупант, Большевики убили почти всех