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"For the quilt of one person, all the group sill be punished!", Russia, 2006.06.26, announcement at the children camp by [1]
And now, slowly put your idiotic bill down to the ground [2]

In general, Hostage (Заложничество) is principle of organisation, action, characterized in the following: one cannot identify or catch persons who are believed to be guilty, and, therefore, punish the innocent people. This principle implies either certain moral responsibility of the guilty person, or certain actions from the innocent people with respect to the guilty person.

Hostage means also person or entity which is held by one of two belligerent parties to the other or seized as security for the carrying out of an agreement, or as a preventive measure against certain acts of war. However, in contemporary usage, it means someone who is seized by a criminal abductor in order to compel another party such as a relative, employer, law enforcement, or government to act, or refrain from acting, in a particular way, often under threat of serious physical harm to the hostage(s) after expiration of an ultimatum. [3].

A person who seizes one or more hostages is known as a hostage-taker; if the hostages are present voluntarily, then the receiver is known as a host.

hostage-taking is qualified as act of terror, as it implied punishment of one person for actions of another person.

There are many publications about the AntiMagnitsky law, (Herod law, 2012) that prohibits adoption of Russian orphans to American families, as way to press the American administration for the Magnitsky bill. Similar use of Russian orphans to press the European administration is reported in year 2013 [4][5].

Russian invasion into Ukraine

Terror appears as the main tactics of the pro–Russian occupants during the Russian invasion into Ukraine. In particular, the occupants use to take hostages. The terroristic activity of the pro–russian militaries caused sanctions.

The pro-Russian terrorists at Ukraine who take a lot of hostages in the spring of 2014. [6][7][8][9].

The taking of hostages by the pro-Russian terrorists and support of the terrorists by the Russian administration are among reasons to Designate Russia as state sponsor of terrorism [10].

North Korea

Russia is not only country, that uses hostages as political instrument. Similar phenomena are reported about the North Korea. [11].

News about taking hostage in the North Corea show good agreement with general concept about fastistic, terroristic activity of Kim Chen Un and all the dynasty of the North-Korean genseks.




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2014.05.02. Paul Lewis. Obama and Merkel warn Russia of economic sanctions over Ukraine. Friday 2 May 2014 19.37 BST. Both leaders called for the immediate release of seven hostages who were working as monitors by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe when they were captured by pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine.

2014.05.05. Twenty-four people remain hostages in Donetsk Oblast. May 5, 2014, 8:05 p.m. .. Despite the Russian-backed separatists’ May 2 release of 12 hostages, including seven foreigners from an OSCE military monitoring mission, 24 people are still being held hostage in Donestsk Oblast by the militants. ..

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2014.05.30. Сепаратисти в Донецьку утримують десятки заручників – екс-депутат райради. 30 травня 2014, Київ 16:10. Сепаратисти у Донецьку утримують заручників у підвалі захопленої Донецької облдержадміністрації. Про це Радіо Свобода розповів колишній депутат Ленінської райради Донецька Дмитро Верзілов. .. За словами Верзілова, частину заручників утримують в ОДА для того, щоб потім отримати за них викуп.


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