Klava and Nura

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Topik, Klava, Nura and Vaska

Klava and Nura is English translation of the short Russian piece Клава и Нюра from the book Iznutri.

Klava and Nura

Klava sits and smokes. Bell sounds.
Klava puts the cigarette to the ashtray, goes into the hall and opens the door.
Nura (enters): Hi, Klava, may I?
Klava: Nyurochka, hello, how good of you to come, I miss you! (Returns an takes the cigarette)
Nura: Hello, dear! (Climbs kissing)
Klava: (Sucks the cigarette) already out..
Nura: Do you have a cigarette for me?.. (both sit down and smoke) Do you know, Vaska was yesterday with me!..
Klava: Topik left because of the smoke..
Nura: Some men also dislike smoke. Vaska ...
Klava: Animals immediately feel ...
Nura: I was sad that this time ...
Klava: Do you remember, I thought he was sick ...
Nura: And before, Vaska was so nice ...
Klava: Topik just hiding from the smoke ...
Nura: He probably just walking somewhere.
Klava: Here's an ashtray. (Pushes the ache plate.)
Nura: Vaska carouse somewhere, and then comes to me.
Klava: Do not drop ache to the floor.
Nura: And this time, he began to tell about his chicks, and I immediately got sick. I was cold.
Klava: Topik and I now only twice a day go out..
Nura: But he liked me anyway.
Klava: He bears everything - we not a walk in the afternoon, and also the smoke..
Nura: Still, he loves me.
Klava: Almost like a man.
Nura: Although, of course, what's the point when no pleasure?
Klava: Do you want some tea?
Nura: Wait, I finish. And today he called ...
Klava: Do you remember, Topik's hair were so ugly...
Nura: And I asked him, "Do you really want to see me?"
Klava: And now, you may see, how smooth is he...
Nura: He paused, and turned out that we are tired of each other ...
Klava: Pleasure to see ...
Nura: Yes, sometimes I can only look at it - and enjoy it.
Klava (stands up, takes the teapot and goes to the kitchen behind the scenes): Ye, my dear doggy, ran away from the smoke, poor ...
Nura (gets up and walks after Klava): So I do not know if now I call him..
Klava (from the kitchen): Should I also cook some potatoes for tea?



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