Never again

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Never again is slogan of protest against the corruptioners, that cause degradation of Russia "back in the USSR" (or even into an earlier and even more barbarian pre-historic formation).

The same slogan is used also in other countries, including protests against sabotage of the dosimetric groups at the nuclear accidents and disasters.

Tsunami warning stones

'Never again! So that future generation will never again endure such sadness nor agony'. [1]

The attempts not to repeat the historical errors are observed in various areas of the human life. In particular, this refers to the Tsunami warning stones in Japan.

Since the tsunami 2011.03.11 and the Fukushima disaster, many new Tsunami warning stones are built-up in Japan. Some of them carry the idea about never again, written in various languages. [1]


In utopia Tartaria, the people, survived the Bigpuf try to avoid its repetition. So, they afraid of usurpation of superior power and international conflicts (see If tomorrow corrupt.)

The failure of the coordinator (governor) to fulfill his or her pre-electiobal promises is qualified as a fraud. The alteration of the results of election is qualified as heaviest crime against the State and against the people. Attempts to violate laws, to bypass the laws with pretexts of economical interests or "historical prudence", or on the base of exclusive respect of some "true" religion – are qualified as intents to repeat the Bigpuf. These attempts are rare, and they cause mass protests. Tartarians of different age, income, sexual orientations, religions and customs forget for a while their debates and unite with the common slogan "Never again!"




  1. 1.0 1.1 Site Name: Onagawa Stone Memorial of Life tsunami warning tablets Alternative Name: 女川いのちの石碑 Onagawa Inochi-no Sekihi Country: Japan Region: Honshū Type: Modern Stone Circle / Monolith Nearest Town: Onagawa-chō (Miyagi pref.) Nearest Village: Onagawahama 女川浜 Latitude: 38.448270N Longitude: 141.445340E Condition: 5 Ambience: 4 Access: 5 Accuracy: 5 .. 'Never again! So that future generation will never again endure such sadness nor agony'. (tens different meanings are suggested)


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