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No Russian occupanta allowed in this restaurant! (2014.03.31, Ayamonte, Spain) [1]

Occupant (Оккупант) is soldier, who performs the act of aggression, invading another country.

Occupant is participant of the troops that perform occupation of another country.

If the occupied country provides serious resistance, then, often the occupants return their homes in coffins. [3].



Sometimes, the administration that sends occupants to invade the neighbour country, deny this action and do not recognise occupants as their soldiers that perform the invasion [4]. In this case, the occupant is denoted with term ihtamnet; it is transliteration of Russian word ихтамнет created with junction of fords "их там нет", that means, "they are not there".


Occupation, aggression, performed with non–identified military troops is denoted with term hybrid war and qualified as kind of terror. Then, propaganda, justification and glorification of such a war appears as form of terrorism. Occupant, who acts without to identify himself as a soldier of certain country, is qualified also as terrorist.

Some terroristic organisations do not recognise themselves as terroristic bands; they claim to be "Private armies". The widely known example is so-called Wagner grоup (Банда Вагнера).

Friendship and plundering

Often, the occupants try to show friendship to the occupied population. Then, they promote, support the plundering of property of the people at the occupied territory.

In the case of the Russian annexation of Crimea (2015-2017), first, the occupants did not shout the crimean people. Then, the occupational administration declare as "illegal" all the document of properties, issued by the Ukrainian administration. Practically, this means the plundering of all the property of Crimean people.

In century 20, the analogous Soviet invasion to European country is characterised with more severe behaviour of the occupants: deportation and even harder forms of genocide.

The plundering of property is believed to be the main goal of occupation; the general of the aggressive army has opportunity to distribute the plundered property among his friends, getting from them some other benefits in the exchange.

Chain reaction

"Нам мало Крыма" (We are not satisfied with Crimea), 2015.11.08

Unpunished occupation provokes new aggressions and occupations. Violation of international agreements by a single occupation causes the chain reaction of new aggressions.

The insufficient reaction of civilised countries on the Russian invasion into Georgia (2008-2017) is believed to provoke the Russian invasion into Ukraine, annexation of Crimea (201-2017) and attempts to occupy new and new territories (Russian invasion into Syria, 2015-2017). Some publications about this are collected in articles Putin world war and Designate Russia as state sponsor of terrorism.


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