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Pahanat (Паханат, Вертикаль власти) is political and economical system, characterized in that, that, in order to perform the money laundering, all officials are corrupted, and usurper, fuhrer personally are decision on all questions, important for the country. The parliament, ministers, courts perform decorative functions, making impression, that the decision is made on the base of collegial discussion and legal consideration.

Pahanat, in order to be stable, implies the total corruption of administration at all levels, usurpation of the superior power with election fraud, and violation of constitution, determined of personal of courts by decision of usurper, and other elements of tyranny.




2008.02.12. С Зюганова взыщут 450 тыс руб. в пользу Тулеева за "паханат" РИА "Новости"12 февраля 2008 12:12

2018.12.25. Moscow religious pahanat threatens court: I don’t want peremobowei Posted on 25.12.2018 by shaoran2010


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