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Pahanat (Паханат) is any state, characterised in that, that the personal decision of fuhrer (пахан) substitutes all branches of administration: legislative, executive, courts and most of media of mass information (propaganda).



Hahanat is handled by fuhrer, who uses terror to eliminate his political critics and opponents.

Some examples are considered in articles Katyn-2, Putin killed Litvinenko, Putin killed Nemtsov

Outlaw state

In century 21, the typical pahanat is state handled by Vladimir Putin (Путин Владимир Владимирович). His form of government is believed to be completely corrupted. [1].


Pahanat is self-sustaining state of society.

Pahan nominates the heads of the election committees, which provide the election fraud in favour of pahan.

Pahan nominates the judges, who consider complains about the election fraud, and make decision in favour of frauders.

Hahan nominates the executives, who suppress protests against such a fraud.

In addition, pahan handles, governs the media of mass propaganda, making difficult for the citizen to understand the heaviness of his crimes.

Pahanat organises the Kryshevanie (крышевание) of all kinds of corruption, and corruption becomes the form of activity of the pahan-controlled administration. Any local mafia can be considered as small, scaled model of pahanat.


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  1. Vladimir Putin’s Outlaw State By THE EDITORIAL BOARDSEPT. 29, 2016


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