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Ruvim Pechor (Ruvim Pechor) is protagonist of utopia Tartaria.

Ruvim and his wife (Nata Kiskin) and their daughter (Vitalina Pechor) flee from Russia at the end of century 21, at very beginning of the Bigpuf.


During tens years, Ruvin in the USA for the Springfield Institute for Applied Genetics as a technician. His speciality is quantum genetics. He constructs the sequences of DNA from cold atoms and molecules, using non-classical intermediate states; this methods happens to be more efficient that the congenital methods of combining of the nucleotides "one by one". Ruvim has several publications about quantum engineering. Some his methods cause discussions, but then accepted. Many genetically-modified plants made using methods by Ruvim. These plants find application in the drive industry. This bring huge grants to laboratory of Ruvim. Ruvim thinks that the practical importance of his results Is overestimated. In order to convince colleagues, Ruvim calculates the statistical significance of the positive effects of preparats extracted from the new plans and submits them to the International Journal of Biological Research.

Boss of Ruvim asks Ruvim to withdraw his submission, as the publication affects his business (drug industry).

Ruvim does not withdraw the manuscript, and it is published. Rivim's boss gets furious and fires Ruvim with several formal pretexts.

Ruvim cannot provide sufficient support ro Nata and Vitalina. Nata divorse from Ruvim, with hope to find more serious partner. Vitalina thinks, that the parents should maintain her forever and upsets, breaking relations with both, Ruvim and Nata.

Ruvim cannot find any new position due to his scandalous reputation. The colleagues respect his achievements, but no one wants to employ him: "R.Pechor? No, no! He is impossible to handle!"

Ruvim applies to various institutes, but without success.

While Ruvim, Nata and Vitalina stay at the USA, the Bigpuf finishes with creation of new country barbarian country Tartaria, that is qualified as "fourth word".


Suddenly, Ruvim gets invitation from Lesli Landov to work at the University of Galia at Tartaria. Ruvim did not apply dot the position at that University, but he has no other choice and he accepts the invitation.

During several month, Pechor works at Galia, boosting the research and teaching there. Then, Nata Kiskin comes to him, but she spends all her money for the ticket, and the border officer Derzhimordov does not let her in, until Ruvim signs the document, that he is responsible for Nata Kiskin while she is at Tartaria.

Nata does not realize the scale of Tartarian moneys ("fun") and gets enormous credit at the Murka bank with cabal conditions. Then she commits two more crimes, that are qualified as pedophobia.

Nata denotes Gella Ivanov with term "малолетняя пиздорванка". Then, Nata uses term "блядь черножопая" with respect to Barbara Smit. Both cases appear in combination with attempts of the physical abuse. The case of Nata is considered by the National Court of Galia with top Judge Li Sitsin. Word "малолетняя" (underage) in combination with aggression is qualified as pedophobia. Word "черножопая" (black ass) in combination with aggression is qualified as nazism. The Court of Galia sentences Nata to the slavery (she becomes property of the Murka bank), and Ruvim Pechor to "isolation", he becomes zek for 2 years.

Ruvim and Nata are sent to fair called Murka for the slave market.


Rivim and Nata are a little bit thick, and nobody wants to bye them. Nata tries to find herself as sexworker but she cannot compete with yang slim asian girls.

For symbolic price, Nata and Ruvim are transferred to the Murka Rail Road company, to work at dosimetry and decontamination. Their goal is to measure distribution of unstable isotopes in the snow.

The job is dangerous; several zeks from their brigade gets heavy dose and die.

Ruvim works in couple with Yang woman Yuma Hahalev, and their job is qualified as excellent.

Mozdok Tsuker finds that the signalization of bipers of slaves is switched-out, and makes scandal, as this contradicts the agreement between his company Norga Warm and Murka Rail Road. As Contribution, Mozdok gets three zeks: Ruvim Pechor, Yuma Hahalev and Nata Kiskin for slave work at his company in warm Norga


At Norga, Mozdok uses Ruvim as scientist.

The goal is to use the contaminated soul and the nuclear waste, spread over Tartaria since the Bigpuf, to make so-called century heater.

In order to show the importance of the project, the test sample is declared to produce 1 kw of power during a century with relative variation of this power no more than 10%. At the appearance of Ruvim, the goal seems to be impossible: no one of available isotopes can provide such a power and stability.

Coordinator (administrator, pagan) of Norga, Tolian Horoshilina thinks, that the project of century heater is fraud, money laundering.

Ruvim Pechor saves the project; he suggests compound of 2 kg of Pu-241 and 8 kg of Am-241 that, according to his estimates, provides the power and the stability required.

Pesia Zivertov is also slave, she is top chemist of the Norga Warm. She orders the top engineer Femistoklus Zalupaev to build-up the big device samorat, using the equipment for production of samogon as idea and prototype.

With samorats, Pesia Zivertov extracts the required isotopes in amount, sufficient to fill two c-heaters. As a by–product, she extracts aldso other isotopes of Plutonium, including Pu-239.

Rumor about extortion of isotopes of plutonium cause international scandal, as the Pu-239 is qualified as "weapon-grade". In order to calm–down the International community, Tolian Horoshilina orders his secretary to organize the international congress about separation of isotopes at Norga Warm.

Ruvim presents his results, but, again, say some things about limitations of the devices, causing discontent of Mozdok.

In order to disprove statements by Ruvim, Mozdok sends him to remote farm Komi to test the first two experimental c-heaters. In addition, Mozdok orders Ruvin to give interview to newspaper The Clever Times. This newspaper has certain reputation, that is supposed to discredit Ruvims statements.


The basic home and greenhouse are mounted in Komi for Ruvim and the two c-heaters. The experiment should show the trend of heat generation and extrapolate it, in order to check (to confirm or to reject) the claim, that such a heater can work during a century without maintenance.

The c–heaters provide the heat declared, but this heat is not sufficient to warm the home during the cold winter. Ruvim has to collect wood for the chimney, he mount the air generator.

Often, the journalists from the Clever times visit him to make the popular reportages about development of science.



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Ruvim, two samorats and primitive home with greenhouse