Soviet - Finland war

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Soviet - Finland war, 1939 - 1945, is considered as result of aggression from side of the USSR.

In the Soviet concept of history, the Soviet - Finland war is a glorious achievement of the Red army, and the Soviet-finnish war is interpreted as two independent eevents, 1939–1940 (winter war) and the 1941–1945, second part of the World War 2. While no evidence for interpretation of the two stages as independent events is presented, they are treated just as part of the World war 2, 1939–1945.

Soviet concept of history

There are at least 3 Soviet interpretations of the first part, id est, of the Winter war.

1. The Red army tried to help the proletariat of FInland to fight agains the imperialism. Some links are collected at the bottom of the Russian song Суоми красавица.

2. The Red army replied the aggression from side of the Finnish troops. (According to this concept, the imperialists expected, that the Suomi army crashes the Red army, run it from Leningrad and Moscow to Ural and Vladivostok and sink the rest of the Soviet troops in the Bering channel near Alaska, but the wise commandment of the Red army and heroism of the soviet soldiers broke this plan)

3. The Red army needer to provide the safety of Leningrad to prevent its blockade for the case of Sovet–German war.

The 3 interpretations above were used in various combinations in the soviet propaganda. The doubts and discussions of the internal contradictions of this propaganda were qualified as antisovetism and punished.


Due to the apparent inconsistency of the soviet concept of history, the alternative versions should be considered.

One of the alternative concepts implies that Joseph Stalin used to afraid of the riot of the Red army, and tried to kill so many soviet soldiers as possible. In order to do this, Stalin organized the World War 2. After the destruction of the significant part of the Red Army in 1939–1940 in Suomi, even Germany could fight the USSR.

Another interpretation implies that Stalin wanted to get the superior power over Eurasia, and the Soviet - Finland war was just part of his attempt to form the European socialistic camp.

In order to set priorities to the two concepts above, the links are collected in this article.


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