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Joseph Stalin (Stalin Iosif Vissarionovich, Stalin, Сталин Иосиф Виссарионович, 1878.12.06, Gori, - 1953.03.05, Volynskoe, near Moscow) is Soviet dictator of years 1923-1953, friend of Adolf Hitler until July 1941; then enemy.

God of Sovetism


Stalin appear as God in Sovietism (Sovetism), although some Soviet veterans criticize him.

Stalinist2016.jpg StalinSolokniki5 tn.jpg

Trotsky and Lenin

Lenin trotski.jpg L.Trotsky, V.Lenin, 1917 [1]

Lenin and stalin.jpg Lenin and Stalin [2]

ThePeoplesCube23.jpg Stalin kills Trotsky [3]

Stalin folows idea by Trotski Leon Davidovich and Lenin Vladimir Iliich.

In Sovetism, Lenin is declared to be "good", as top teacher of Stalin. In Sovetism, Trotski is declared as "bad", enemy. However, the way of elimination of both them looks similar, just murdering, acesination. In the case of Lenin, the isolation and slow chemical intoxication seem to be used, see HemulationR. Trotsky was far (Mexico); so, the killer (Merckador) had been sent [4].

However, Stalin accepts the most radical, bloody methods of handling the country: his management is based on slavery, terror, propaganda (misinformation) and censorship. These methods had been elaborated ans suggested by Trotski and Lenin.

Stalin is believed to be geniuos of evel. He took the Lenin's philosophy You cannot make revolution in white gloves (Après moi le deluge) as idea of murdering of all, including both, friends and enemies.

For the people of republics of the USSR, the Stalin's politics appears as genocide, that aims extermination of population of the USSR.

The number of victims of Stalin and his crime partners is estimated to be of order of 10^8, see Большевики убили почти всех.

The estimates show that under ruling of Stalin, significant part (and best part) of population of the USSR had beed destroyed, murdered, killed; of order of 10^8 people.

In particular, the European court states the guilt of Stalin and his Politburo for the murder of officers of the Polish army in the spring of 1940 (Katyn-1). [5].

It is indicated that the barbarian attitude of the administration to citizen established during Stalin, remains in Russia of century 21. [6].

Stalin tries to eliminate his accomplices as dangerous eye-witnesses of his crimes; the special death-factory Kommunarka (Коммунарка) is organized in Moscow for murdering of the top-rank Soviet officials and hiding bodies of the victims.

After World War II and wave of riots at the concentration camps of Gulag, the destructive goals of Stalin become evident even for his closest partners: Stalin used to kill them one by one. This can be considered as reason for murdering of Stalin in 1953.

Holodomor and Cannibalism

Organizers of genocide of Ukrainians in 1932-1933:

Stalin and his partners promote cannibalism among population of the USSR, they leave the people without food, forcing them to eat human meat.


Mass terror

Some of mass murders performed under Stalin supervision are documented; some documents leak out of the total secrecy. Few examples of these documents are collected below.

1937.07.03killFarmers.jpg 1937.07.08.191011 900.jpg 1937.07.09.ConcentrationCamp.jpg 1937.07.09.Sharangovich.jpg 1937.07.11.murder.jpg 1937.07.11.terror191623 900.jpg 1937.09.23.murder.jpg 1937.10.21.Rodnin.jpg 1937.10.22.Ezhov.jpg 1937.11.19.murder.jpg 1937.12.01Mirzoyan.jpg 1938.04.26.murder.jpg

Usually, the sites, that offer such a documents, do not indicate the channel, used to leak the evidences of the mass terror, performed by the Soviet veterans. Nevertheless, would these documents be not authentic, the Soviet veterans from the Russian administration could publish the originals. Up to year 2020, this does not happen. Perhaps, the history of KPSS is even more bloody, than it follows from the documents above. These documents can be considered as the "working hypothesis", "0th approximation" at the reconstruction of historic events of century 20.

The doc

World War II

MolotovRibbentropStalin.jpg MolotovRibbentrop754773 900.jpg Davidlowrendezvous.png HitlerStalinHead.jpg 0 74802 ddc6dab9 XL.jpg Tumblr muglpk02da1rwjpnyo1 500.jpg HiStaBed.jpg WW3246587543.433.jpg Devils 3006863b.jpg 0 552e 97a38230 XL.jpg ZaRusskiNarod.jpg

Stalin's death


Joseph Stalin and Nikita Khrushchev, 1936.jpg 1936: Khruschev and Stalin

1956.02.25, Khruschev Nikita Sergeevich gives a special secret talk at the congress of the Communist party of the USSR. In this talk, he suggests to blame the crimes of bolshevism on Stalin, making impression, that Khruschev himself and other participants of the Congress are not criminals.

The so-called de-stalinisation is declared.

The English version of talk is loaded as 1956.02.25.Khruschev.

The Rissian original is loaded as О культе личности и его последствиях and О культе личности и его последствиях. Доклад XX съезду КПСС (Н.С. Хрущёв)

Actually, Khruschev puts himself on the palace of Stalin; at least tries to do it. Khruschev continues the Stalin's fascistic politics, both in relations with other countries (see Soviet invasion into Hungary) and in suppression of compatriots, see Novocherkassk murder.

Criminal partners

In certain sense, the most of population of the USSR, who survived Stalin, can be considered as criminal partners of Stalin. At least those, who were not prizoned in the concentration camps. In time of Stalin, in the USSR, for honest person, it is impossible to remain freedom.

Some of criminal partners of Stalin are widely known:

  1. Abakumov Viktor Semenovich (Абакумов Виктор Семёнович)
  2. Andropov Yuri Vladimirovich (Андропов Юрий Владимирович)
  3. Budenny Semem Mikhaikovich (Будённый Семён Михайлович)
  4. Blohin VIacheslav Mihailovich (Блохин Василий Михайлович)
  5. Beria Lavrenti Pavlovich (Берия Лаврентий Павлович)
  6. Brezhnev Leonid Iliich (Брежнев Леонид Ильич)
  7. Dzerjinski Feliks Edmundovich (Дзержинский Феликс Эдмундович)
  8. Ezhov Nikolai Ivanovich (Ежов Николай Иванович)
  9. Hitler Adolf (Гитлер Адольф Алоизиевич)
  10. Kaganovich Lazar Moiseyevich (Каганович Лазарь Моисеевич)
  11. Kalinin Mikhail Ivanovich (Калинин Михаил Иванович)
  12. Khruschev Nikita Sergeevich (Хрущёв Никита Сергеевич)
  13. Khvat Aleksandr Grigorievich (Хват Александр Григорьевич)
  14. Kirov Sergei Mironovich (Киров Сергей Миронович)
  15. Kuibyshev Valerian Vladimirovich (Куйбышев Валериан Владимирович)
  16. Kosior Stanisław Vikentyevich (Косиор Станислав Викентьевич
  17. Lenin Vladimir Iliich (Ленин Владимир Ильич)
  18. Molotov Viacheslav Mikhailovich (Молотов Вячеслав Михайлович)
  19. Ordzhonikidze Grigoriy Konstatninovich (Орджоникидзе Григорий Константинович)
  20. Ribbentrop Joachim (Риббентроп Иоахим Рихардович)
  21. Sverdlov Yakov Mihailovich (Свердлов Яков Михайлович)
  22. Tukhachevsky Mikhail Nikolayevich (Тухачевский Михаил Николаевич)
  23. Trotski Lev Davidovich (Bronstein Lev Davidovich, Троцкий Лев Давидович)
  24. Vyshinsky Andrey Yanuaryevich (Вышинский Андрей Януарьевич)
  25. Vlodzimirski Lev Emelianovich (Влодзимирский Лев Емельянович)
  26. Voroshilov Klement Efremovich (Ворошилов Климент Ефремович)
  27. Yagoda Genrikh Grigorievich (Ягода Генрих Григорьевич
  28. Zemliachka Rozalia Samoilovna (Землячка Розалия Самойловна)
  29. Zhdanov Andrei Alexandrovich (Жданов Андрей Александрович)
  30. Zhukov Georgy Konstantinovich (Жуков Георгий Константинович)

Stalin used to kill his criminal partners; then his partners killed him.

The specific property of the Soviet fascism is choice of victims: anyone can be "eliminated" by a Soviet veteran, even his closest friend and partner. In particular, Stalin murdered all other participants of the first Sovnarkom (Совнарком); many of them were killed at the secret prison Kommunarka (Коммунарка), specialized on elimination of competitors of Stalin, id est, functionaries of the top communistic nomenclature.


Юз Алешковский Товарищ Сталин Юз Алешковский Товарищ Сталин •Aug 28, 2011 Artiom Nazarov

Alexander Galich Разговор в вагоне ресторане Александр Галич Разговор в вагоне ресторане Alexander Galich. Oct 15, 2012 alexanderbogdanov/ Поёт замечательный русский певец, поэт, композитор и гражданин Александр Галич Разговор в вагоне-ресторане. Ночной разговор. редкое видео rare video video HD

Waltz of year 1939

Efforts of Stalin in organising of World War II is subject of song by Aleksandr Gorodnitski Вальс тридцать девятого года (in Russian) [8][9][10]


EsliZavtraVoina00.png 9a9ce----3.jpg

Stalin is mentioned in utopia Tartaria, in chapter Tartaria.Picnic, in the Russian version of song

Esli zavtra vojna,
esli kucha govna
V vide stalinskoj voli nagranet,
Ves sovetskij narod,
kak odin idiot,
Za krovavuyu Rodinu vstanet..

The modern (centuy 22), English version of that hymn If tomorrow corrupt is considered (by the Tartarians) as more attractive:

If tomorrow corrupt,
if the prudence disrupt,
If electional fraud commensed,
The Tartarian crowd
Send the files to the court
And the frauders will be sentenced..



Publications about Stalin are collected and analyzed qt TORI with Scientific goals.
Vengeance does not belong to the set of these goals.
In particular, the evidences, presented in the cited literature, should not be considered as reason for extrajudicial killings of relatives of Stalin and his crime-partners.

However, as the content of TORI is copylefted, the analysis can be used for any legal consideration of crimes of of the Soviet veterans (see Nuremberg-2, Hague).


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