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Witch does (divination)

X2F18 is Unicode character number 12056, KanjiRadical, JapanTo, Boku.

X2F18 may be pronounced as Boku ボク, うらなう, うらない and denote divining, fortune telling.
Words Eki (characters X6613 and/or XF9E0 ) and uranau (character X5360 ) can be considered as synonyms, they may have the same meaning.

X2F18 is easy to confuse with other characters from set JapanTo.


JapanTo is set of the following Unicode characters:
X2F18 [1], KanjiRadical
X30C8 [2], KatakanaTo
X535C [3], KanjiLiberal

Characters X2F18 , X30C8 , X535C look similar. Even a native Japanese speaker, watching , is unlikely to answer:
Which or them is X2F18?
Which or them is X30C8?
Which or them is X535C?

In such a case, the correct specification is "X2F18  or X30C8  or X535C "

Term JapanTo is defined to substitute this (long and complicated) construction.


The gallery below is an attempt to show meanings of character and its synonyms:

Ekidiv612.jpg Ruda12986779.jpg Istockphoto-1295273899-612x612.jpg Istockphoto-1270037028-612x612.jpg Istockphoto-1253515066-612x612.jpg Istockphoto-531160105-612x612.jpg


  1. 2F18 KANGXI RADICAL DIVINATION Han Script id: allowed confuse: , ..
  2. 30C8 KATAKANA LETTER TO Katakana Script id: restricted confuse: ,
  3. 535C CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-535C Han Script id: restricted confuse: ,


Boku, Confusion, Fraud, Japanese, JapanTo, Kanji, KanjiConfudal, KanjiLiberal, KanjiRadical, KatakanaTo, Religion, Unicode, X2F18 , X30C8 , X535C , X7406 理,