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FF91 &#FF91; is Unicode character, JapanMu, "HALFWIDTH KATAKANA LETTER MU" [1]


looks similar to other characters of JapanMu, but still distinguishable, as it is significantly narrower.

Other JapanMu look similar:

KanjiRadical X2F1B [2]

KatakanaMu X30E0 [3]

KanjiLiberal X53B6 [4]


No specific use for the "narrow" KatakanaMu is detected; the google search suggests set of pictures, that can be qualified as any of the JapanMu characters. Below are some examples, mainly by Tekkai [5]:

E383A0-00.gif E383A0-01.gif E383A0-02.gif E383A0-03.gif E383A0-04.gif E383A0-05.gif E383A0-06.gif E383A0-09.gif E383A0-10.gif E383A0-11.gif E383A0-12.gif E383A0-13.gif E383A0-14.gif E383A0-15.gif E383A0-16.gif E383A0-17.gif E383A0-18.gif E383A0-19.gif E383A0-21.gif E383A0-22.gif E383A0-23.gif E383A0-24.gif E383A0-25.gif Japanese Katakana MU.png Mu katakana.jpg AlphaIncMu04.png

Variety of shapes of JapanMu suggested indicate, that there is no need to draw new characters to make the kanji distinguishable from katakana; it is sufficient to choose four of them and declare as each of them as the official font for one (and only one!) specific character of JapanMu, and recommend this shape for the default font for all software, that support Unicode characters (or, at least, the Japanese characters).


  1. FF91 HALFWIDTH KATAKANA LETTER MU Katakana Script id: allowed confuse: none ..
  2. 2F1B KANGXI RADICAL PRIVATE Han Script id: allowed confuse: ..
  3. 30E0 KATAKANA LETTER MU Katakana Script id: restricted confuse: none ..
  4. 53B6 CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-53B6 Han Script id: restricted confuse: ..
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