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Term Applied Mathematical Sciences may refer to one of the two following scientific journals:

HIKARI Applied Mathematical Sciences APPLIED MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES, HIKARI Ltd International Publishers of Science, Technology and Medicine. Editor in chef: Dr. Emil Minchev ONLINE EDITION: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. Bibliographic Information: // ISSN: 1312-885X (Print) // ISSN: 1314-7552 (Online) // License: doi:10.12988/ams // Articles of AMS are included in DOAJ database. [1] Applied Mathematical Sciences.// Editors-in-chief: Antman, Stuart, Holmes, Philip, Sreenivasan, K.R.// Series Editors: Greengard, L., Keener, J., Matkowsky, B., Peskin, C., Stevens, A., Stuart, A., Pego, R., Kohn, R., Singer, A. ISSN: 0066-5452.// The mathematization of all sciences, the fading of traditional scientific boundaries, the impact of computer technology, the growing importance of computer modeling and the necessity of scientific planning all create the need both in education and research for books that are introductory to and abreast of these developments.The purpose of this series is to provide such books, suitable for the user of mathematics, the mathematician interested in applications, and the student scientist. In particular, this series will provide an outlet for topics of immediate interest because of the novelty of its treatment of an application or of mathematics being applied or lying close to applications. These books should be accessible to readers versed in mathematics or science and engineering, and will feature a lively tutorial style, a focus on topics of current interest, and present clear exposition of broad appeal.

The coincidence of names of the two Journals mentioned may cause confusions. The coincidence is one of reasons, why in TORI, every references, if possible, begins with the URL; this resolves the ambiguity.



The HIKARI Applied Mathematical Sciences is announced in the following way [2]:

Applied Mathematical Sciences is international journal that presents high quality peer- reviewed papers in a broad range of applied mathematics and related applied sciences. ..
Publishing with Hikari, you will be provided with:
- DOI of your articles
- Indexing in leading databases
- Digital preservation of your articles in PORTICO - Author retains copyright
- Personalized service
- Sustainable publishing model
If you accept, please prepare your paper according to the instruction for authors and send it to me by e-mail at your earliest convenience. The papers submitted to the journal are refereed within one month. Upon acceptance the papers are published online within one week and on paper-edition within 3 months.
Please, also let me know if you intend to send a paper in the future. Yours sincerely,
Dr. Emil Minchev
Hikari Ltd, President
tel.: + 359885938239
Postal address:
HIKARI Ltd, P.O. Box 85 Ruse 7000, Bulgaria
Street address:
HIKARI Ltd, Vidin str. 40, office no. 3 Ruse 7012, Bulgaria

Some articles, prepared with use of TORI, are published in HIKARI Applied Mathematical Sciences [3][4].


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