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Gella Interview advances is spoiler of utopia Tartaria. Adventures of the Gella interview are summarized here.

Kristin Magomy, staff reporter of the Clever Times, makes interview with yang student Gella Ivanov. The Gella interview is in free access in the Tartarian libraries, bur not in the USA.

Demiurg Wralner (Демиург Вральнер), director of program "Transoceanic news", dot the interview. He edits the movie, filmed by Eva Hebb, and brings the draft to the Editorial Council.


The camera pans over the interior of the Ivanovs' house, shows Gella, Matvei and Tika. Agent Smith is out of field of view, as if he was not there.

- Miss Gella Ivanov is student at the University of Galia. We are glad, that Miss Gella agreed to answer our questions..

Camera shows the weapon inside the armored box. Tika closes it. Gella says:
- Mister Christin Magomy. I shall try to answer your questions. Go ahead.

Sentences about payment and about "30 minutes" are professionally cut out. The sentence by Cristin about weapon is a little bit corrected, in order not to indicate, that Gella got her fee in cash. Gella answers:

- Yep. We have, softly speaking, the cult of weapon. We had such a Bigpuf here, that we are afraid, that someone tries to repeat..

Discussion, what children come from, is cut. Without connection to the previous words, Gella says, that Matvei and Tika had bought her at the slave market. Idea about dividing child by two parts is present, but it is not declared to be a joke.

Age of Gella is specified, her sexual life is mentioned.
Discussion of pedophobia is cut out.

Ruvim Pechor is mentioned, but in very soft way: Good specialist.

Child as "property" is mentioned.
Right of the child for the self-defence and riles, that prohibited abuse of slaves, are cut out.

Discussion about age of country is cut out.
Excursion into the history of Tartary is cut out.

Gella's comments about lessons of sex are present.
Gella'a achievements in programming of robots to read classical novels is cut out.

It is stressed, that Gella reads suggestions for her answers from computer.
It is not mentioned, that Gella by herself wrote the robot, which suggests the answer in real time.

Interview happened to be very short.
Draft of the analytic review of Gella's answers was much longer. It had been entitled: "Tartarian pre-teen sex-slave".

The observer mentioned that children are forced to participate in orgys, and even are tout in special classes, how to bring pleasure to adults. Observer mentioned, that no any contraception is provided for children. The girls get pregnant as soon as they reach the fertility age. No one tries to identify the father of a baby. The underage girls give light to babies, and these babies are sold at the slave market..

The article finished with suggestion to raise case of Gella Ivanov at the international court on the Human right, to withdraw Gella from the cruel masters (id est, from Matvei and Tika), in order to transfer Gella to the rehabilitation center for the following adoption by new parents, which, as the observer expects, are supposed to show a good sample of morality and will give the "poor child" the appropriate education.

The letter by Agent Smith and Li Sitsin made the discussion very difficult. It had been postponed sot investigation, how probably the original records from the Tartaria Library will be spread to the USA.

Po Lin and Pupkin

Valisli Pupkin felt in love with Po Lin. He used to say, that he regret, that he is "late to recognize her internal beauty".

Po Lin did not tell Vasily, that she learned the vaginal exercises from Gella (and Gella, in her turn, learned them at the "classes of reproduction" at the University). Nor Po Lin told him, that she applies both, the modern perfume with pheromone and the historic Chinese preparats, that mage a old man a.. well, not a boy, but a strong macho. At least in the sense, that is important for recognition of the "inner beauty" of Po Lin.

The amour with Pupkin did not affect practice of Po Lin to provide sexual service to customers. Perhaps, even contrary, the regular customers had mentioned the smoothness and the attractive color of her skin. Perhaps, Po Lin used also some cosmetics.

Pupkin considered himself as "man of century 22", and tried to follow the Tartarian standards. The debut (with some assistance of Li Sitsin) helped Pupkin to start development of his relation with Po Lin in the required direction.

Li Sitsin considered the peace in family as the main value in life. So, he did all he could each time, when not so many customers happened to be interested in personal service by Po Lin (most or procedures in the shop by Po Lin are automatic and do not require her assistance). Po Lin was not so yang. From year to year, for her, it is more and more difficult to compete with young girls, who visit her shop in order to mage there their homework and, if fortune, to "glue" some visitors for some funs.

Also Li Sitsin thought, that for peace in the family, first, the pussy should be satisfied; then she finds a way to please her boyfriend. At least in the case of Pupkin, it worked well.

Puplin stopped spying after Ivanov and did not pay attention to the Clever Times publication of the condensed and perverted version of Gella Interview, nor to the accusatory comments on it. Pupkin did not send offensive letters to the Clever Times, nor to the American Congress, nor to the European Court. In such a way, the plot by Li Sitsin worked wall.

Vasily Pupkin was an impulsive person. If there was a cataclysm, then Pupkin acted first. And even then Pupkin often did not think. Other things easily distracted his attention. One hundred years of age does not contribute to a good memory of recent events. For this reason, Li Sitsin and Agent Smit worried about Pupkin. However, few letters by one minister of one of farms of Tartaria was not supposed to affect much the Tartaria's status at the world-wide politics: any way, this status was "below the plinth". But some letters with slang could make more difficult work of the Tartarian President, of the coordinators of Tartarian farms and their secretutes.

Agent Smit highly evaluated the wisdom of Li Sitsin. Agent did not express his admiration with any letter, nor even with word. But a wink, a jest easy transfer the required bit of information, without any trace in records of the Federal and the National Libraries. The total monitoring declared still allowed some non-controlled channels of information. They are so difficult to track, as it is difficult to track the internal beauty of Po Lin, mentioned by Valili Pupkin. So, we have to believe the words by Pupkin: there is no way to verify not to refute them.

Agent Smit, Li Sitsin, Clever Times

Just before the Editorial Council at the Clever Times, the top editor, reseived the letter from Galia about the Gella Interview. (and copy to Demiurg Wralner, director of program "Transoceanic news"). According to the Tartarian rules, the letter become available for everyone at the Federal Library of Tartaria and the National Library of Galia. The letter has been signed by minister of police of Galia Agent Smith and top judge of Galia, Li Sitsin. The letter was written in an extremely polite and diplomatic manner. It was so polite, so diplomatic, that anyone, who is far from jurisprudence and politics, could qualify it as a mocking and a trolling.

In the letter, the highest representatives of the judicial and disciplinary authorities of Galia (Smit and Sitsin) asked help and collaboration about possible fraud that could be committed in the interview, given by student Gella Ivanov to Cristin Magomy, staff reporter of the Clever Times.

The reasons for the worries were expressed:
1. Gella Ivanov used the self-written robot to prepare answers to the Magomy's questions in real time. That robot is not yet certified by the Tartarian administration, nor even tested by the Gella's teachers; so, any misprints, bugs can be in the code.
2. Gella Ivanov has not yet passed her final exam on Humanity; to, her knowledge in this subject are still not verified. Questions by Cristin Magomy touch the topic of Humanity. Because of prohibition of pedophobia, the age of Gella was not mentioned in the letter; but her grade can be mentioned in such a context.

The letter indicated, that the Gella Interview is recorded with the stationary cameras of monitoring, by computer of Gella Ivanov, and also by the mobile transmitters (so called bipers) weard by Gella Ivanov, Tika Ivanov, Matvei Ivanov and Agent Smit. The absolute addresses of all the records mentioned were specified.

The letter noted, that the professional recording equipment, used by Eva Hebb, greatly exceeds the moderate performance of the standard Tartarian devices mentioned above. For this reason, the records, that the Editorial of the Clever Times, may be more complete, than those stored in the Tartarian libraries.

If the Editor of the Clever Times found some ambiguities or errors or frauds in the answers by Gella Ivanov, it is in the national interests of the USA and of Tartaria to inform about these events the Tartarian administration. The Tartarian libraries should appreciate also the more detailed records mentioned above. Please send us the link to the full row version (primary data) of the interview by Gella Ivanov at site of the Clever Times.

- The top editor red with loud voice the letter by Sitsin and Smit at meeting of the Editorial Board of the


Both, the restricted version of the Gella Interview and the article "Tartarian pre-teen sex-slave" leaked from the Financial times, walked by various social networks and reached mister Huge Kerner, top editor of journal Paygirl. However, he did not believe the statements of the text, that leaked, according to the legend, from the Clever Times. And even if it was indeed from the Clever Times, there is no reason to believe the Clever Times.

Mr. Kerner called two staff reporters, John Quin and Ivan Steik, and also editor-consultant Lolita de Ugla, for the brainstorm. In the discussion, Gella has been qualified as "chica caliente" and "Iron girl". Mr. Kerner said:
- We should forge the iron while it's hot!
- Not so easy, mister Huge, - Lolita replied, - something should be wrong with her, as the Clever Times did not yet released the article.
- Of course, there is big thing wrong there. - Mr. Quin said, - They try to expose Gella and her family as the Earthly embodiment of absolute sin. But it is not the case. That girl should help us to defend the sex-industry, to promote its further legalization.
- Are there other opinions? - Mr. Kerner asked.
- Yes. I have other opinion. - Ivan Steik said. - She is not professional. I mean in the sex industry. If we publish her opinion, this may affect business of our sponsors. And not in the desirable way.
- We all are professionals. - Mr. Kerner reminded. Why should we afraid of a 10 year old child, who is not professional? I mean, in our business. Even if she is wunderkind in science.
- Good question, Boss, - Ivan Steik replied, - let me answer. My father was professional fighter without rules. My grandfather too. Granpapa used to tell to papa: "Never fight against non professionals". But he never had explained, why. He thought, it is obvious. While Grandpapa was alive, my Papa followed this rule. Then Grandpapa past away, and Papa forgot his advice. And entered in a fight with an absolutely unknown amateur. Papa lost that fight, and got a serious injury, became disabled.. I would not try to use this girl in our interests. She may happen to be stronger.
- We have similar goals, - John Quin said, - using her experience, we reduce the age of legal sex, we reduce restrictions on the sex-workers, on the sex-shops, and we'll get good bonuses from our sponsors..
- You saw the softened version of the interview, - Ivan Steik said. - I think, that barbarian girl may shoke you.
- To shoke a correspondent of the Paygirl?? - John Quin wondered.
- Yes, John. I bet for a hundred dollars, she'll shoke you, if you meet her.
- Well but what a criterion...
- The criterion is simple: You'll not be able to publish her statements without serious modification, softening.
- Well, I understand the risk, - Mr. Kerner said. Let John fly to Tartaria, meet that girl and writes an article about her.
- So, I accept the bet - John Quin said. - We stress, that her sentences represent her opinion, not the opinion of the Editorial.
- Hence, call that girl, or her parents, and fly Tartaria!.. - Mr. Kerner said. - And find the original records of her interview before to talk to her. In order to avoid confusions..

Soon, Gella got the call:

- Miss Gella Ivanov Tika?
- I am.
- I am John Quin from Chicago. I am reporter at the Paygirl magazine..
- Hello.
- Hello, miss Gella. We would like to make an interview with you.
- Perhaps, you are not well informed. My opinion is not suitable for publication at the USA.
- Miss Gella, this is our problem.. We know your rates.
- Oops..
- I mean, the Clever Times had paid 200 funs per half-four..
- Why do not you load my interview with the Clever Times from the site of the National Library?
- Because our questions are not the same as those by the Clever Times.
- Anyway, I do not think, this is good idea. I afraid, you cannot publish my replies without aberrations.
- Miss Gella, you have no need to mix us with the Clever Times. We are respected magazine, with long history.. Well, it has no need to be interview. I just write an article about you. We may mention the Clever Times there, if you want..
- Hmm..
- And I promise, that we publish your statements without distortion. And you get the prooflist to correct, if I misinterpret anything..
- Wouldn't be better, if I write the article for your magazine by myself?..
- Together we can to it better.. May I visit you tomorrow at 18pm?
- You copy the style of the Clever Times? Wait, let me guess.. and day after tomorrow you fly back.. Is it so? You expect to get view on Tartaria in one day.. Did I guess correctly?
- Well, yes.. - You cannot make image of Tartaria in one day. - This is just a test.. I think, after to analyze the material, we can plan a longer trip..
- Up to you. See you tomorrow at 18pm.

Vasili Pupkin

Yes, Valisi Pupkin again was spying after Gella, and again he called Agent Smit.
- Гена, ты в курсе?
- Ты про Геллу?
- Ну да.. Paygirl.. Уделают же деваху..
- Василий, да она сама кого хошь уделает!
- Ну, ты всё-таки присмотри за ней, чтобы чего не наболтала лишнего..
- Не волнуйся. Теперь не 21й век. За правду уже не убивают. И даже не сажают. Полине привет.
- Да она к компу прилипла. У ей баланс не сходится.
- Бывает. Могу какого-нибудь смазливого паренька с факультета Экономики отправить в помощь.
- Лучше с математики. Когда дважды два пять получается, экономика бессильна. По-моему, у неё буг в программе.
- Тогда лучше всего Геллу. Полина пару дней потерпит?
- Дык Гелла не захочет. Она сказала, что я террорист.
- А что, разве не террорист?
- Ну, так то ж в прошлом веке было..
- Ну вот и скажи, что Полине надо помочь. Потому что Полина стесняется, что ейный буг будет ловить студентка.
- Когда Гелла разделается с этим, ну, Paygirlом, попрошу её, а пока не надо дечонку дёргать нашими проблемами. Можить, Полина и сама справится..

The Gella's robot discovered Pupkin's conversation with Smit.
Gella begun to think about Pupkin:
It is good, that even a man, so far from me, as Pupkin, worries about me.. But why far.. not so far.. He saved Ruvim from the radioactive swamp. And he also loves Po Lin.. I should do well, that Pupkin has no need to worry..

John Quin

At 18h, John Quin appeared at Ivanov's.

- Miss Gella, I am so glad to see you..
- Hello, mister John.. I see, you are without a camera girl..
- No need. Your cameras work well, I already learned to access.
- Good.
- Bring the special camera - this is 21th century.
- Let us go to the kitchen, I show you my papa..

Gella undressed John Quin and pushed him to the kitchen.
- Mister John.. Here is my papa, Matvei. My mama is still at work. Here is toilet. Do you want to take a shower?..

John Quin got a little but confused with such a familiarity. He tried to give Gella 200 fans, but Gella took only half of it:
- John, I doubt if the article you are doing be published. If success, you may transfer me another part. If failure, we share the damage.. You have no need to make me an idiot, performing the interview.. Better, I tell you by myself about Tartaria. Do you want some tea?

John Quin, Matvei and Gella used to drink tea, and talk, talk, talk.

John Quin knew something about Tartaria, and tried not to ask stupid questions. Gella, contrary, asked him about the USA and, especially, about the Paygirl: How many people over the world subscribe the Paygirl? Who is sponsor of Paygirl? How many of them live in style, promoted by the Paygirl?

The questions by Gella happened to be difficult. John was sweating. He felt, that it is too warm at the Ivanov's home, and invited Gella to a restaurant. Matvei suggest, that John wait a bit, because Tika is yet to come. Matvei again suggested, that John takes a shower. Johm did not want to smell at the restaurant, and accepted the invitation.

While he washed himself, Gella took out all staff from his packets, pout it to the baskek, and loaded his costume to the washing machine. As soon, as the sound of shower stopped, Gella entered the bathplace and gave to john the towel and a bathrobe.

Then Tika appeared, and asked excises, that we did not prepare any dinner:
- The robot mixed up the contacts of the solar panel, and several houses could be left without electricity. I had to fix it, but it took some time to figure out the reason. Now I fixed it; after the sunrise, I'll check; it is supposed to work well.

- Do not worry, Tika, Matvei said. - Mr.John invites Gella to a restaurant; as for us, I arrange some.

The costume of John was wet. Gella promised to pick it up after he restaurant, when it dries.

- But I cannot go to a restaurant in a bathrobe..
- Sure you can. We have no dresscode.. Do you want to go to some specific place?
- I have no idea, any should be good.
- I suggest "The Tartarian". It is near, and it has a lot of Tartarian exotics.

Then, Matvei begun to cook something for Tika, who was absolutely exhausted at work; Gella in small shirt and John Quin in a bathrobe vent to "The Tartarian".


The waiter sown Gella and John their table. The menu contained many dishes, that John could not identify. Gella ordered Orange juice and Tartar.

- What is this? - asked John, sowing with his nail to dishes marked as "Ebun S" and "Ebun L".

- This is very special, - Gella answered, - but you may try.

John ordered vodka, Tartar, Ebun S and Ebun L, assuming, that letter "S" means "Small" (for a child), and letter L means "Large" (for adult).
Gella laughed merrily; then said:
- Do not worry, John; If you dislike it, I can finish both, my portion and your.

John felt the catch and sweated again.

Gella suggested, that John takes-off the bathrobe. John felt himself a but shy, but undid the velcro on the bathrobe and opened it a bit.

Vodka, juice and two plates of tartar were delivered by tho men. John paid attention, that the men are dressed only in some light aprons. Gella immediately jumped up from her chair, and one of the men took out his apron, put it on the chair of Gella, and sat on it. John mentioned, that the dicks of both men are erected. Gella slowly sat down on the man's lap and said:
- Good!

The other man looked at John questioningly. John felt uncomfortable.

- Oh, do not worry, - Gella said, - this is also for me!

She beckoned the man, that stayed above John, with her hand. The hitch was instantly resolved: the man made few steps around the table to Gella, and she took his cock in her mouth.

John grabbed the first thing that came to hand. it was a glass of vodka.

Gella took a glass of juice and clinked glasses with John. She released her mouth for a second and said:
- For your health!

Gella could not drink, but John drank his vodka and put his glass on the table.
Immediately, the waiter showed up with a decanter, from which he filled John's glass with vodka and put the decanter on the table.

Gella repeated:
- Oh, good!

A spasm shook the man standing by Gella, but she kept him carefully, no one drop felt out.

- Now you can guess the meaning of letter S. - Gella said, - It means short time.

John nearly choked on vodka. Gella released one of her partners, saying "Thank you very much!". She continued to sit on the lap (and obviously not only on the lap) of her other partner, who moved her rhythmically.

Gella drank some juice, and begun to eat the tartar. John also tried do eat the milled row meat with onions, salt, and vinegar. Gella quickly finished her portion and drunk the rest of juice. Then Gella performed a kind of belly dance that made her partner moan and shudder.

- I see, you are also over, - Gella said to her partner, - Thank you, dear, you did well..
- Sorry, madam. Wait a minute. - He touched a bottom at his apron an said:"Need replacement".
- Please, more juice and one embrion! - Gella said, when third man approached and replaced his colleague.
- How you like the tartar? - Gella asked John.
- Somewhat unusual, - John said.
- I told you, that you cannot get custom with Tartaria in one day. But you did not believe..

"One embrion" happened to be piece of meet, shaped as a human embrio.

- It look similar to a fried human embrio, - John said.
- Actually it is, - Gella replied. - This is tasty. Do you want to try a piece?

John politely declined. He felt sick and was afraid of vomiting.
Gella eaten the embrion and drank some juice.
With the last bit of strength, John asked:
- Gella, so you want to order anything else?
- First, we need to finish your Tartar. Can you do it by yourself?
- Perhaps no. I'm full.
- Hence, I help you.

Gella took the plate of John and ate the tartar. Then she repeated the "belly dance", causing similar reaction of her last partner.

- Now I am over too, - Gella said. - Thank you very much, you did well, - she told to her partner.
- Waiter, bill, please, - John said.
- I take shower, - Gella said, please wait for me few minutes.

While Gella was absent, John found in the pocket of the bathrobe his wallet and paid the dinner.

Gella returned and said:
- Thank you, John, for the perfect dinner!

John felt dizziness and could not get up. Gella comforted his head and sang:[1]
Try not to get worried, try not to turn on to
Problems that upset you, oh.
Don't you know
Everything's alright, yes, everything's fine.
And we want you to sleep well tonight.
Let the world turn without you tonight.
If we try, we'll get by, so forget all about us tonight ..

Gella got a round of applause, that woke up John. John felt himself better. At least, he could walk to the car.

Shalava Gulchatai Petrov

- Gella, it is a little bit cold here, - John said.
- A, I know a place to warm you up, she said, playing with her biper.
- Gulchatai, she said to biper, - do not you sleep yet?.. Do you want to see a journalist of the Paygirl?.. So, we are coming to you!

- John, do you know, what is Tartarian "Tusovka"?..
- No.
- Now you'll know!

Gulchatai happened to be a girl, a little bit bigger, than Gella. She helped Gella to move John from car to her home..

The continuation John Further John remembered very vaguely.
Two mothers of Gulchatai, then Gella, then Gulchatai, and, finally, a very little girl, who held his device with two hands, because she could not do it with one hand, her hands were too small for that. She said "Love" and began kissing him on the tip, her mouth was small too.. Reaching the result, the baby smiled and cried: "Mama! Mama! Wo!", and smear his jizz on her face, breath, belly and below..

Next time, John woke up in his hotel. Gella and Agent Smith washed him under the shower, dressed him in his costume, collected his staff to his bag, and brought him first to the reception and then - to the car.

In the car, John finally sobered up:
- Where are we heading? - To the airport. Here is your bag. Here is your wallet. Here are your documents. Here is your ticket. Do not worry, we are in time. - Thank you, miss Gella, for hospitality.. Thank you, mister.. - Agent Smit, - Agent Smit helped. - Thank you, Agent Smith, for the help.. What had happened to me? - We were with Petrovs. - Gella replied. - We may search in he Galia Library for the intersection: Shalava Gulchatai Petrov and John Quin. You met her only once, so, there should be only one record.. We may watch it in car.
- Who is Shalava Gulchatai Petrov?
- Daughter of Gulchatai Petrov, - Gella said.
- And one more questions.. that embrion in the restaurant.. Was he killed to make the dish?
- Of course, no! Many embrions are lost. What to do with them? We bring then to restaurants..


John Quin successfully reached airport, then his airplane, then Chicago, then his home. Then, after a day - his office.

Ivan Steik came to visit him.

John Quin took from his wallet the banknote of hundred dollars and gave it to Ivan:
- Ivan, you won. It is impossible to deal with this country. We are not yet ready for dialogue.


Even before John Quin reached his office, certain events happened at Galia. Getting back from the airport, Gella dropped Agent neat his car and returned home.

Tika was still there. She had verified the solar panels with light and tried to sleep for a bit.

Gella said:
- Mom, I should say.. I want Pupkin.
- But you told, he is terrorist??
- All there terrorists that time. Non-terrorist were killed. We are all descendants of terrorists. So, this appears as pedophobia.
- Pedophobia??
- Yes, Mom. Age discrimination.
- Interesting conclusion..
- And you know, I love Po Lin. And she loves me. And, that is more important, she loves Pupkin.. You told: "If you love me, you should love also my partner". So I try.
- When?
- Right now.

Gella dialed Pupkin:
- Pupkin pro?
- Privet, kroshka
- Pupkin pro, do you remember, you told, how close are you and Po Lin?
- Yes. Roughly, minus 15 cm. If you want more precisely, welcome to our bed with tape-meter.
- I want more precisely.
- Obana.. So, welcome. Do you have a tape-meter?
- I ask Po Lin to bring it. Definitely, she has it at her shop. Hold on, I call her.

Gella dialed Po Lin:
- Po Lin, darling, could you bring a tape-meter to Pupkin?
- The Old Goat has glued a Yang Sheep.
- Kind of. You traced us!
- Yes, of course!
- I can appear today at 18.
- You are welcome, my dear!
- Vasili, do you hear us? - Gella asked.
- Yes, - Vasili told, - Welcome!
- Kiss you, - Gella cried, - See you.

Gella closed both conversations and cried:
- Mama, tonight I sleep with Pukin and Po Lin! They agreed! And I have a pretext, I try to help Po Lin with her financial balance.
- You should finish your homework before 18.
- Yes, mom. I'll do!

This is what a small girl this Gella was. [2]


  1. Jesus Christ Superstar - Everything's Alright - Legendado (PT/BR). Jul 4, 2010
  2. In original: .. "Вот какой коротышка был этот Незнайка." English translation: This is what a short man this Neznaika was.


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