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Deportation of Crymean tatars 1944.05.14 [1]

Genocide (Геноцид) is activity aimed to extermination or expulsion of certain group of population for some professional, religious, biological, ethnic or morphological criteria.

Many authors indicate the large scale of genocide of people of the USSR for both territorial and ethnic criteria. [2][3][4]


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2015.04.25. Russia knows genocide well, Turkey fires back. pril/24/2015. Turkey said on April 24 that it rejected and condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin calling the 1915 mass killings of Ottoman Armenians a "genocide." "Taking into account the mass atrocities and exiles in Caucasus, in the Central Asia and Eastern Europe committed by Russia for a century; collective punishment methods such as Holodomor as well as inhumane practices especially against Turkish and Muslim people in Russia’s own history, we consider that Russia is best-suited to know what exactly “genocide” and its legal dimension are," a foreign ministry statement said. THE UKRAINIAN GENOCIDE/HOLODOMOR, 1932-1933 A CURRICULUM and RESOURCE GUIDE for EDUCATORS*. Educational materials on the Holodomor, the Famine-Genocide carried out by Stalin’s Communist regime in Ukraine. *Prepared by Professor Myron B. Kuropas, Ph.D., public member, Ukraine Famine Commission, with the assistance of the Ukraine Famine Commission, Dr. James Mace, Director, and the cooperation of the Ukrainian Genocide Foundation, Mr. Nicholas Mischenko, President.

2016.01.08. Еще один крымский татарин пропал без вести в Крыму. Январь 8, 2016. Как сообщает сайт AVDET, в Крыму без вести пропал еще один крымский татарин Аблязимов Эрнест Яшарович 1971 года рождения.


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