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Procter and Gamble (Proctor & Gambe) is name of the company specialuzng in the consuming products.

The official cite of the company is [1]; Procter & Gamble (P&G) had been declared to be a Fortune 500 American multinational corporation headquartered in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio and manufactures a wide range of consumer goods [2].

Procter and Gamble is known as main sponsor of the Russian television channel NTV (Russian: НТВ). The channel is reported to translate misinformation, and, in particular, the movie Анатомия протеста (In Russian) (Anatomy of protest), which is believed to be just false. Therefore, the advertisement claiming good quality of products by Procter and Gamble is also considered as misinformation. The total boycott of all products by Procter and Gamble is suggested [3].

Boycott of Procter & Gambe

2012 March, the NTV channel had translated the movie Anatomy of protest, in which Vladimir Burmatov claims that the protesters against the election fraud at the 2011.12.04.Election and 2012.03.04.Election were paid by the administration of USA. Such a claim is not supported with documents, and it is not clear, why during 3 months since 2011 December, the Russian KGB did not revealed the sources of the foundation of protests and did not present to the world-wide society the evidences. The protesters consider the NTV as liar and frauder; all its sponsors are declared to be supporters or the liars. White the corruption in Russia for the beginning of century 21 has been reported to be total, there are very few hopes for the punishment of the channel (and V.V.Burmatov) by the Russian court. Some hopes are related to the peaceful forms of the civil protest and civil resistance; the ideas of the civil resistance are known since century 20 [4].

One of form of the civil resistance is boycott of the NTV sponsors. The Procter&Gamble is declared to be the main sponsor of the Russian federal TV and, in particular, of the NTV. Tod this reason, the total boycott of all products by Procter&Gamble is suggested [3][5].

There are formulated also other reasons for the boycott of the Procter&Gamble [6][7].


Election fraud, NTV, Anatomy of protest, Анатомия протеста


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