Putin killed Nemtsov

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Who if not Putin? - Protest 2015.03.01, Paris [1]
Putin killed Nemtsov, protest 2015.03.03, Moscow [2]
Scheme of crime by [3]
Colorads at the Nemtsov Bridge, at the place, where Putin killed Nemtsov, demonstrate their approve of the terror and murdering, 2015.03.24. [4]
Identification of colorads, believed to be involved in the murdering of Boris Nemtsov, by [5]
Hallo, Barak! What for did you shoot Boris Nemtsov?! [6]
You did it again! .. [8]

Putin killed Nemtsov (Путин убил Немцова) is the common interpretation of mudrer of Boris Nemtsov 2015.02.27 in Moscow, that is believed to happen in the field of view of many Kremlin's video cameras.

Basic elements of the concept

Concept Putin killed Nemtsov includes the following elements:

Putin's KGB agents spied after Nemtsov all the time.

The KGB agents watch the place of crime all the time; would not the killer be Putin, they would appear at the place of crime immediately (say, within a minute).

Any killer, if this killer is not Putin and is not agent sent by Putin, could not prepare the murder, kill and escape from the place of crime.

Concept Putin killed Nemtsov agrees with other observations of terroristic activity by Vladimir Putin.

No any other self-consistent hupothesis about murder of Nemtsov is observed. In this sense, the concept Putin killed Nemtsov is as a scientific fact.

Vladimir Putin had promised to do everything possible to bring to justice those who committed the "vile and cynical" murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. Putin is known as liar; so, his statement can be considered as confirmation of the concept above [9][10][11][12].

Agreement with other conxepts

Putin killed Nemtsov agrees with all phenomena observed.

Concept Putin killed Nemtsov is in good agreement with other evidence of criminal, terroristic activity of Russian administration, agents of KGB and personally Владимир Путин.

The pro-putin publications suggest many various versions of death of Boris Nemtsov. This agree with general concept about misinformation in publications by the Russian propaganda.

All the pro-Putin versions of the murder have the common property: they do not answer the basic questions about the event. In particular, those versions do not explain, why, how and where did disappear the records from the Kremlin cameras of video monitoring. Up to beginning of 2016, no one concept that take into account this questions and still do not assume that Nemtsov is killed by Putin himself (or by a killer sent by Putin).

In this sense, the concept Putin killed Nemtsov is Scientific fact.

Nemtsov bridge

The bridge, where Putin killed Nemtsov, got the popular name Nemtsov bridge (Немцов мост). The Russian administration do not accept this name and use term "Москворецкий мост" instead. There is spontaneous memorial of Boris Nemtsov at this bridge. From time to time, the putinists destroy the memorial, but each time the volunteers recover it.

NemtsovBridgePic.jpg Normal-1toi.png NemtsovMost.jpg NemtsovBridge2.jpg NemtsovBridge82 n.jpg NemtsovBridge2015.04.12a.jpg NemtsovBridge2015.04.12.jpg NemtsovBridge640x480.gif.jpeg ColoradkaAtNemtsovMost.jpg 02817nemtsovBridge.jpg NemtsovBridgeGrani-1.jpg HadesNemtsovBridge243.jpg PutinKilladBridge.jpg NemtsovBridge2016.01.27.jpg


Since the terroristic attacks on the passenger trains, airplanes as well as individual persons (Bombing of Nevskij express in 2009, Katyn–2 in 2010, MH17 and 2014.10.20.crash in 2014, Путин убил Немцова in 2015, 2015.04.26.Terroristic act in 2015), representatives of various countries (both civilised and non–civilised) afraid to visit Russia [13][14][15].

Even the Russian minister Sergei Lavrov en fin recognise this fear [16].

Reasons to afraid Russia are described also in the emulation Lethal decision.

2017.02.27, thousands of people have marched in Moscow to remember Boris Nemtsov. [17]


KremlinSniper1887129 800.jpg 2f856a8078e9200a.jpg PuKiledDraw.jpg PuKaGe.JPG ElkinPuKa.jpg


The Russian criminal investigation service seems to be in collaboration with killers, who had organised the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Perhaps, this is unavoidable at the total Russian corruption. For this reason, there is no hope, that the Russian criminalists, dependent on Putin, can investigate the case.

Certain actions from the world-wide administration could help a lot.

The consulates of civilised countries may consider to add the question to all Russian applicants:

What did you do at night 2015.02.27 – 2015.02.28 ?

This question and the collection of the answers may be important for the international cooperation in investigation of fascism and corruption in Russia.

Not only Nemtsov

Authors murdered by Putin [18]

One believes, since 2015.05.26, the Putin's KGB agents try to poison Vladimir Kara–Murza. Up to 2015.05.30, his wife tries to evacuate Vladimir to Israel, but, to date, she is not allowed to do this [19].

It is believed, that in previous years, the KGB agents widely used various poisons to eliminate many political opponents, critics and oppositioners [20].

In 2016, the international investigation of criminal activity of Vladimir Putin seems to be boosted. Some links about this observation are collected in articles MH17 and Putin killed Litvinenko.

Sabotage and petitions for the international investigation

Up to year 2017, there is the only one concept that describes the apparent sabotage of the security staff near Kremlin, as well as sabotage of the official investigation and judges, who consider the case. This concept is denoted with term Putin killed Nemtsov and described above. No other concept to describe, explain the observations (publications) has been suggested. For this reason, concept Putin killed Nemtsov is qualified as scientific fact.

The apparent sabotage of the official investigation in Russia causes protests.

2017.05.08, the petition is distributed for the international investigation of the case, in order to confirm (or to refute) concept Putin killed Nemtsov.


To the Council of Europe To the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) To the United Nations

On March 12, 2015, the European Parliament adopted the Resolution 2015/2592 (RSP), requesting an independent international investigation into the murder of the Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. The Resolution pays tribute to Boris Nemtsov’s tran scendent merits as a prominent leader of the liberal and democratic opposition in Russia, a founder and a leader of the political movement Solidarnost, a reformer of the Russian post-Soviet society and economy. Nemtsov was a strong advocate for a modern, prosperous, democratic Russia, open to the world. The Resolution also states that the killing of Boris Nemtsov is one of several political assassinations and suspicious deaths in Russia since 1998, and that the Russian authorities have established the political atmosphere of cultivating and provoking hatred in the society, creating fertile ground for such murders, violence, and pressure on opposition leaders, activists and ordinary members.

In Paragraph 4 of the Resolution, the European Community requests an independent international investigation into the murder using the instruments available within the framework of the OSCE, the Council of Europe and the UN. The need for this is becoming even more obvious considering the long time that has passed since the crime was committed.

We welcome the position of the European Parliament and ask for a prompt independent international investigation into the murder of Boris Nemtsov.

We are confident that your efforts will help to bring the investigation conducted by the Russian authorities to a full completion, which means that not only the perpetrators of the murder, but also its masterminds and paymasters will be identified and brought to justice.

No, FULL NAME, e.mail/telephone, Signature

Address for the response, e.mail of "Solidarnost": secretsolfed@gmail.com

Boris Nemtsov Plaza

Map at 38.924,-77.075: Wisconsin Ave NW, Davis St NW, Edmunds St NW

2017.05.17, the USA Senate approves naming of area between the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue Northwest and Davis Street Northwest and that of Wisconsin Avenue Northwest and Edmunds Street Northwest in Washington, District of Columbia, as "Boris Nemtsov Plaza" [21].

Since 2017, according to the map, the Russian Embassy and consulate at 38.92453, -77.07513 (2641 Tunlaw Rd NW, Washington, DC 20007, USA) happen to be at the Boris Nemtsov Plaza. [22]


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2015.05.27. http://www.dw.com/de/zhanna-nemzowa-ich-k%C3%A4mpfe-gegen-die-diktatur-in-russland/a-18479743 Zhanna Nemzowa: "Ich kämpfe gegen die Diktatur in Russland". Datum 27.05.2015. Autorin/Autor Nikita Jolkver. Der Vorwurf wiegt schwer: Russlands Präsident Putin sei politisch verantwortlich für den Mord am Kreml-Kritiker Boris Nemzow. Im DW-Interview bewertet seine Tochter die politische und wirtschaftliche Lage in Russland.

2015.06.06. http://www.welt.de/politik/ausland/article142057921/Nemzow-Mord-war-Putins-Einschuechterungsversuch.html "Nemzow-Mord war Putins Einschüchterungsversuch". 06.06.15. Boris Nemzow wurde am Sonntag vor 100 Tagen in der Nähe des Kreml erschossen – der Täter ist noch immer unbekannt. Bürgerrechtler Werner Schulz glaubt, dass die Ermittlungen im Sande verlaufen werden. .. Das Schicksal hat tragisch für Russland entschieden. In den 1990er-Jahren sollte Nemzow ja quasi in die Fußstapfen von Jelzin treten, aber die ganze Korruptionsgeschichte um Jelzins Familie hat das nicht möglich gemacht. Putin war damals zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort. Er versprach, die Jelzin-Familie zu schützen. An seiner Ernennung zum russischen Präsidenten hat sich das weitere Schicksal Russlands entschieden. Sein erstes Dekret war die Unantastbarkeit der Jelzin-Familie. Als Nächstes brachte er als Präsident seine Kumpels vom Geheimdienst an die Schaltstelle der Macht, und der eigentlich vorgesehene Nachfolger Jelzins, Boris Nemzow, geriet in die Opposition. Dass wir heute mit solch einer Regierung zu tun haben, das ist schon unglaublich tragisch. Und am Ende verliert mein Freund Nemzow noch sein Leben.

2015.09.06. https://www.change.org/p/совет-европы-обсе-оон-начните-международное-расследование-убийства-бориса-немцова-в-соответствии-с-резолюцией-европарламента-от-12-марта-no-2015-2592-rsp Start an int. investigation into the murder of Boris Nemtsov in accord. with the EP Resol. № 2015/2592 (RSP).

2015.10.11. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-34504264 Guatemalan mayor lynched by crowd over attack on rival. The mayor of a town in western Guatemala has been lynched by a group of locals who accused him of ordering an attack on his political rival. Mayor Basilio Juracan died after being beaten and set alight in Concepcion, Solola province, on Sunday. The residents believed he was behind an earlier attack in which two women were killed and five other people injured.

2016.03.24. https://oslofreedomforum.com/talks/russians-are-ready-for-democracy 2016 Oslo Freedom Forum May 24, 2016 The Russian government doesn’t love activist Vladimir Kara-Murza, but he loves Russia. That’s why he is devoting his life to the fight for democracy in Russia, even though it might get him killed. Hear him deliver a powerful call for change from the stage at the 2016 Oslo Freedom Forum.


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