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Term Reproductivity has many meanings. Usially, it refers to ability of repetitive creation of some objects by thje similar objects:
reproductivity of neutrons in a nuclear reactor (or a nuclear bomb),
reproductivity of living objects (animals, fungus, plants) in an appropriate areal, ets.


JayeRose01.jpg  Faina Isin Mai

Tom02.jpg  Tom Mazlov

 Gella07.jpg   Gella Ivanov

Term Reproductivity (Репродуктивность) may refer to utopia Tartaria. It is title of course, that Gella Ivanov, together with other students, took at the Federal University of Tartaria during her education. In this case, the term refers to the Reproductivity of humans. .

Professor of Reprouctivity was an elderly, but still attractive woman. Gella saw that her hair was slightly red. Not as red as Gella's hair, but still red. Her name was Faina Isin Mai.

- Morning, students, - Faina told. - A am Faina Isin Mai. You may use any of my names to call me. Here is my assistant Tom Mazlov.

Tom was slim man with long nose; he nod to the class, raised his arms and told:
- Hi, friends!

– Let us plan our classes, - Isin told, – I hope, all of you have some background. In our classes, we try to systematize it. Our class is optional; many of students already got some knowledge before to enter the University, and believe, that they already know the things, that Tom and I will teach you.. They hope to pass the exam even without our assistance. Tom and I are not jealous; they are welcomed at consultations, and we consult them as carefully, as we treat you. But conditions at exams will be also equal; and without our course, it is difficult to pass it.. Some of you come from Trulags, or from the fundamentalist tribes, and know about reproductivity only from textbooks or videorecords. You should not worry, we'll compensate this fault.

– I have analyzed your preliminary notes. - Faina continued, - .. Well, mainly those by your parents.. Some notes happen to be a little bit long.. So, Tom and I had to work a lot.. Also, we have looked over some of records of your experience.. Some of you have seen records of my previous classes.. In such a way, we may say, we already know each other..

- But the records cannot substitute the direct interaction. For this reason, I am here with you. You not only see me, but to talk to me, touch me and to penetrate me.

– How about girls? – Gella Ivanov asked.

– Females too, - Isin replied, - but females will deal mainly with Tom.

– Our start may be a little bit boring, because I have to begin with history of reproductivity.. But I do not want you to be bored. You may begin to touch me now, since this moment. Ideally, I would prefer two, three of four volunteers be permanently with me or with Tom. As soon as you satisfied, you may return your seat, and this mean, that another volunteer is welcomed. Sometimes, I choose some students to assist me, and I ask you not to be shy.. Who feel shy?

- I am, - Again Gella said.

- Well, I'll help you. Do you like Tom? – Isin asked.

– Yes, - Gella said. Tom smelt some ferromons and looked, indeed, attractive.

– Could you seat at laps of Tom? – Isin asked.

– Yes, Isin pro, – Gella replied.

– Hence, be with Tom for a while, – Isin told. – But I still want you to listen me. Can you?

– Yes, Isin pro, – Gella confirmed. – She approached Tom, sat on his laps and hugged him, in the same way, as she used to hug Tika and Matvei. Tom began to caress Gella by scratching behind her ear, and he did it professionally (as Gella thought); he did at least as well, as Tika and Matvey did. May be, even better.

Isin told:
- If one want to join Gella with Tom, or touch me, go ahead.. Well I continue. You may qualify reproductivity as a science, because we use scientific methods. Mainly, the statistics, as the modelling of our area almost did not advanced since the prehistoric time.. I teach you things, that, from point of view of statistics, are the most productive, most pleasurable, most efficient in building up the close relationship.

– But also, Reproductivity is art, because it is almost free from any canons. - Isin explained. - If you give pleasure to your partners in some unexpected, unusual way;, and your partners like this, then you have no need to justify it. Just say: "I am artist, I feel this way!", and this is sufficient explanation.

- Reproductivity is also a custom, - Isin told, - as it existed during many kiloyears, well before any other activities, typical for the Human civilization.. In this sense, our class happen to be a little but out of classification, sorry for the pun.. But still, I believe, it is very important for human civilization.. Perhaps, I should add one more practical moment: my colleagues and I will set you qualification on reproductivity, and the qualification is taken into account by courts, granting you the Tartarian citizenship..

– Isin pro, – Natig Chan asked, - May I touch you?

- Yes, of course, Natig; I told you may. – Isin replied, – Come on. Touch any place of my body.

Natig approached Isin and timidly touched her shoulder.

– Yes. - Isin confirmes, - go ahead. Touch everywhere. But please, do not hurry up, and do not press strongly.. Do slowly and gently.. Then you give me a pleasure.. Try to show your classmates, how, from your point of view, this should be done.. Ideally, you should touch each square centimeter of surface of your partner.. This refers not only to Natig and me, but to everybody..

- I try, - Natig said.

- Well, now we have two volunteers, - Isin mentioned, - it is good, and I may continue. Reproductivity has long history..

Gella Ivanov wanted to say, that it is not so correct, to qualify her as a volunteer, but she kept silence, as she already had positioned herself as a very shy girl. Isin continued:
- In narrow sense, reproductivity refers to conception of a woman, pregnancy, childbirth and the education; saying, forming the child to be ready to get citizenship of Tartaria... On the other hand, the history of Human civilization indicates, that submission of the family relation and, generally, relation between humans to this goal fails. .. The more efficient is opposite approach, submission of reproductivity to pleasure. The highest pleasure is love, the orgasm in love. .. The goal of this course is to learn, how to get pleasure and, which is more important, how to give pleasure to your partners. The human bodies are designed in such a way, that conception of a woman occurs as a by-product of such a love. .. Some wild tribes until past century did not know about relation between the coitus and the pregnancy. But this did not stop them from reproductivity. They remain the strong race, they accept education, civilization and become the strong nations.. .. Another, opposite example is the fascistic dictatorship of century 20; especially in the USSR. That case is important, as it refers to our history. .. The usurpers wanted all the people to accept their religion and their behavior models. They used to kill people, and they suppressed the most of kinds of sexuality. For the working population, the only allowed sex was that, approved by the officials in so-called marriage, union of one single woman and one single man. No education on reproductivity had been provided. Even worse, the printed materials, related to this topic, had been prohibited. However, there were all kinds of sex for the top of Soviet administration. That included raping of the yang girls by the KGB agents. It looked similar to the sportive raping, but it had been performed violently, without will of the victims and without permission of their parents. Usually, the parents, who had complained, were killed, in order to avoid publicity of such a practice. .. However, the KGB agents had considered themselves as strong machos. It was expected, that such a genetic selection will lead to genetically-strong nation and economically-strong country.. .. As you know, the result was just opposite. The murdering of honest people, the genocide and the violent fertilization of women by the state terrorists leaded to degradation of the soviet population to so-called homosovieticus, sovkopitek.. Such a degeneration leaded to the collapse of the USSR in century 20 and then, to Bigpuf in century 21..

– I have a question, – Gella said. - Do you know the genetic sequence, that determines the propensity of a person to the terror, corruption, fascism?

– Oops.. – Isin told, - are you from the Biologic department?

– Yes, – Gella said. Why do you ask?

– Gella, this is difficult question.. If you are so interested, then, perhaps, you need to investigate it by yourself.. But it does not matter. The matter is, that the attempts to improve the humankind, so-called eugenics, permanently fail. In the similar way, as attempts to make life in laboratory from the non-living objects.. In the similar way, as until century 20, the attempts of transmutation of chemical elements were not successful.. Until now, there is no better way for the genetic selection of humans, than just free sex, love, mutual pleasure.. Perhaps, Gella knows, that the forecastive genetics did not advance since century 21. So, we still have to follow the Nature, the God, the Love.. I believe, my curse is the most beautiful and pleasurable among all the curses, given in universities.. Any more questions?

  Gulchatai Petrov


- Yes, – one girl said, – I saw, some boys are already excited.. will you treat them?

– I shall, - Isin answered, – your name is Gulchatai, as I remember.. Gulchatai, will you help me, please? We'll be together at the demonstration board. Usually, we begin with the simplest positions. I do, you look at me and try to do the same.. Class, please, attention! Gulchatai and I perform the demonstration... Boys, please, be patient.. Those, who are last in the waiting line, will get highest pleasure.. Petia and Masha, please, attention to us. That you are doing, you may do in your free time, there is no need to go to my course for this. Now is class.. If you want to practice, please, come to the board.. Yes, I need you both.. please, pay attention to the angle and the entry position. The entry is not at the central part of my vertical lips, but a little bit closer to anus.. If I am at my back, it is a little bit lower, than the center. The upper part is clitoris and urethra. You cannot enter the urethra.. Well, in principle, it is possible, but it is rather sport, than reproductivity. And it is painful for the female.. Gulchatai, look, I open the big lips with fingers, I pull them to sides. In such a way, I help my partner to enter.. You can do the same.. Do not worry, you may pull then as hardly as you can; the vertical lips are stronger, than lips of mouth.. In this way, I get pleasure.. yes.. Thank you, Natig, you did well.. Second is easier, because the entry is already wet.. Yes, thank you, boys.. Girls, who want to my place? One more volunteer.. Yes.. Good.. Children, first important rule: do not hurry up.. Look at the face of your partner.. Try to guess, what does your partner want from you..

At this moment, Gella woke up. She realized, that she is empty, Tom did not load her.
– Tom, I cum, but what about you?

– Gella it is not easy.. - Tom confessed, - I am mono-loving.. Isin will explain this to you after few weeks.. Usually, I cum only into Isin.. It is kind of deviation. But it is good, because you are not only girl in class, who need my attention.. Now we treat Liza. Gella, you may kiss her.. yes, this way..

The first class was very exciting. After few days, Isin confessed, that the first lesson was an introduction, propedeutics demonstration. The continuation required more discipline and attention. Isin showed, how to keep excitation. How to respect partners. How to explain to a partners, what do you want. How to understand, what do your partners want from you. And a lot of other things, that is difficult to learn just watching the video or trying with a non-experienced partner.

Lessons of reproductivity were not easier, than other lectures and seminars. Perhaps, even heavier, as they required the permanent attention. The euphoria from the first lesson of reproductivity changed to a heavy work. From time to time, Isin repeated: – Remember, that the most important is your partner. The human bodies are designed in such a way, that you can bring to your partner more pleasure, than to get by yourself.. Learn to feel your partners. Let your partners feel you..

First, Gella could not understand, why Isin repeats the same words again and again. Then, Gella realized, that she also mechanically repeats to herself:"I should feel my partners". Day by day, the reproductive exercises became increasingly difficult. Isin used to say: "The harder is sex, the easier it is to give birth!". Perhaps, the lessons would not be so difficult, if reproductivity were the only discipline to study. But Gella had to learn also Physics and Mathematics and programming. In addition, in order to earn some money, Gella took position of secretute or Lesli Landov, dean of the biologic department..

Gella repeated the slogans after Isin many times, and it seemed to her, that Isin's slogans help. At least, Gella used to get qualifications "A" each time, when Isin controlled the advances of her students.

Isin had organized the competition among her pupils, and Gella got the first place. As a price, an award, Isin had invited Gella to her home. Isin taught students: "A properly treated partner loses consciousness from orgasms". Tom and Isin hat treated Gella properly. Only in the morning Tika and Matvei managed to get Gella back.

Some professors at the Federal University of Tartaria got reprimanded for insufficient student harassment. But this was not the case of Isin and Tom; they gave the University a pattern of ideal, perfect harassment.


Terminology suggested in Utopias, placed in TORI, is developed and adjusted for description of existed or expected objects and phenomena. It does not refer to any moral, how the hings should be done. TORI are about things, that exist or that may exist; not about things, that should exist.

The goal of TORI is to understand, what is happen, and what nay happen; but not what must happen. In this sense TORI is amoral resource, it does not suggest any moral norm. In particular, this refers to utopias, loaded in TORI.

References Human reproduction is any form of sexual reproduction resulting in human fertilization. It typically involves sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. During sexual intercourse, the interaction between the male and female reproductive systems results in fertilization of the woman's ovum by the man's sperm. These are specialized reproductive cells called gametes, created in a process called meiosis. While normal cells contains 46 chromosomes, 23 pairs, gamete cells only contain 23 chromosomes, and it is when these two cells merge into one zygote cell that genetic recombination occurs and the new zygote contains 23 chromosomes from each parent, giving them 23 pairs. A typical 9-month gestation period is followed by childbirth. The fertilization of the ovum may be achieved by artificial insemination methods, which do not involve sexual intercourse. Assisted reproductive technology also exists. .. Album 'How Much is a Person Worth?' by E. A. Kersnovskaya. (2020) Книга 10. Соловецкие лагерь и тюрьма особого назначения (СЛОН/СТОН) Глава 4. Проститутки и бандитки в Соловецком лагере особого назначения Проститутки и уголовные женщины в Соловецких лагерях (2020) .. Каждый чекист на Соловках имеет одновременно от трех до пяти наложниц. Торопов, которого в 1924 году назначили помощником Кемского коменданта по хозяйственной части, учредил в лагере официальный гарем, постоянно пополняемый по его вкусу и распоряжению. Красноармейцы, охраняющие лагерь, безнаказанно насилуют женщин. По лагерным правилам из контрреволюционеров и уголовниц ежедневно отбирают по 25 женщин для обслуживания красноармейцев 95-й дивизии, охраняющей Соловки. Солдаты настолько ленивы, что арестанткам приходится даже застилать их постели. Ашхен Аванесова. Барачные гаремы: как отбирали себе женщин надзиратели в Соловецком лагере. (2020) Анекдот №1159051 14 ноября 2020
- Ты чего такая грустная?
- Да вот, узнала, что мой парень мне изменяет...
- Твой парень - это я! И я тебе, насколько я помню, верен.
- Да не ты, другой...


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