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Authors killed by Vladimir Putin[1]
List of Russian dictators[2]
Statistical estimate of number of fake ballots counted at the 2018.03.18.Fraud [3]
Churov saw at histograms with step 0.1% [4]

2018.03.18.Fraud (2018.03.18.Имитация выборов) is official Russian performance, simulation of the presidential election, that is organised by the Putin's administration to give an image of legacy to the usurpation of power in Russia by Vladimir Putin

There are many evidences of the illegal character of the Russian "election" in 2018; for these reasons, the event is qualified as fraud.


There are serious reasons, why at the scientific site, the event 2018.03.18.Fraud cannot be denoted with term "election". Some of them are mentioned below.

Elimination of popular candidates

Prior to the election, the exclusion of the most popular candidates for presidency is observed.

In 2016, Putin killed Nemtsov. The sabotage of the investigation is observed.

in 2017, Ella Pamgilova rejects application for registration of Aleksej Navalny. The false accusations are used as the pretext.

Registration of illegal candidates

For the "election" in 2018, the illegal candidate Vladimir Putin is registered.

The Russian constitution prohibits the same person to occupy position of president more than 2 terms in row. The two terms in row by Vladimir Putin have been observed in years 2000–2004 and 2004–2008. So, Putin have no anymore the passive election right. Even his 3d term (2012–2018) is qualified as illegal, as usurpation

However, the officials, placed at their posts by Putin, claim that the Putin's third presidentship is legal. As the pretext, they use the ambiguity in the Russian Constirution, claiming, that words "in row" refer to the occupation, not to terms, and so, the same tandem (Putin, Medvedev) may keep the superior power in Russia forever, just exchanging positions of president and prime–minister.

Fake ballots

The previous elections in Russia have shown, that the official results do not depend on the way the citizen put marks in their ballots.

The multiple reports of violation of Laws are observed.

The statistical analysis of the official results confirm the peculiarities resulting from that fraud at high statistical significance. So, the statement Elections in Russia are altered should be qualified as scientific fact.

Fake protocols

Peculiarities observed indicate, that, first, the results for the regions are prepared, and they they are distributed among the election places.

For year 1011, at the parliamentary election, in several regions, the number of ballots counted and announced greatly exceeded the number of electors participated; the number of votes reached 146% of amount of electors. Similar effects appear at the 2018.03.18.Fraud.

2018.03.21, rosbalt indicates, that in 14 cases, the use of fake protocols is proven with so strong evidences, that the results (for these election places) are canceled by the Central Election Commitee. [5]

Time machine at Tula

Аt the 2018.03.18.Fraud, the preliminary protocol for the Tula election committee is already loaded at the official site by 2018.02.24. [6]. The tables are moved to article 2018.03.18.Fraud.Time machine at Tula

Also, 2018.03.17. the forecast is observed for all Russia. It seems to be based on the dialogue between two Russian officials: Ella Pamfilova (ююПамфилова Элла Александровна]]) and Anton Vaino (Ваино Антон Эдуардович): [7]

The forecast, 76% for Putin at participation from 70% to 80% can be compared to the announced data:

76,66% for Putin at 67.47% participation. [8]

Fraud at counting of votes

Тюмень УИК 2239

Тюмень УИК 2239. Россия, Тюмень, улица 50 лет Октября, 41, МАОУ гимназия № 12

https://www.facebook.com/MBKhMedia/videos/355474381611503/?hc_ref=ART0B8qgQuFBKxE8X__e5kHTRIYLwJLjeuoEy2Em_sxlAdEED3oAkqsVtpB3g00W6Rw Вброс бюллетеней в Тюмени. УИК 2239 в Тюмени. Член избирательной комиссии собирает стопку бюллетеней и спокойно вбрасывает их в урну, никто не против. 2018.03.18.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFG0lgGupnE УИК № 2239: вброс бюллетеней. Тюмень. Published on Mar 18, 2018

http://72.ru/text/gorod/409524037300241.html Хроника выборов в Тюмени: небывалая явка, очереди за фенами, конфликты на ровном месте и вбросы на участках. 18 марта 2018 08:00 .. 18:20 Камеры видеонаблюдения зафиксировали очередное нарушение голосования, которое было совершено на избирательном участке № 2239 — в гимназии № 12. Здесь член избирательной комиссии взяла со стола сразу несколько бюллетеней и бросила их в урну.

More evidences

2018.03.18, russianpressa offers compilation of evidences of the fraud. [9]

2018.03.18, Aleksei Navalny suggests collection of video of tripping of bunches of fake ballots into election boxes. [10]

2018.03.20, Aleksandr Korolev suggests compilation of video records, the election committees drop bunched of ballots into the voting box. [11]

2018.03.20, Google search for Вброс на выборах 2018 gives 982,000 results.
2018.03.24, Google search for Вброс на выборах 2018 gives 2,260,000 results.

Churov saw

Evidences of carousels, reported by observers, are confirmed with the statistical analysis of the official results of the "election".

The statistical analysis indicates, that of order of 10 millions of fake ballots are counted in the election places with high turn-out [3], see the top figure.

In addition, the Chirov saw is seen at the histograms, the excess of protocols that show turnout that is factor of 5% (top figure). Similar excess is seen also at the distribution of local results for Putin and the turnout; the peaks at the integer factors 1% are clearly seen in histograms with step 0.1%, shown in the secant figure. [4]

Interpretation of the statistical analyse

As usually, the excess of the election places is reported that had presented the results that are integer factors 1 % and, especially, that of 5% (Chirov saw, Пила Чурова). This refers both to distribution of the turnout and to that of the number of votes for fuhrer (or his party)

In addition, the election places with high turn-out (more than 65%) show especially high results for Vladimir Putin. This peculiarity has analogy in the classical literature. (Nikolai Gogol. Dead souls.)

The Putins apologist usually accept the fact of the election fraud in Russia, but still claim, that most of electors voted for him. Such an interpretation looks absurd, inconsistent.

1. Independently of number of fake protocols and fake counted by the Election Committee, whenever the Putin allies counted one million fake votes or hundred million of fake votes, they shild be in the jail, not in the Kremlin and not in the governmental organisation/

2. There is no motivation to commit small-scate fraud: would the majority support Putin, there should be no reason to put in doubt the result, adding few millions fake (and detectable) votes to several tens millions of "true" votes of honest electors.

In such a way, even one does not pay attention on the usurpation of power (more that 2 term in row), nor on the physical elimination of candidates, the statistical analysis of results of the "election" indicates, that presidentship of Vladimir Putin is illegal; he does not represent population of Russia.

There is no reason to add just few millions of fake votes,


Evidences of the 2018.03.18.Fraud show good agreement with the general concept of usurpation of power in Russia by Vladimir Putin and the total corruption of all his administration.

Fenomens of corruption that usually follow the usurpation, are also observed in Russia of century 21. Some evidences are collected in articles Back in the USSR, Destruction of food, Destruction of science in RF (Уничтожение науки в РФ), Putin world war

The possible results are discussed in utopia Tartaria; parts of that Utopia are loaded in TORI.


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    13. Надежда?.....(((((
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