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Fuhrer (Фюрер) is the top ruler of a country, who substitutes functions of the state institutions (parliament, senate, ministries, courts, etc.) with direct obedience of all officials to his own will and orders, creating pahanat (Паханат, вертикаль власти).

Origin of the term

Term Fuhrer is created as English transliteration of the German word Führer, that denotes leader.

Since the distribution of the German nazism (in TORI, nazism is qualified as kind of fascism, similar to bolshevism), term fuhrer denotes, first, the German leader Adolf HItler and then, after World War II, any other fascistic dictator.

In particular, the communistic genseks, especially in the USSR and North Korea (but sometimes, China too), perfectly fit the definition above.

Vladimir Putin

In Russia of Century 21, term Fuhrer is often denotes the KGB agent Vladimir Putin, who is believed to take superior power in Russia, using the robbery, bribery, terror and the election fraud.

In order to simulate the democratic procedures, Putin changes the name of the official specification of his position from president to prime minister and back, keeping the total control over the Russian administration. He uses term Vertikal vlasti (вертикаль власти) as euphemism of more traditional term dictarorship. The term pahanat (паханат) is also used to denote this special kind of dictatorship, that includes not only ability to modify, adjust the laws for the needs of dictator, bur also to break, to violate the state laws, covering own crimes with misinformation, demagogy and propaganda.

Historic period

Many authors express opinions and prediction about Revolution in Russia, that is expected to happen "very soon", id est, within one or few years. These predictions appear again and again, especially since the beginning of the Putin world war with the Russian invasion into Georgia in 2008.

The accurate scientific prediction of revolutions seems to be impossible. Putin as leader may continue or may be killed at any moment. The practice of the election fraud and corruption as style of life of the Russian administration practically eliminate any possibility of the replacement of Putin as a result of the presidential election. The position of the top leader may change its name (for example, from president to prime minister and back).

In order to formulate scientific concepts in a sharp, universal way, the most invariant terminology should be used. It is mainly technical issue: such a terminology allows to avoid re–writing of articles about historic events and historic objects at any kind of social revolution, collapse of RF, or any other administrative rearrangement of map of the North and East of Eurasia.

From this historic point of view, term fuhrer seems to be most suitable. Constructions, concept, that use this term in their formulation, have no need to change in the case if Putin again and again changes his position from president to prime minister and back, nor if he is eliminated and replaced with another dictator in the same structure of pahanat.

Critics of Fuhrer

Many authors criticise personality of the Russian Fuhrer. [1].

This critics should not be considered as appeal to the terroristic act against Fuhrer. Both, opinions pro–fuhrer and against fuhrer are loaded into TORI; mainly in Russian, because the most of publications about the subject are in Russian.

However, if some reader or colleague thinks, that the critics or support of fuhrer is underrepresented in TORI, this colleague is cordially invited to describe his point of view and send it to the Editor in order to load it as a separate article or to add it as section to this article.


Some putinists, fascists, especially the Russian ones, may dislike the use of term fuhrer to their fuhrer.

These readers are invited to provide both:
(a) New definition of term fuhrer, such that their definition does not match the object of worship of their religion and
(b) New term for the person, subject and object, denoted in TORI with term fuhrer.

Without these constructive suggestions, the general critics about definition of term Fuhrer is difficult to be considered seriously.

Any indications to the misprints or the internal contradictions within the concept suggested should be greatly appreciated.


  1. https://panamapapers.icij.org/20160403-putin-russia-offshore-network.html By Jake Bernstein, Petra Blum, Oliver Zihlmann, David Thompson, Frederik Obermaier and Bastian. All Putin’s Men: Secret Records Reveal Money Network Tied to Russian Leader. Complex offshore financial deals channel money and power towards a network of people and companies linked to President Vladimir Putin. Apr 3, 2016.


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