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KamchatkaSklaM.jpg 53.0303, 158.728 KamchaSklaMapi.jpg Wikimapia at 53.0305,158.7272 [1]

Kamchatski Sklad Pogranvoisk is English transliteration of the Russian term Камчатский Склад Погранвойск, that means, approximately, Kamchatka Border Troops Warehouse.

Kamchatski Sklad Pogranvoisk is suspicious object visible in the satellite maps at Kamchatka near the Kirpichnaya (Кирпичная) river.


In many satellite images, Kamchatski Sklad Pogranvoisk is visible, but not marked object in vicinity of point with coordinates 53.0303, 158.728

Wikimapia refers to this object as "Склады погран войск" (Border Troops Warehouses).

While no other identifications for this object have been found in the open access sites, the Wikimapia term is taken as the basis for the name of this object in TORI.

In TORI, this object is referred to as Kamchatski Sklad Pogranvoisk (Камчатский Склад Погранвойск) to avoid confusion with other Border Troops warehouses outside the Kamchatka Peninsula.

The name Kamchatski Sklad Pogranvoisk may indicate the purpose of this object, storage of some staff for the border patrol. Wikimapia does not indicate, which observations are used to name this object. The purpose of Kamchatski Sklad Pogranvoisk may be not a warehouse (or not only a warehouse). From the view at the satellite map, it is difficult to exclude the hypothesis that Kamchatski Sklad Pogranvoisk is an enterprise for the production of chemical weapon or bioweapon.


The Kamchatski Sklad Pogranvoisk and its employees are suspected in anti-Russian, terrorstic activity, genocidee of population of Kamchatka. Reasons for such suspicions are listed below:

1. In 2020, there are reports about pollution at Kamchatka, and, especially, river Kirpichnaya and lake Khalaktyrskoye, with hazardous contaminants [2].

2. Kamchatski Sklad Pogranvoisk is located on the right bank of the river Kirpichnaya before it flows into the lake Khalaktyrskoe. This location makes Kamchatski Sklad Pogranvoisk a convenient place for terrorists, poisoning Kamchatka's water bodies with hazardous substances.

3. Judging from the images, Kamchatski Sklad Pogranvoisk is not a civilian object: Only one entrance from the south is visible. At this entrance, there is a structure that can be interpreted as a checkpoint. A multi-layer structure is visible around the perimeter, which has to be interpreted as a very strong fence. Such a fence indicates, that there is an extremely dangerous, secret, illegal (prohibited by the international agreements) things inside.

4. As an address of this object, the Google map suggests "Petropavlovsk-Kamhatskiy, Rissia". Neither the postal address of this object, nor URL of its site are indicated. This confirms the secret status of this object.
This hypothesis is confirmed by the fact that no publications about this object are found in the open access. This confirms the illegal, criminal nature of this object.

Eight kilometers west of Kamchatski Sklad Pogranvoisk, the KGB facility is found, Управление Федеральной Службы Безопасности Российской Федерации По Камчатскому Краю (ФСБ по Камчатскому) [4] (coordinates: 53.01948, 158.6496).
Thus, close relation is possible between Kamchatski Sklad Pogranvoisk with agents of KGB.

6. There is evidence of sabotage of investigation of causes and perpetrators of the ecological disaster designated by the term 2020.10.01.Kamchatka disaster. In publications, the concentrations of the most dangerous contaminants are not evaluated {even the orders of magnitude are not estimated):
Pathogens (bioweapon)
Precursors of chemical warfare agents (chemical weapon)
Unstable isotopes
Heptyl and other toxic rocket fuels.


Messages about the 2020.10.01.Kamchatka disaster indicate, that the kryshevanie of its culprits is carried out at the highest level of the Russian administration, that sabotage of the investigation is organized by the most powerful terror historical organization. Such an organization is KGB and, in particular, FSB.

The Sabotage of investigation of the 2020.10.01.Kamchatka disaster has historical analogies. The similar sabotage by offees is observed during the Chernobyl disaster (1986). While carrying out genocide the peoples of the USSR, to increase the number of civilian casualties, the KGB agents and other Soviet veterans stubbornly kept in secret estimates of the density of ionizing radiation caused by the release of nuclear fuel into the atmosphere during reactor burnout. Evidences of offee's malice are collected in the article Уроки Чернобыля (in Russian).

Based on the observations above, the hypothesis that Kamchatski Sklad Pogranvoisk participates in sabotage, anti-Russian activities of KGB agents, looks reasonable.


Publications collected and their interpretation above show good agreement with the general concept, that Corruption in Russia of century 21 not only got a large scale, but became a common, usual phenomenon, that determiones the entire life of the top Russian officials [5].


Publications about the Kamchatski Sklad Pogranvoisk are collected and analyzed in TORI with scientific goals.

Battle against the Russian terrorists is not element of set of these goals. In particular, evidences, collected in the literature cited, should not be considered as an appeal to the extrajudicial execution of personal of the Kamchatski Sklad Pogranvoisk nor the physical destruction of Kamchatski Sklad Pogranvoisk. If, indeed, the weapon of mass destruction is stored there, the brutal desintegration may cause a new catastrophe, comparable to or even bigger than the 2020.10.01.Kamchatka disaster.


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