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Soviet – means, best! [1]

Sovietism (Советизм) is religion of the soviet fascism; it is based on the doctrines of bolshevism. Sovietism postulates the efficiency of the so-called socialistic economics, prudence and honesty of the Soviet leaders, existing of freedom and democracy in the USSR and other statements, that can be used as excuses for the crimes of the FGB agents, members of the Soviet Communist party (KPSS) and, in particular, soviet genseks.

Similar meaning has term Soviet concept of history.


As many other religions, sovietism does not tolerate its own critics. Sovietism postulates, that it is the only true concept, and any alternative concepts are qualified as antisovietism. In the same way, during the USSR, any doubts in the postulates of Sovietism are treated.

During USSR, adepts of sovietism, Soviet veterans use to kill, to eliminate any heresy, any doubts in their postulates. The Soviet veterans keep in secret the most important historic documents, that reveal the scale of their crime. Estimate show, that during the USSR, the Soviet veterans kill of order of \(10^8\) people, mainly their compatriots, id est, of order of half of population of the USSR and Soviet colonies. Sovietism either negate the fact of the Soviet repression, or suggest estamates, for orders of magnitude lower, than that, suggested in article Большевики убили почти всех (in Russian).

Postulates of Sovietism contradict the direct observations. In addition, Sovietism has many internal contradictions; it is not self-consistent. For this reason, any historic concept, related to USSR, Russia or communism, is unavoidably anti-Soviet, id est, kind of antisovietism.


Sovietism appear as kind of fascism; russian fascism or Soviet fascism.

All the necessary components, specified in definition of fascism, are seem in documents by the Soviet veterans. In particular, this refers to the apology of genocide, national discrimination, deportation, censorship, propaganda and mass terror.

The specific feature of sovietism, that it allows anybody to be chosen as victim; even communists, even bolsheviks are not exception. In this sense, sovietism appear as apology of cannibalism.

As other fascists, the Soviet veterans do not recognise their concepts of sovietism as kind of fascism, nor as a kind of religion; they pretend, that their ideology is some kind of science. However, Sovietism is not science, as it contradicts the TORI axioms.




  1. Поддержим отечественного производителя! Ноябрь 18, 2013, 08:48 pm. Лидер партии "Справедливая Россия" Сергей Миронов, чтобы избежать подобных трагедий в дальнейшем, предложил компаниям перейти на российские самолеты и перестать закупать подержанные зарубежные машины. "Да, хорошая марка Boeing. Но здесь не нужно забывать, что у нас есть свои отечественные хорошие самолеты… Хорошо бы, если наши авиационные компании заказывали бы в своем государстве очень качественные, хорошие, безопасные самолеты", - сказал Миронов.


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