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2020.03.12wFit.png Daly cases outside China [1]; approximations from 2020.03.12
The optimistic forecasts happen to be far from the reality

Coronavirus коронавирус is disease reported to spread since year 2019, mainly in China. At the beginning of year 2020, the special names are used for the virus that causes speeding epidemic disease: covid19 (Cocid-19) [2][3] and 2019-nCoV [4][5][6]. These two names seem to denote the same.

Warning. The main goals of this article is analysis of spreading of information about Coronavirus and, especially, 2019-nCoV: identification, classification, qualification of sources of the information.
For information about the disease and is spreading, the cited literature should be used rather than this article.


The danger of pandemic is announced at least since year 2015 [7]

The cause or Coronavirus epidemic is believed to have virus origin (and form second part of the name).

The World Health Organization suggests [8] the description below:

Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). A novel coronavirus (nCoV) is a new strain that has not been previously identified in humans.

The incubation period of the new (2020) coronavirus is believed to be about 10 days, with the shortest being one day and the longest 14 days. [9]. Up to 2020.01.26, yet, no vaccine against coronavirus is reported.

The general trend is almost exponential; attempts to fit it with various bells, at least until 2020.03.15, fail. Until 2020.03.15, the number of daily new case registered outside of China, roughly, doubles every 4 days.


Look from 2020 January

2020.02.27, the New York Times suggests the map of the spreading of the decease for 2020.02.26, shown in first figure. [10]. Of order of 3000 people are believed to be infected, mainly in China.

The total tall for 2020.01.26 is estimated to be 80 people. [11]

2020.01.28, the first human-to-human case in Europe is reported. [12]

However, the reports about coronavirus contradict each other; one example of such a contradiction is shown in the first figure. Comparison of data for 2020.01.26 by NYT [10] to those for 2020.02.03 by rbc [13] indicates, that in during a week, in China, the amount of infected patients reduced from more than 27000 to 17205, id est, roughly, 10^4/week. The primitive extrapolation indicates, that to March, the epidemic should finish, at least in China.


Alarmistic publications about the coronavirus are observed in 2020. Among them, the hypothesis is suggested that the Coronavirus (actially, the 2019-nCoV) is kind of biological weapon [14][15][16][17].

The infection is supposed to be in favor of the Russian administration, that is qualified as beneficiant. [18].
At least since century 19, the top of the Russian administration is believed to consider themselves as "Russia" (excluding from this therm the most of population) [19].

2020.01.24, The Guardian indicates that in 16 weeks, drugs against the new modification of the coronavirus may enter the testing stage [20].

2020.01.27, Онищенко Геннадий Григорьевич (Russia) declares, that there already exist of order of 30 drugs against the new Coroavirus [21].

Doing in 3 days of works, declared to require 16 weeks looks fantastic. However, the secret drugs against the biological weapon could be created in the USSR or in post-Soviet Russia together with elaboration of the dangerous virus.

Several authors indicate, that the coronavirus is not a human-developed weapon because it (perhaps, namely 2019-nCoV) is found in the bat population [22][23][24]

2020.02.01, halturnerradioshow indicates, that, contrary, the bat-odigin virus could be adopted to affect humans only in a military laboratory. [25]


CoronavirusBoshirovPetrov.jpg \( \phantom{123} \) Suspected visitors

World-side spreading of decease that is dangerous for existing of human civilization is used as subject of art.

1910, Jack London describes the attack on China with biologic weapon in novel The Unparalleled Invasion. [26][27]

Video Prazdnik

Soviet researcher "Voskresenski" (Воскресенский), who developes the biologic weapon during World War II is described in video Праздник (2019, In Russian) [28]

Apparently, the movie refers to the biggest biologic institute in Peterburg, Нииочб (Институт особо чистых биологических препаратов).

In year 2019, the Russian administration prohibits demonstration of that movie in movie theaters. Such a censorship indicates, that the staff of Нииочб still continue to work on bioweapon, and the Russian authorities try to hide this idea from the public.

2020 February, this hypothesis gets an additional verification. At the server of Нииочб, the sites about scientific research and sites about staff who perform the research become unreachable.

This can be interpreted as indication, that the big goal is achieved, and the persons who had worked on it are "eliminated" (killed or jailed) in order to avoid spreading of information about research performed in Нииочбп.

Such a hypothesis can be checked (verified or rejected). Within this hypothesis, it is expected, the researchers from at least one of laboratories of Нииочбп, will never more appear in program a program of any international conference. Within this hypothesis, one may expect, no staff of Нииочбп, mentioned at their site in 2019, will appear at any international meeting on virology since year 2020.

Russian mission in Italy

March 25, the news appear, that the Italian government allow the Russian military troops to handle the coronavirus cases at Italy. Initially, the goals were declared to be a fight against virus; but the activity of the Russian troops do not match the goals declared [29]

The Russian mission into Itay is considered as a way fo flood the country with Russian militaries. [30]


CoronavirusShoping.jpg CoronavirusALkrylyskami.jpg KoronavirusAlhazova2020.03.06.jpg 2020.03.13.Novoslobodskaia.jpg DoNotApproach.jpg CoronaVirusStyleRed.jpg Coronavirusse.jpg


References about the Coronavirus are collected and analyzed in TORI for scientific goals.

Any fight against the desease (or against "bad people" who make business on this decease) is not an element of set of these goals.


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    Бездарных несколько семей
    Путем богатства и поклонов
    Владеют родиной моей.
    Стоят превыше всех законов,
    Стеной стоят вокруг царя,
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2020.01.25. An AI Epidemiologist Sent the First Warnings of the Wuhan Virus. The BlueDot algorithm scours news reports and airline ticketing data to predict the spread of diseases like those linked to the flu outbreak in China. 01.25.2020 07:00 AM

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2020.03.03. Press Conference on COVID-19 on Mar 1, 2020. Mar 3, 2020. Press Conference by Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, KATO Katsunobu. After 4 years of research funded by Israel’s Ministry of Science & Technology, MIGAL’s researchers have developed an effective vaccine against avian coronavirus Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV), to be adapted soon and create a human vaccine against COVID-19.

2020.03.08. Coronavirus, 366 vittime e 622 guariti. Crescono i casi: 7.375, 1.326 più di ieri. Italia seconda per morti. Iss: nessuno immune. Chi viola quarantena rischia carcere. Domenica 8 Marzo 2020. .. Virus, i nuovi dati in Italia. Sono 366, 113 in più di ieri, i morti legati al coronavirus in Italia. Il nuovo dato è stato fornito dal commissario Angelo Borrelli nella conferenza stampa alla Protezione Civile. Sono 6.387 i malati per coronavirus in Italia, con un incremento di 1.326 persone rispetto a ieri, e 366 i morti, 133 in più. Il nuovo dato è stato fornito dal commissario Angelo Borrelli nella conferenza stampa alla Protezione Civile. I guariti sono 622. Il totale dei casi in Italia è, quindi, dal'inizio dell'epidemia di 7.375. L'Italia, con 366 vittime, è il secondo Paese per numero di morti legati al coronavirus dopo la Cina, che ne registra circa 3.000. A seguire ci sono Iran (194) e Corea del Sud (50), secondo i dati della Johns Hopkins University. Quanto a numero di contagiati, secondo gli stessi dati, l'Italia è al quarto posto dopo Cina, Corea del Sud e Iran. Chi viola la quarantena rischia il carcere. Lo prevede la direttiva inviata dal Viminale ai prefetti. La sanzione per chi viola le limitazioni agli spostamenti è quella prevista in via generale dal 650 cp (con una pena prevista di arresto fino a 3 mesi o l'ammenda fino 206 euro), «salvo che non si possa configurare un'ipotesi più grave quale quella prevista dall'articolo 452 del codice penale: delitti colposi contro la salute pubblica, che persegue tutte le condotte idonee a produrre un pericolo per la salute pubblica».// «Questo è il momento della responsabilità, da parte di tutti. Questa battaglia si vince solo con l'impegno di ognuno di noi». Lo scrive su Instagram il premier Giuseppe Conte, rilanciando quanto detto la scorsa notte in conferenza stampa a Palazzo Chigi.


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