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Dippas is drama in one act with epilogue.


1. Kanjido Suzuki, policeman
2. Nisio Fujkawa, his boss
3. Narrator

First (and last) act.

Suzuki (enters): Boss, I found the key! All the 3 cases lead to the same two persons!

Fujiaka: Which cases?

First, abnormal concentration of Po-210 and Ru-106 in water of Temusagava river.
Second, dangerous concentration of nerve poisson "Novichok" at the youth camp Kodomoyama.
Third, many covid19 patients that used specific metro lines. Here is the list. In all the three cases, the strange couple had been detected by the cameras of observation. They used to spread the infection. We have identified them.. We can catch them together with their device, now; over-vice, they escape, as the "Boshirov and Petrov" from the UK.

Fujikawa: Who are they?

Naina Bitzer. Born in Siberia. Resident.
Joseph Bosh. Born in Putinburg. Visitor.
Usually they walk together, and often use metro, spreading, as they call it, "pure biologic preparate". Actually, it is Covid19. We caught their conversation with acoustic antenna.

Fujikawa: Bosh and Bitzer.. let me check them in our database..

Suzuki: Yes, please. I already had found them..

Fijikawa: Monitor 1, Bosh.. Monitor 2, Bitzer..

Suzuki: We have collected information about them.. In addition, they distribute cocaine.. It is not our case but we have detected two episodes..

Fuhikawa (interrupts): It is wain, Suzuki san. Both Bosh and Bitzer have diplomatic passports. Nothing can be done about them..

Suzuki: We have evidence..

Fuhikawa (interrupts): it does not matter. We cannot deal with people with diplomatic passports.

Suzuki: They kill our citizen. They are criminals. Sign the order, and tomorrow I bring you them both, in spouses and with material evidences. We'll close all the 3 cases at once!.. And rise one more, about cocaine. We can stop it at very beginning..

Fujikawa: Sorry, we can do nothing against persons with diplomatic passports. Build-up any other version, but without diplomatic passports, and we'll consider it.

Suzuki: They are terrorists..

Fujikawa (interrupts): Even If they smuggle the cocaine, novichok, polonium and Cocid-19 through the diplomatic post, as you say, we cannot deal with the case. it is not our job..
There is no such a crime, that could force us to deal with anyone who has a diplomatic passport.
The persons with diplomatic passports can smuggle even a nuclear bomb with diplomatic post; to destroy some city again, and this is still not our case, do you understand?

Suzuki: Yes.

Fuhikawa: Persons with diplomatic passports are out of law. They can commit any crime, and we should not interfere...
Of course, you may write a letter to the Prime Minister; but I doubts, if he will read it..
Putler is his friend. Now, none can win any important election without support by Putler. Of course, the minister will not rise a case against his friend..
While you work with me, you should do that I say. That's all! Go to work!



Narrator (appears):

Soon after the dialogue with Nishio Fujikawa, Kanjido Susuki san retired from the police. Now he grows up the Naganegi, nasu and other vegetables at his small garden. He expects, the terrorists with diplomatic passports will kill all the population of his country, but he hopes, it will take time and will not happen during his life.

Vegetables by Suzuki are very clean and tasty. He sells his food at his small kiosk near his garden. If you see him, consider to buy his products. Fujikawa carefully checks, that his products contain no unstable isotopes, no poisons and no viruses. Most of his income he spends buying the equipment for such a diagnostics.

The Russian consul transferred to Suzuki huge cash. Suzuki had opened the special bank account to load it, but he does not use it. Being asked about it, Suzuki says, that this is a "blood money".


Author is grateful to professionals who helped to collect material for this comedy.

The personages and geographic names are invented by the author. The country is also invented.

The helpers and consultants should not be confused with the personages;
statements by the personages should not be attributed to consultants.

Critics of these statements (as well as critics of the whole text) should be greatly appreciated.

No any specific action from anybody is expected in relation with this text:
Nothing can be done against terrorists with diplomatic passports.
The administration can only surrender them.



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