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Image by Хроника Еврореволюции [1]

Euromaidan (Евромайдан) is mass protest in Ukraine in November 2013 - February 2014, that leaded to the anti-crimila revolution; the top of mafia of soviet veterans had to flee from Ukraina, some of them were captured and jailed; the political prisoners were released. Some of treasures of the soviet veterans had been expropriated, in particular the palaces of Victor Yanucovich and Viktor Pshonka and the treasures that were left in these palaces at the escapade of the soviet veterans.


November 2014, Victor Yanukovich, as president of Ukraine, was supposed to sing the documents that would allow integration of Ukraine into the European Union, but suddenly he had changed his mind and aborted the agreement. hundreds of protesters cone to the main place in Kiev, called Maidan, to express their opinions about behaviour of Presiden Protesters were beaten by the special police Berkut.

The battle between Berkut and protestes finished only in in February 2014; protesters wan, but did not change the name of their movement, and it is still called Euromaidan


After to see, that police officers from the special brigades Berkut use to beat and to kill the peaceful protesters, the protest become more aggressive. The protesters begun to use the Molotov cocktails, the stones, the sticks, catapults, fired tires and barricades; first to defend themselves, and then to attack the berkuts, who used to shoot out protesters with machine guns.

After to realise, that the pro–government force use the rifles agains the people, the protesters declared the war to Berkut and begun to shout them too. Berkut happened to be not ready to deal with armed enemy and flee. Then the protesters forced he Parliament to accept the anti–corrupton laws, and investigate the crimes of the soviet veterans.


Many soviet veterans had escaped from Ukraine in February 2014, but they could not evacuate all their treasures. the palaces of president Victor Yanukovich and the palace of the procurator general Victor Pshonka were discovered to be left by the servants and vigilance, but full of treasures. Visitors were surprised with the enormous amount of objects of luxury in the palaces.

Russian invasion

At the end of February, the preparation of Russia to invade Ukrania become obvious; these preparations are widely discussed in the internet. Some references are collected in the article Russian invasion into Ukraine and the emulation Wreckage of Crimea, which is poor translation of the Russian emulation Остов Крым and describes worries about the worst scenario of development of the Russian–Ukranian relations; the emulation represents compilation, collage of the messages about the wars of 1939 and 2008 years, slightly adopted to the case of Russia and Ukraine.

Many authors indicate, that the Russian invasion into Ukraine, expected since year 2008, and, especially, since 2014 February 28, is "impossible" or "unlike". Indeed, up to date 2014.02.27. no combats between Russian and Ukranian militaries had been reported, many authors hope that this invasion will remain only a phantasy in future.


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