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Lukashenko Aleksandr Grigorievich (Лукашенко Александр Григорьевич, 1954.08.30, Kopys, Orsha region) is Belorussian usurper.


Likashenko keeps the superior power in Belarus sine 1994 at least to 2020. Since the beginning of century 21, Lukashenko is believed to own Belarus until his death, and to transfer it as inheritance to his son Lukashenko Nikolai Aleksandrovich.

Election fraud

As in many post-soviet country, the election fraud takes place in Belarus. The fraudsters try to keep Lukashenko as "president" forever.

In 2020, the fake results of election caused strong protests. Mass actions at Minsk are reported. Hundreds protesters are beaten and arrested by the police. [1][2].

Humor about Lukashenko

IgNobel premium

Aleksandr Lukashenko is winner of the IgNobel premium of year 2013 for banning of public aplauses [3].


Friends told Lukashenko that his real rating does not exceed 10%. Lukashenko does not believe, he wants to check it himself.

Lukashenko gets into the car and orders the Driver to take him to any random village. On a country road, Driver hits and kills a pig. Lukashenko is furious:

- I study public opinion, and you make me so bad! Load this pig into a bag, take it to the village, find the owner, pay for it as much as he wants and come back. Then I go to the village.

Driver loads the pig into the bag and walks to the village; Lukashenko is waiting for him in the car. The Driver is absent for a long time; then he returns, completly drank:

- Boss, All perfect! Farmers are not upset about pigs!

- How it was?

- I went into the store and said, "Hello! I am Lukashenko's driver. I just killed this pig .."

- And then?

- They shouted: "Well done!" "You are good!", "Let's celebrate this!" - and they offered me vodka and wine ..

Anekdot (in Russian)

Идет мужик по улице с работы, трезвый, никого не трогает. Рядом тормозит автозак, вылетают омоновцы и начинают паковать его в машину, лупят дубинками. Мужик кричит:
- Отпустите, я за Лукашенко голосовал!
- Не пизди, за Лукашенко никто не голосовал!

Теперь мы знаем, что тысячи белорусов готовы получить пизды за свободу.
Когда они будут готовы дать пизды за свободу, режим падёт.

- Владимир Владимирович, отобрали лучших работников завода, начальников цехов, всех уважающих администрацию, подконтрольных профсоюзных лидеров, а они заорали "Уходи!" Шо я не так сделал-то?
- Александр Григорьевич, надо было омоновцев переодевать!


  1. Massive Protests Continue In Belarus As Demonstrators Demand Lukashenko Resign September 13, 20205:46 PM ET. More than 100,000 protesters flooded the streets of the capital Minsk on Sunday in ongoing protests calling for Belarus' authoritarian president to resign. ..
  2. Mass anti-Lukashenko rally starts after Belarus police crackdown. 2020.09.21. Opposition seeking president's exit after disputed election calls for protests a day after hundreds of women were held.
  3. RICHARD VALDMANIS. One-armed clapper, parboiled shrew earn Ig Nobel spoof awards. Thu Sep 12, 2013 8:40pm EDT .. Thursday's winners also included Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and his security detail, who took the Ig Nobel Peace Prize for making it illegal to applaud in public and for jailing a one-armed man for allegedly violating that law.// Lukashenko banned public clapping in 2011 after political dissidents seeking to avoid tough regulations on public rallies began spontaneous clapping protests in the streets. Lukashenko was not expected to attend Thursday's Ig Nobel ceremony.// "We're not able to get in touch with him... But we saw enough reports from enough places that we're pretty certain that what he's being honored for is well-deserved," said Abrahams.


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