Ramzan Kadyrov

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R.Kadyrov [1]

Ramzan Kadyrov (Кадыров Рамзан Ахматович, 1976.10.05, Grozny ) is Soviet veteran, corruptioner, putinist, terrorist.


Kadyrov is believed to be one of companions of Putin, performer of some of Putin's terroristic acts and co–organised of the Russian invasions to neighbour countries (Putin world war).

Gauleiter or mastermind

Kadyrov is considered as project of Vladimir Putin, as Putins's Gauleiter, "namestnik" in Chechnia since the beginning of century 21. [2]

Another concept interprets Kadyrov as Putin's boss. That concept assumes, that Kadyrov has unlimited power not only in Chechnia, bue also in Russia, and has set of agents, who can by his order kill any citizen, and Putin is not exception, as namely Kadyrov provides security of Putin against the Russian people and helps to Putin to eliminate critics and opponents. Some links on this phenomenon are loaded into article Putin Killed Nemtsov.

Great danger for Russia

Whenever Kadyrov is Putin's mastermind or Putin's puppy, or equal player in the same terroristic game, Kadyrov is considered as great danger for the Russian society and for the Russian state. Activity of Kadyrov is important reason to Designate Russia as state sponsor of terrorism.


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