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Publication by Toni Feder about Skolkovo [1]

Tony Feder is, perhaps, misspelling of Toni Feder, it is pseudonymous of a frauder, who had published the article entitled "Russia launches S&T university" in scientific magazine Physics today, 66(1), 20 (2013). [1]

That article promotes the pseudo-scientific center Skolkovo as a "university". February 2013, the critics of that article had been submitted. [2].

The links in support of the critics were collected at TORI. As soon, as the critics reached the reviewers of Physics Today the original location of TORI had been attacked. The time coincidence provokes the hypothesis, that the attack had been organised and payed by Toni Feder and his sponsors. [3].

After the attack, the free access to TORI had been disabled; so, the clone of TORI had been arranged at server Mizugadro,

Due to the behaviour of Feder with respect to the article about Skolkovo mentioned, all the publications by this author are considered, softly speaking, as doubtful. The list of publications by Tony Feder is available (for November 2013) at

Response by Feder

The response by Feder comes soon since the critics of his publication had been submitted to "Physics today". That response is described in the article Tori attacked.


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