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Article by Tony Feder; TORI had been attacked soon since the critics of that article had been submitted to Physics Today[1][2]

Tori attacked is copipast from samizdat, [3]


TORI attacked

TORI is acronym, and means Tools for Outstanding Research and Investigation. The site with this name had been established in march 2011 for development of scientific concepts, based on the TORI axioms. The 6 axioms of TORI are used in definition of term science.

Since 2011, site TORI had been available at

2013 February 27, at 17:30, student Nishio Shigeaki (にしお しげあき) vandalized TORI, accessing there from computer identified as ; some staff of the institute seem to support the attacker, without to look at the content of TORI.

In 2013 May, the vandalism had been supported by the decision of the administration in short letter by the director Hitoki Yoneda; that letter seem to refer to non-existing documents. The letter is following:

Date: Mon, 13 May 2013 13:24:11 +0900 From: Hitoki Yoneda To: 'Dmitrii Kouznetsov' Cc: 'Morinaga Makoto' Subject: web rule Dr. Dmitrii Kouznetsov, The shutdown of the is the university decision. In the university, it is forbidden to open non-public web page to the public line. Even though many alert to you, you recover this sever to the internet access, many times. This is the final decision and there is no room to discuss. Hitoki Yoneda Director of Institute for Laser Science, University of Electro-Communications

Hope, the administration of Institute and/or that of the University get good support, foundation from my opponents for each day while the TORI is not available at its original URL; there is no other reasonable explanation for the strange behavior of the administration.

In 2013 May, the content of TORI had been transferred to

Prohibited articles

Through third persons, the attackers had indicated the articles in TORI they especially dislike:

However, the attackers did not even try to correct nor to discuss the content of the articles they dislike; since the beginning, their goal seems to be just destruction. Critics of the articles mentioned should be especially appreciated.

Reasons for the attack

The attack had been performed soon since the article about Russian science had been submitted to Physics Today, with critics of Tony Feder for his article about Skolkovo [1][2].

The attack on TORI seems to be sponsored by the Russian terrorists, who get their foundation from the Russian corruption through the of-shores. Some link about these of shores are collected in article Panama Papers.

Numerology and analogy

Awards for plundering of Crimea in 1941 and 2014

The strange periodicity is observed in the sequences of the brutal attacks.

2013.02.27, the attack on cite is observed.[3]

2014.02.27, even more brutal aggression against Ukraine is reported. The strange people (Ihtamnets) appear in Ukraine. They claim, that they are neither KGB agents nor employees of edro, but they are armed with heavy weapon, including machine guns, tanks and missiles. Links about that invasion are collected in articles Russian invasion into Ukraine and Annexation of Crimea. As in the case of the attack on TORI, the aggressors claim, that their goal is protection (not destruction, as it is observed). As in the case of attack on TORI, the aggression is announced a week before date when it becomes evident; id est 2014.02.20, see За_возвращение_Крыма_20.02.14-18.03.14.

2015.02.27, Putin killed Nemtsov, No other interpretation is observed, explaining disappearance of the video-recodrs from the Kremlin vigilance camera and the apparent sabotage of the investigation. in this sense, concept Putin killed Nemtsov should be qualified as Scientific fact.

2016.02.27, the terroristic attack in Afghanistan is observed. [4]

2017.02.27, the terroristic attack on the government building in Indonesia is reported [5]

2018.02.27, the new attack had been expected. The coincidence of dates above can be interpreted that all these attacks are planed by the same organisation, the Soviet-Russian KGB. Perhaps, for some reasons, for terrorists it is convenient to present results of their activity namely February 27 evening (or February 28 in the morning). Within this hypothesis, one may expect the new terroristic attack 2018.02.27, although it is difficult to predict, which country will this happen. Such an interpretation shows good agreement with the commonly accepted opinion, that it is necessary to Designate Russia as state sponsor of terrorism. The fire 2018.02.28 at Krasniyarsk [6] and 2018.03.04.Теракт can be interpreted as confirmation: It seems, that, roughly, 2018.02.27, nerve agent (poisson novichok, яд новичок) is planted in luggage of Yylia Skripal. 2018.03.03, Yulya flies from RF to UK. Next day, 2018.03.04, the pack with poison is opened, and the poisson kills and injures the people at the UK. Tens habitants of UK suffered of that poisson; 3 of them – Sergei Skripal, Yulia Skripal and Nick Bailey – remain in very heavy conditions during weeks, with small hopes to survive. [7]. See also 2018.Операция Торговый Центр.




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